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43 Responses to Comment Guidelines

  1. Mark Odekirk says:

    25 years ago I had a vision of many of the same things described in “Visions of Glory.” I could see myself helping with all of that situation. As I was lead to read VOG my heart filled with joy to know someone had seen the same thing but with much more detail. I believed every word in the book and was filled with the spirit, I have never read a book that has touched me so deeply. Thank you, Mark.


  2. I just wanted to take this time too bear testimony of the light and understanding that I have received from the Holy Ghost in reading VOG. Yet I sorrow when reading the negative comments in other places throughout the web. I am reminded of how Paul spoke about seeing through a glass, darkly but then face to face: I know (see 1 Corinthians 13:11-13) , and I find abiding in Spencer’s visions, faith, hope, and Charity,… I too like Paul, see a parallel when he talks in 2 Corinthians 3 starting with v. 15 “But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart. Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away. Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the Sprit of the Lord” (V. 15-18). I myself can testify that VOG has allowed be to turn to the Lord in a special way, and for me the veil has been taken away. I too testify that the Lord, Jesus Christ is that Spirit, and I testify of the liberty I have found in so many wonderful ways. Thank you Spencer for allowing me to behold the Lord’s face, and his heart, and I do find myself lifted up from God’s glory to glory. Condemners may say what they may. But, I now know my Lord, far better, and have been able to see where I need to magnify my heart, mind, and sole to be one with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to serving him even with a greater enthusiasm…and faith…and hope to some day here Him call me Friend. With love
    Andrew A. Goldsmith, a fellow Temple Worker and Saint.


    • Andrew . . . you are so kind to take the time to share your thoughts about “Visions of Glory.” The scriptures indeed confirm that we have a responsibility to examine the fruits of what we read, see or hear–to discern if there is goodness and light therein, and to see if they bring us genuinely closer to Christ and His restored gospel. As you have demonstrated, this book definitely passes the test of “by their fruits shall ye know them.” Thank you for your kind remarks, and God bless you in your spiritual journey!


  3. Hello! I started reading your magnificent book this past weekend and it has already influenced me tremendously. My dear husband read it and shared it with me as he was amazed by it also. I’m from Colombia and my native language is Spanish. I have told close family and friends about this book already. I want some of my family members who speak Spanish-only to read it but I can’t find a copy in Spanish. Has it been translated yet? If not let me know, I might be able to help.


  4. Jonathan says:

    I would like to have more time to read your blogs merely because I feel it is apparent your integrity is above reproach. But I am heavily involved in something I must earnestly get back to, yet I feel it would be inappropriate of me not to take a moment of my time to tell you of the tremendous impact Visions of Glory has had on me. I read the book through twice without being able to put it down. I read all through the night, and haven’t been able to move forward on my own project until I found a way to let you know the gratitude I feel for having such a book that has made such an impact upon me. To say that it has and continues to work within me such a miracle in transforming me into the person I have desired to become is nothing short of true and accurate. There are no other words. I am unable to resist sharing this exuberance with everyone. I know it has the power to affect others as it has done to me. Thank you for bringing it into this world at such a time of greatest need. I know that Angels had everything to do with it. Thank you for heeding their call. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



  5. Forrest says:

    Mr. pontius, I’m currently reading Visions of Glory it has uplifted me so much. I’m not currently a member but i’m working on getting my member ship back.It’s been a long hard road and i have so much to learn, i love the church and always have. Thank you to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I have felt their love and know they’ve always been there.We are a blessed people and for that i will work even harder. Thank you Brother Pontius.



  6. Suzane says:

    Hmmm where to begin. Visions of Glory has been a life changer for me. I felt that I had the Lord sitting in the back seat and Babylon driving. After your book and serious fasting a praying Babylon ( I wasn’t quite sure that it was Babylon I was following) was put in the trunk and have the Lord where he belongs….driving.The peace I feel is amazing.

    Clarification please, In the book it says that it is the very old and very young that are taken first in the plague. The recording of the Unblog Reunion has you saying that it is the strongest folks that go first. In the scheme of things it doesn’t matter but curiosity has me asking, if you feel like sharing, which is the most accurate?

