Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I am reminded again and again how important it is to ask in prayer for those things which I need. It has always been a tendency of mine to feel comfortable and protected by God. I have even been of the opinion at times that God knows my needs, and voicing them can’t clarify what he already knows, and desires for me.

But, the commandment still stands, that we must ask Him in prayer for those things which we hope to receive.

Here is another key to receiving answers to our prayers.

When we receive the Spirit of Christ by obedience to His voice we begin to become like our Savior. Through the atonement we are upgraded, changed, cleansed, and as Mosiah 3:19 so beautifully teaches, we become a Saint through the atonement of Christ. We become as a little child, humble, meek, patient, full of love and willing to submit to all things because as the word “willing” suggests, it is our will as much as it is His. This process makes us not only like Christ in ways not otherwise possible, but it makes us one with Christ. In matters of our own lives, our will and His are one.

Here is the beauty of oneness with our Savior, it is that not only does His will becomes our will – but even more difficult to understand is that our will becomes His. Isn’t that a stunning thought. Our will becomes Christ’s will. How could it be otherwise?

If through our obedient walk, and through years of discipleship our hopes and desires are sanctified; if our eye is single to His glory, then we are of one mind. In other words, as we become more Christ-like, those things which we want, for which we hope , which bring us joy and hope and relief in suffering, these are the things which Christ wants for us as well.

The majesty of this concept is that when we are (becoming) one with Him, when we ask, we are asking according to the will of Christ, and we may ask with perfect faith. We can literally call down angels and open the visions of heaven, and find grace in times of need.

It is this type of prayer which changes the course of our lives, which serves as a conduit of Christ’s grace.

The reason we must also ask is due to the fact that even when we are (becoming) one with Christ, we are still subject to the overriding justice of God. Nobody is exactly sure how this all works, but logic suggests that if God were to give you an unrequested blessing, then by the demands of justice, He would have to give every other person on earth the same blessing, even though they had no just claim.

Therefore, when we ask it separates us from every other living creature, simply because we exercised our agency to request this gift. Lots of people ask for things. The power occurs when we are also one with Christ, and our will is sanctified by being in harmony with Christ, then these requests can only be righteous. The mainspring of heaven engages, and because we are asking in complete faith (knowing beforehand that these things are His will) then the machinery of heaven dispenses the requested blessings as a matter of divine law.

When we place ourselves in this happy circumstance, we receive even as we ask.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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