High Centered on Unbelief

Let us carefully observe that the Church stands in its correct posture regarding Zion. Among many other things in preparation for the future building of Zion, it perpetuates the priesthood, builds the temples, and administers the holy ordinances specifically designed to bring us to Zion. All this is being done. As an organization, the Church will not begin to build the actual cities of Zion until the Lord instructs His prophet to do so. It is improbable that the Lord will instruct His prophet to build a city until a city-sized group of people are worthy to enter it. Thus, building Zion, if it is hindered in our day, would be because it is high-centered upon our own unbelief, not upon some theological or ecclesiastical misstep of the Church.

(The Triumph of Zion, page 171)

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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