    February has been very quiet on the unblog. Is everything ok?

    Hymn #89

    Thank you for your example of tenacity and faith



  7. Kathleen says:

    This is for Spencer…
    I was led to your experiences through “Visions of Glory” while looking for another book on Amazon recently. I have followed many Near-Death Experiences and was intrigued to read another. Your experiences were far more than just “another NDE”- ! I have just completed the book and must tell you I have never felt the Spirit so strong in any other book other than the scriptures themselves (!) I was able to see through your eyes things I have only dreamt about and longed for. I feel the Lord is able to bless many of us by allowing you to not only experience these things for your own personal journey, but also to help others prepare for those things which are coming. How glorious it was to see that the Lord truly has all things in hand and that there is no need for fear or worry. To see the positive side of what many have come to fear is trying enlightening and makes my soul rejoice. I feel my eyes have been opened and I have understood more of my own journey because of your experiences. Thank you ever so much for allowing me to share in your journey and see some of my own journey as well.
    Then to find this blog and see there is more to be had at my fingertips-! The Heavens are truly being opened!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


    • DAVID says:

      Kathleen, I also have just recently come into contact with Vision of Glory’ and have read with sheer delight and have been devouring everything else that this adventure has opened up for me. It is overwhelming and so rewarding to find people who have similar thinking ……what a blessing and it will be fantastic to discover others to associate with similar interests.


  8. Dan says:

    This question is for Spencer.
    I want to know what your thoughts are on “The Glory of God.” In the D&C we’re told that His glory is Intelligence. After reading your book I began to ponder this statement and the thought came to me: His Glory is made up of Intelligences. Their attracted to Him, just as they’re attracted to us and become our glory. This attraction is dependent upon our righteousness of course. What do you think?


  9. David says:

    I am reading Visions of Glory right now and I have a what is probably an “over analytical” question.

    Spencer, you were surprised to see Joseph Smith Jr. take the stand, as you experienced how it would happen in the future, but in the future it will not be a surprise, right?


  10. Carol Brown says:

    Brother John,

    Thank you for sharing your personal knowledge of the Gospel with me. It has enlightened my life and I have shared epecially “Triumph of Zion” with many. I recognize the truth that is in it and thank you for helping me see clearly what the Lord is teaching us. Scriptures I have read over my life time suddenly have a deeper, clear, meaning. I am so grateful that Lord is willing to give more to those that are seeking. I have read “Following the Light of Christ into his Presence”, The Triump of Zion” and “Visions of Glory” and have donated “Triump” and “Visions” to the women at the Utah State Prison,, where they have started a waiting list to get to read them. I have learned alot from your books and firesides and have also been reading Denver Snuffer’s books.

    I’m sorry for your struggles with your health, and pray you will have the courage and endurance you need to complete your journey. I know the Lord has a wonderful plan for you, as He leads us through this last dispensation and we look forward to building Zion, the New Jerusalem. I hope to meet you personally someday to thank you for what you have given me and many, many other loved ones. Well done John Pontius!

    Love Carol


  11. Jack Hinkle, D.O. says:

    Hi. A patient of mine shared your blog with me after I shared with her another blog site I was enjoying. I appreciate your sharing and have enjoyed your comments and insights. I will pursue your past blogs. If you feel so inclined I do have alternatives to offer you concerning your current health status. I am a family practitioner, that since semi-retireing to UT, have pursued a more holistic approach to health concerns. Some thorns are not meant to be removed, but on the other hand I should not remain silent either. Jack


    • Dear Jack,

      Thank you for your kind offer. I literally have tried hundreds of things readers have suggested. My uncle is a ND, and I have many friends into natural health. At this point I am just trying to live each day the way Fathere wants. If (and he often does) He sends me to try some product, I will certainly do so. Until then, just know I am grateful for your concern and care. It’s true, it is hard to be the keeper of precious truths and then remain silent.

