The Purpose of the Priesthood

“The purpose of the priesthood isn’t just possession of the priesthood. The purpose of the priesthood isn’t even the ordinances and offices and ordinations we perform. These are the processes of the priesthood. The purpose of the priesthood is to prepare mankind to see God – [preferrably] in this life! Everything we labor to accomplish is done to that end, even when we don’t have that objective in mind.” (The Triumph of Zion, page 182)

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5 Responses to The Purpose of the Priesthood

  1. Kathy A says:

    Wow! I’m reading these older posts and it is giving me so much new understanding. Thank you. And thank you to James for your comment. I’ve just spent a little time reading D&C 84, and looking up the footnotes (especially verse 19), and it appears you are right on Brother John (as usual). A new truth I never recognized before, but feels crisp and real and right! I love learning new truths and feeling the spirit as it confirms. So exciting.


  2. James says:

    It has been on my mind a lot lately about how much we really need to understand the Priesthood better and teach it better, especially to our youth, to which I am currently called to serve.

    1. Being ordained to the priesthood is not the same as receiving or obtaining it, as worded in DC 84. Receiving the PH is associated with receiving great power, knowledge, and the glory of God. Therefore, the 12 year old who decided against becoming a deacon is not condemned beyond forgiveness in this world or the next. However, one who has fulfilled the O&C of the priesthood and has known the glory of God and turned from it, is.

    2. The O&C of the priesthood is as applicable to women as it is to men. It has nothing to do with being ordained. As stated in this post it has to do with knowing God first hand. Most would expect that more women than men will actually accomplish that, so in that sense it applies even more to them than to us. Yet we merrily chant “men, men, men, men…” while we attend ph session and the bishops never breath a word about the O&C to young women but every YM is taught (about) it. Unrighteous dominion also applies to women as well as to men.

    Both men and women are obligated to fulfill the covenants associated with the priesthood ordinances in order to receive the promised blessings of the PH.


  3. Jyl says:

    Why are there so few men, who understand this? And, why isn’t it taught?


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