Thanks – giving

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving my dear friends. Your lives and love have inspired and blessed my own. As I have struggled to keep my life from slipping through my fingers, you have given purpose to my days, and given me a continuing motivation to keep the Spirit in my life every day, every minute.

I am grateful for my kind and loving friend and companion. Terri is a constant source of love and kindness. She is the very definition of righteous and saintly womanhood.

I am grateful for every member of my eternal family, for each gift of belonging to great men and great women who are so kind as to call me Dad.

I am grateful for light, for faith, for power in the priesthood, for miracles and manifestations of my Savior’s love. I worship him openly, gratefully, and with hope and joy in all that He means to me.

I am grateful for life – no matter how much is ordained for me to enjoy – I am glad to be alive, today – and for as many tomorrows as He grants me.

I give thanks and pray for your continuing joy in Christ.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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