      God Bless,

      Brother John


  12. Kimberly says:

    Bro. Pontius,

    I just “happened” to come upon your blog. I am very glad I found you! I love what I like to call Gospel Nuggets that help me to have a greater understanding, stronger faith, and a greater desire to be all that my Father in Heaven created me to be. I do so want to be there when He comes again, and someday return to their presence to live eternally. I tend to be a very deep thinker, and I love to read and ponder all that I can. I have found that the scripture, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you really is a promise. He will reveal mysteries to you when you have a desire to know and truly search ponder and pray to understand. I also am planning to purchase a couple of your books. I can’t wait to receive them! Well, since I only just found you, I reckon that I have a lot of catching up on posts to do.

    Thanks for your inspiring and thought provoking words.


  13. Dean says:

    Brother John,
    Another brother friend in my ward gave me a cut and paste 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of paper with your story of the translation of the Book of Mormon into Africans. I made a copy and gave it to another friend who told me was giving a copy to President Monson, as they meet once a month….this was a couple of months ago. I did see the un-blog comment about your story going viral and you took it down, so I hope it was OK to share with my one friend… Feel free to delete this.


    • No worries Dean,

      The article is still up on the UnBlog. It is what I saw and remember. I put it back up after I received some independant confirmation from other people who were there also and heard basically the same thing I did. I can’t say something didn’t happen just because it annoys someone who hates the BoM.

      They say if you aren’t making waves your oars aren’t in the water.

      Brother John


  14. brandon comish says:

    Brother John,
    I attended the reunion, it was a good weekend for my wife and I.


    Brother Brandon


  15. Tom says:

    Hey all, I just found this place and boy howdy am I ever glad I did. I like this “air” in here and the feelings and sentiment of those of whom I have read is oh so refreshing. Thank you


  16. Rusty says:

    Dear Brother John,
    Oh my goodness! The topics that you write about have been of interest to me for a long time. I have read so many books looking for the keys to that next level and I feel like I’ve been squirting around the edges for a long time. I’ve felt very discouraged at times.
    Since I started reading your books and listening to your firesides, I feel like you’ve opened up a whole new vista to me. Things that I knew were true before but weren’t totally connected are now connecting. I WANT to say my prayers in the morning and evening. I WANT to do for others and be a tool in the hands of the Lord. I WANT to hear and follow that still small voice. I catch myself “listening” periodically during the day to see if there is anything I’m missing. I know there will be difficult times and duties. I don’t care. The higher road is always the most difficult, but the view is so much grander! Even as I type this my heart is swelling with gratitude and joy at what I’m feeling now and what the future holds.
    “Thank you” doesn’t seem adequate for how I feel, but those are the only words I know. Oh, and don’t worry…I understand whose servant you are and to whom I really owe my thanks. But I’m grateful that the Lord has allowed you to write and speak about these things. It is a blessing for many. Now, if I can just get my husband to listen to your firesides!


  17. Tim says:

    Brother Pontius,

    I listened to another of your firesides the other day. In it, you commented that hundreds of thousands of people have had their calling and election made sure. You, then, noted that due to the caliber of those in attendance at the fireside you suspected that perhaps one in three of those attendees had already recieved their c&e.. While (at present) I would be among the 2/3rds in that group those thoughts still filled me with hope. But given the sacred nature
    of such an experience and the unlikelyhood of the recipients to broadcast their own experiences,I’m asking for clarification as to how you arrived at that possible caculation. Please note it is not a doubtful mind that is asking nor is it a merely curious one … the more “do-able” the process feels the more hpoeful I feel … I’m just looking to support the hint of hope the comments originally left me with.
    Thank you, my good brother.



    • Dear Tim,

      Such things are impossible to calculate by numbers or even by a poll. I was speaking from my heart and in the presence of the Spirit. I don’t know that I was correct, but I felt I was at the time. Of greater value than numbers is my witness that it does happen, and increasingly often as time goes by.

      Brother John


  18. Annalea says:

    Thank you. That’s all. :)


  19. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Brother Pontius,

    Firstly, words cannot convey how loved and needed YOU are. Thank you for sharing. I’ve grown spiritually weary of starving for someone to share and write about their deep knowledge and experiences. I intend to read anything and everything you write. I share with you my testimony that I KNOW Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live. I just found out about Spencer’s Journey. I have studied and devoured NDE books for as long as I can remember. I hope and pray I get the chance to read it.

