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Saving Faith in Christ – Part II

Here is Part II of a blog post re: Saving Faith in Christ. Terri —————————————————– Then comes the final requirement for obtaining saving faith: an actual knowledge that the course of our life is pleasing to God. If we are … Continue reading

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Saving Faith in Christ – Part I

Here is another blog post from John that would be good to follow up on our recent discussions.  I have divided it into two parts. Terri —————————————————– Hebrews 11:6 informs us: “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for … Continue reading

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UnBlog Reader Submissions on Judgment

“I remember clearly the exact moment I realized that God did not want me to judge His children. I was driving through Las Vegas, NV and I saw a man sitting on the curb of the street. He had not … Continue reading

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My Sheep Hear My Voice

This UnBlog from December 9, 2010 is one of John’s that illustrates a time that he heard and obeyed the Holy Spirit, which saved his life. It builds on basically the same topic we addressed in our previous Unblog posting. … Continue reading

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