One in Heart

Last Sunday I had the privilege of meeting with two faithful brethren for a few wonderful hours. We had never met. Our lives had evolved thousands of miles and many cultural compass points apart. Yet, when I met them I felt an instant brotherhood, not just because we were all faithful members of the latter-day kingdom, but because they thought and believed and hoped and envisioned in exactly the same way that I did. I don’t mean we were similar, or that we were compatible, I mean that their thought process, and what they had come to believe and to hope and to desire was identical in every respect.

As my wife and I were driving away I thought out loud, “I wonder if we were Baptists, or Buddhists, or whatever, and we had met for the first time some sixty years into our spiritual journey, if we would not have had some common beliefs, and many points to resolve through debate and ultimately, by agreeing to disagree.”

Add to this picture that we were not discussing common tenets of our faith. We were discussing things that one must learn by intense study, but centuries of walking in the Spirit, and by direct revelation. Even when these things have been published in some inspired tome, one can only “believe” and “hope” and live these principles when the Holy Spirit infuses them by the power of God into one’s soul.

These two faithful souls had walked the same walk I had, had acquired the same faith, and had been infused with the same light, because we have the same Savior, and His truth is one, not many. And because we had been blessed to learn how to acquire truth directly from the heavens, in a way that is both marvels and miraculous, we had become one in heart.

I thought it was an evidence of several things. Not the least was of these was that what we had acquired was true. It was true because no three people on earth can have the exact same understanding about any obscure principle unless they somehow tap into the same source of information. We all do math in base 10 because we have all been taught this by a common education system. If every person alive had to invent math independently, without speaking to any other person, there would be 6 billion different understandings and degrees of math sophistication on this world. Yet, those things we were dicsussing have far less physical and scientifically testable properties than math, and still we had arrived at a unity of the faith.

As an LDS author and speaker I am exposed to more people’s opinions than a normal mortal. People almost always choose to tell me their opinions and why they believe them. This often happens in a setting where the Holy Spirit is present (praise the Lord). What almost universally happens is that the Holy Spirit will put simple words in my mouth, and miracles happen in people’s hearts. They hear in a way that uplifts and embeds new light into their souls. They rarely debate, and rarely disagree, they just rejoice – not because I did anything special – but because in that tiny slice of eternity, and in that one thing, we become one with Christ.

In time, through time, through many such blessed miracles of light, we will, if we allow ourselves, become One in heart with He whose truths these are.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to One in Heart

  1. Karen Prier says:

    Yes, I understand and John after reading your book and praying about the whole matter, I am content to know that each of you seems to be speaking to different audiences that Heavenly Father is aware of both and that He loves each one enough to give them someone who is understaning of their needs and struggles. I appreciate your faith your testimony and your spirit. Thank you very much for all you do and your intentions which I feel are very pure as I believe Denvers are also. I find it very interesting to see the hand of the Lord in such things so sweetly attending to all of his children.


  2. karen prier says:

    I am sorry, I do not intend to be anything but sincere here. I really love your blog, your books I have on order and expect to love them as much, but I also respect Denver Snuffers books, and blog and it is clear that the two of you do not agree about many things as you say in this blog will happen when two or three or more people are taught after the order of revelation. How would you explain your disagreement with him? It seems odd to me that the two of you don’t see things the same way. You both claim to have seen Christ and received your Calling and Election and yet you both are teaching different things. I am sorry to ask this question, I do not intend to be in any way difficult. I really have had a hard time considering this question in my own mind. I know you love him and have respect for him, as you have said, but you do not agree with him on some things and that seems bizzare to me. Does that not suggest that one of you is some how wrong? How do you come to reconcile this for yourself. If you or Denver is teaching incorrectly then it seems that there is a disconnect here that is going to cause problems at some point and what happens to someone who has their C&E and teaches incorrect doctrine? I assume it is not a big deal, but then maybe it is?


    • Dear Karen,

      Thank you for your question. I hope I can answer it in a way that you perceive as respectful to all parties you refer to. I don’t want anyone to be under the misconception that I consider myself a prophet, or infallable. I have never asked Denver if he feels infallable, but he is not arrogant or self-promoting, so I doubt it very much. I perceive that Denver has his mission and I know him well enough to know that he is pursuing it in the best way he can. I am doing the same, but I think I’m safe in saying that neither of us wants to be followed or revered, or even thought of as trying to be perfect or right in every thought or principle we write. That’s too heavy of a burdon for any mortal to bear. Speaking for myself – I would actually prefer someone else do what I am doing, but for some reason the Spirit keeps pushing me forward, so I try to obey.

      If there is a disconnect, it is due to the flaws of mortality – which I claim the right to exhibit in full measure. In regards to those who read either of our works, it would be a major mistake to base one’s testimony or beliefs upon what either of us write – for the very reason you point out – mortals are flawed. Only the Holy Ghost and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can play that role in one’s life.

      I hope you understand what I am trying to say,

      John Pontius


    • Matthew says:

      I have been reading Snuffer for almost 6 months now and recently became aware of Pontius. I actually appreciate the differences between them. There seems to be an incredible synergy between their teachings, and differences seem to arise more from their personalities. My experience is that both are inspired teachers who are helping me erase years of unclear understandings of profound doctrinal matters.


      • Matthew says:

        Some further thoughts on this. The two authors that Karen is comparing have each parted the veil, yet it is obvious that each individual experience is exactly that — individual. The differences in their individual paths towards communing with the heavens results in different understandings of true principles. I am reading about being spiritually reborn in Pontius’ Following the Light of Christ, while simultaneously reading about the various manifestations of the Spirit in Snuffer’s blog. There are some slight differences in how they discuss things, but I find that they illuminate each other and give me a clearer understanding. And I find that as I read one, the Spirit reminds me of something I read in the other that helps me better understand and apply the principles to my own experiences. At the risk of being a heretic and comparing their words to scripture, I find that the process is similar when I study from the canonized word of God. Even in the most correct book, passages can be viewed as contradictory or complimentary depending on the spirit in which it is read.


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