    Again, thank you Brother Pontius. You are so special and gifted and as I said, so needed. I am reading Triumph for the second time. I’ve given up highlighting because it seems I would just have to highlight the entire manuscript. God bless. I hope to meet up with you in New Jerusalem. God keep you safe and your family too. I pray His choicest blessings upon you and that you feel my spirit. I am humbly your sister in Christ. This was a hard letter for me to write but I cannot even begin to tell you how I discovered this site today. Truly a miracle and I’ve been rejoicing all the day long.

    Most Sincerely,



  20. Roger Liston says:

    To get your book published in Kindle format, “before the second coming…” have you considered bookbaby?

    They layout and publish books in Every e format for about $600 per book.

    Good luck.

    Roger Liston


  21. Heavy Heart says:

    Thank you so much. That is exactly what I needed to hear. I know I have the Lord on my side and with Him all things are possible. May God continue to bless you in all of your efforts to bless the lives of others. I have read all of your books and I look forward to reading “Spencer’s Journey” and obtaining further insights.

    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


  22. Heavy Heart says:

    Brother John,

    What does one do when…….. you feel you are on the path striving to embrace and live all that is discussed in your blog. All along, knowing thru the spirit that it is true, strongly believing in the gospel of Jesus Christ with total gratitude for the atonement, cherishing all of the Lord’s teachings, continually seeking for truth etc. Desiring greatly to assist in building Zion, knowing deeply of it’s importance and what that means to the world. Also, knowing the direction of the world economies, the coming cleansing of America and the hard times that are coming to each of us and on and on, with the beautiful truths that are known to be true.

    Now for the question? Knowing all of that, with a deep conviction in my heart and a strong testimony of it’s truthfulness. Why, why, why can’t I seem to gather or receive the strength from the Lord to give up some very serious sins. Even while daily striving to study and feast upon the Saviors teachings, I give in to sins that will lead me straight to hell, which is exactly what I don’t want.

    Deep in my heart and soul, I want to give them up, because I know it is the right thing to do but, I can’t seem to overcome my behavior. I know time is short and I don’t want to “procrastinate the day of my repentance until it is everlastingly too late”, yet the problem persists. I have discussed this with my priesthood leaders, but I need the Lord’s help. I’m calling upon the Lord, fasting, praying, going to church, studying the scriptures etc. and then I give into temptation and fall again and again. Please help!


    • Dear Heavy,

      Many people struggle with an overwhelming sin, addiction, or compulsion they feel powerless to overcome. The truth is, we are powerless in such things. Only Christ can give us the power to overcome. What happens is that we give heed to the Holy Spirit, and through the Still Small Voice, we are guided into compliance with all good things. The magic happens that when we obey, and act with courage and self-denial, then the Atonement begins to purify us and take away the driving force that seems to compel us to sin. This is the enabline aspect of the atonement, but it is only triggered by obedience. We can’t sit back and wait for the power to come upon us while indulging. We obey, do what the Lord makes known to us in the moment with all of the courage we have, and then we wait for the upgrade to our souls.

      In time what happens is that we are purified and lose our desire to do these thigns. We will be born again in the larger definition, and in the small struggles as well. But, the hill is steep, and it requires us to sacrifice our will to His many times. Just know that the relief and upgrading does come, but in my experience, it usually comes at 11:59:59. Until then we hang on and believe. When we do falter, we repent, step back and immediately rededicate ourselves to obedience. Each iteration of trying will succeed a little higher, and the Atonement will take away the awful thorn in the flesh that keeps us returning to the gutters of our disobedience.

      When my new book “Spencer’s Journey” comes out, there is a scene in the book that will open eyes to why these overwhelming struggles happen. It is a view of evil spirits and their influence in pornography as well as other large trials. It is truly chilling, but powerfully motivating.

      God bless you and many like you,

      John Pontius


  23. Robin Carlson says:

    Dear Bro. John,
    I am very new to this (just followed today: 7 Feb) and am puzzled: What is “Spencer’s Journey…..”? Another book?
    Wanted to thank you for “Following the Light of Christ” and “The Triumph of Zion” Both have left me with much to ponder and be amazed about.
    Robin Carlson


    • Welcome Robin,

      I’m sorry for the lack of clarity. I am writing a book for a good friend who has died three times and had three NDE’s. His experiences took him far into the millennium and Second Coming. It is fascinating. The book should be in print later this year if all goes well.

