The Last Fireside Ever

Good Morning Un-Blog Family,

We are finally all settled in Utah. It has been a big effort to get moved and unpacked. One of the main purposes for moving here I believe, is to be closer to the work of building Zion, and to be a part of that work.

As a part of that work, I have been feeling the urgings of the Spirit to begin doing firesides and speaking where invited in this area and further. So, if the Spirit accords for you and your friends, let me know and we will see if we can arrange something.

The last fireside I gave was last August in Provo. We were expecting 150 people and 500 showed up. It was amazing. We ended up moving to an auditorium and starting a little late, but the Spirit was there in great abundance and we had a blessed evening. I imagine many of you were there.

The thing that was wonderful to me was how (for me at least) the fireside went from intimate and controlled, to intimidating and unpredictable. As we were leaving the first room and heading to the auditorium someone picked up my scriptures and notes and took them. So, when I went to look for them – they were gone! I walked to the new auditorium with no idea what I was going to do, yet with a peaceful heart. I eventually got them back just before the meeting. When the meeting finally got under way the Spirit flowed in abundance, and it was a glorious event. (An audio recording of the fireside is at

Because of my health condition, I rather expected that to be the last fireside I would ever give. My future was very unsecure in that regard. But, the Lord had other plans, and here we are in Utah. My health will permit me to do a few more firesides, and I am grateful and anxious to proceed.

I have been feeling a dramatic uplift in my spirit lately, which usually proceeds doing work of value for the Lord. I always feel the Holy Spirit flowing more powerfully, and ideas and thoughts become more clear and the pathway appears out of the mists.

God Bless,

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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3 Responses to The Last Fireside Ever

  1. Nobody says:

    Ok, thank you.


  2. Nobody says:

    Are you planning to be in Arizona at any time in the future?


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