Blessed Are You

I read this last night in a good book.

“If as an individual it is our foreordained duty to be a part of the latter-day Zion, then we cannot expect to be exalted without accomplishing this great labor. It is a grand personal epiphany when one hears the voice of revelation issue the call of Zion and to thereafter know that they are ordained to be a part of the building of Zion.  But not every righteous soul is ordained to this path, and not ever celestial soul will hear the call.

Blessed are you if your ordained pathway crosses other thorny ground or ends in some other real estate than Zion. But in my humble opinion, far more blessed are those whose feet fall upon the holy soil of Zion and whose destiny it is to engage and conquer in this, the greatest endeavor mankind will ever undertake; to build the City of the Living God, end the telestial world, receive the conquering Christ at His return, and invite the millennial era of peace to begin.” (The Triumph of Zion, page 178)

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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1 Response to Blessed Are You

  1. Lindsay says:

    22 January 2012….
    how exciting to find your site and begin a journey through your writings.
    I felt somehow ‘called’ when I was about 16… my path has been round about and convoluted, nearly aborted but continues nevertheless…
    I continually await on the Lord while I live, breathe and have my being in this extremely confusing, often stressful, and frequently bewildering experience of mortality. I’m getting older now … but … the lighted arrow points ahead and so I go… thank you for the inspiring words that compliment my path.


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