      Thanks for joining us,



  24. Tim says:

    Dear Brother John,

    One day we will meet, in a time I look forward to, unfettered by the cares of the world. Meanwhile, I have had the privilege of meeting you, so far as the written word,and the spirit which accompanies it, has revealed your heart to me…And my heart has swelled with gratitude not only for your message but for you, as the messenger. This Good News we speak about could never be so sweet if there was an attempt to somehow convey it through a means other than “heart to heart” I’m grateful that the Spirit has managed to reveal a bit of “you” to me along with the important message which you bring. I’m not as far along on the path as I wish I were and I’m looking for signs to help me see just “where” I am…
    …and I’m actively looking for “Messengers from my Father” This is just a note to expressly thank you for taking on that role and to say I love you, dear brother.

    In Christ, and praying for your health…
    Tim Taylor


  25. Arlene Butler says:

    Dear John,
    I am reading your book Following the Light of Christ into His Presence and enjoying it very much. It is very slow since I keep rereading it and taking in only a little at a time which is different from how I usually zoom through books. Thank you for sharing your insights and testimony.

    I have been reading your blog here and there and a friend recently pointed me to your upcoming book on the New Jerusalem. I have sent many years of my life studying the last days and am the author (compiler actually) of 3 large books of quotes from the apostles, prophets and scriptures on it including a chapter on the New Jerusalem (you can check Amazon).

    Anyway, as a fellow writer, an ability to edit, understanding the book publishing process, plus having some background on the subject, if you are interested I would like to offer you my skills in reading & editing the book.

    God bless you with this book. Tell the author of my thanks as it is important to help prepare people spiritually, mentally, and physically for what lies before us in the future. I totally understand his reasons for remaining anonymous – he is wise.


    Arlene Kay Butler


  26. Ryan Harper says:

    just got your un-blog today regarding your holiday schedule. in your post you stated that you will be doing some more firesides earlier this year. I would like to know if there were plans in your future for a visit to Mesa Arizona. There are many people here who follow your un-blog and who would love to hear from you in person. Let us know. We can also help with any accommodations or any arrangements with a meeting place. Thanks for your time and all the spiritual insights of the scriptures you bring out. Your a true Brother in the Lord.



  27. kathryn Hughes says:

    Dear Brother John,
    I hope you remember me . Cheyenne and Darrell’s mom from Tennessee. I have read your unblogs several times and have enjoyed them very much but because I am not good at writing or expressing myself I never would leave a message> But I seem to be drew by the Spirit to share one of our family home evenings to try and write an insite the Spirit has taught me from that night. It made me realize just how important all our everyday lives here are . Each one of us is like a pebble thrown into a pond. The ripples that results expands outward and can affect an area immeasurably larger than the size of the pebble itself for that ripple can travel on and on . With each of our actions whether good or bad in this life it can effect so many of our brothers and sisters just like that pebble and those effects can seem endless. Our actions and deeds can become a tidal wave touching many lives . Only listening to the still small voice of the Spirit and obeying that voice can assure us that the ripple we send out to many will be pleasing to our Heavenly Father and will help us to make it back home . What a joy it will be to reach home and have the veil lifted and remember how much each of our brothers and sisters meant to us before we came to this earth to be tried and tested . I never realized before how much my actions can affect other lives so greatly . It has made me realize also that the most important gift we have been given while here is that guide . My prayer to all of us is that we can always be in tune to His voice . Thank my dear friend
    from your Sister kathy


  28. Abram Hatch says:

    I have been unable to find either Following the Light of Christ or The Triumph of Zion in electronic format. Will they ever be offered in electronic format? Thanks for all you do.

    Brother Hatch


  29. Paul Garner says:

    I truly enjoy your un-blog. I have also been very uplifted reading your books (Following the Light of Christ and the Triumph of Zion). Do you have another book in the works or one planned in the future that would follow the path your previous publications?


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