I am a Disciple of Christ

Being a disciple of Christ can be a bit ironic when one also belongs to THE true church of Christ. The irony arrives in the form of dual loyalties.

As I wrote in the previous un-blog I maintain that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is THE true church upon the earth. We know that we must remain faithful and valiant in Christ or the privilege of having the “fulness of the Gospel” will be taken away and given to some other people. (3 Nephi 16:10) No matter who the covenant people end up being, we know for sure  that the church will be true and in direct sync with Christ’s will up to and including His return in glory. After that the church will undoubtedly evolve, since Christ will be the King of Kings (a political title) and Lord of Lords (a spiritual and religious role). The church, what ever it becomes, will evolve according to Christ’s will.

The point is, as a Disciple of Christ, my loyalties are to Christ, and since the LDS church is HIS church, I extend my fealty to Christ to the Church that bears His name.

When people within the church act in such a way that the are no longer acting for Christ (usually in small ways), then my loyalty remains with Christ’s Church, and whatever office may be involved, but does not follow the errant one in his or her deeds and acts.  Only the person is lessened. In this way I am able to separate the people of the church, from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This dual loyalty has saved my soul a number of times. People can offend and injure me, but the church cannot.

I sometimes (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) think of “The Mormon Church” as a collection of people great and small, and the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS as a collection of doctrine and truths, principles and powers.

Having a “testimony” of this latter-day church is a glorious thing – but it must never be a greater virtue that your discipleship of Christ. The reason is, the church’s people will eventually mess up in some small way and hurt you. I say small because nothing people can do will have eternal consequence, whereas our reaction to their errors might. If you are a “disciple” of the church itself; if your “testimony” of the “true church” is the greatest force in your life, then you will eventually be slapped upside the head with something too great to endure with your “testimony” unshaken.

For this reason I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. Herein only lies safety and peace.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to I am a Disciple of Christ

  1. Mike says:

    I think of the Church as a great hospital for the spiritually sick and injured. Some, of course, are sicker than others, but none are perfect.


  2. Cameron Clark says:


    Thanks for all you’ve written.

    My wife and I had this conversation a while ago and I think that though you and I might disagree on some small details, overall, I am in agreement with you about the differences.

    We heard an ex-member of the church say on a TV program produced a few years ago that when he was on his mission he was expected to “die for the church.” It was a bit of a melodramatic statement, partly because he was still alive but also, it was almost a misdirection. If the church and the gospel are aligned (and I believe they are and have been from the time of the First Vision), that it’s for the gospel of Christ you’d be expected to die, not for the organization of the Church. To a non-believing member of the church in the 21st Century, either expectation may still seem like too much to expect from a 19 year old. Thank the Lord that he watches over and protects those young men and women from day to day.

    Anyway, I tried articulating that point to my wife that every time I get offended by one of my brethren or every time I learn something weird about our Church’s History, it’s not because the Gospel of Christ is imperfect, but rather it’s the men and women who run the organization that are so. And it doesn’t anger me. In fact, in many ways, it strengthens my testimony. I love my brethren and sisters just the same and know that I am no more perfect than they and that my wisdom is no greater than theirs, but if we remain true and faithful, the Lord will bless our lives.

    Sorry for the ramblings. You mentioned a very interesting subject and I wanted to comment. The Church is still True. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and the priesthood authority resides with our “Mormon” church.

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    • unblogmysoul says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Cameron.
      I agree with you, of course. It seems to me the greatest safety we have is that we trust in a Divine being, rather than an inspired organization run by flawed mortals. I have never heard “the church” whispering to mind in the moment of great need, or filling my life with peace, or answering my prayers, or promising me quiet and glorious things. But, I have heard my Savior do these things, and the reason I have is because “the church” is in fact true. The church is the vehicle that has taught me how and given me the means, the covenants and the knowledge to seek and obtain all these things. It is not possible that I could have laid my hands upon them any other way.

      Still, it is in Christ upon whom I rely.

      Brother John


  3. unblogmysoul says:

    Hi Raleigh,

    I meant what is in the next sentence. “We know that we must remain faithful and valiant in Christ or the privilege of having the “fulness of the Gospel” will be taken away and given to some other people.” (3 Nephi 16:10). I don’t believe this will occur, but the scriptures leave the possibility open.

    I think I will edit that sentence out, just to avoid confusion.

    Thanks for the feedback,

    Brother John


  4. Raleigh Johnson says:

    You wrote: “As I wrote in the previous un-blog I maintain that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is THE true church upon the earth. This has not always been the case, and it may not remain the case. ”

    What is the meaning of th last sentence in this statement?


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