Human Weak-mess

One of you asked if my patriarchal blessing suggests that I would experience extraordinary revelations and angelic visitations. My desire is to deflect this question to a larger truth, which is that ALL of the spiritual gifts are available to everyone who seeks them by the walk and talk of their lives.

I think spiritual gifts have less to do with a few striving prayers, or powerful requests, than it does with consistently remaining on the path. I don’t even believe that my gifts are the greatest gifts – it just seems to be necessary for my journey. Someone else would certainly experience different things – which for them would constitute the “greatest gift” they can receive.

What I have experienced is not unique – it is the main course at the Gospel banquet – to which everyone is invited. The process is that one must eventually wean themselves from spiritual milk and divine pabulum before spiritual meat is on the menu. That weaning process is simply this – obey His voice.

The great kindness the Lord has done for me is to teach me to listen carefully to the voice of truth. That’s why the Un-blog has so many stories of this nature. It is the greatest process of my life. Everything else came by the Grace of Christ as a result of this one desire – to always walk in the light.

Believe me when I tell you that I am not flawlessly obedient, nor as humble of a disciple as I wish to be. I get caught up in my own weak-mess, and I don’t hear everything I should. We are all alike in this– it is the human condition. But, like the sacrament prayers say, I do always remember, and I always try, and when I do this, the light always shines.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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1 Response to Human Weak-mess

  1. K-Jo says:

    Interesting, as I woke up early this morning and thought about getting up to study my scriptures (which I am FINALLY trying to do consistently each day) and the thought popped into my head “The gift you give yourself”. I contemplated that for a few minutes. Then I arose, looked at this blog and you are talking about “gifts”. Truly, if we seek to give ourselves this simple gift by following the basics, then it doesn’t really matter what other gifts we receive, for it will be according to His will. Thank you for todays blog….I’ll go study now so I can learn to hear His voice better. 🙂


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