Stand in Holy Places

A few weeks ago I mentioned having an experience with seeing a dark spirit. When I asked for feedback from the Un-blogosphere, I got the most responses to date, all of them saying they appreciated the content. Some of you mentioned that you have had similar experiences, and it helped to know that it you weren’t alone. So many of you wrote that I assume most of us have had these types of experiences – and most of us were fearful and afraid we were weird or odd. The truth seems to be that it is an almost universal phenomenon of mortality.

There was about a year in my life when it seemed that Heavenly Father wanted me to understand the intense battle we are waging for our spiritual lives, and allowed me some minor glipses with dark things. I am of the opinion that spirituality is developing a sensitivity to spiritual things – and some of those things are evil.

I also think it is very important to not seek after experiences with dark things. The truth is that the world of darkness is very powerful, so much so that if we toy with those things, we will be beaten. We can’t survive even one round in the ring. Our only salvation is that Jesus Christ places laws between us and darkness, and as long as we don’t cross it ourselves, they can’t either. As it is, the access they have to us is sufficient that they destroy the vast majority of humanity and have kept this telestial world in a state of war and bloodshed since the dawn of time.

Christ himself dealt with dark spirits often. It was common for Him to cast them out. The New Testament attributes many physical ailments to evil spirits. In our supposedly “modern” world, we think about it very little, and consider it a little weird to cast out evil spirits in a priesthood blessing. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m also very sure Christ was not mistaken in his example of how to deal with evil.

With that in mind, I want to tell you of an experience I had with a family member. This was in the early 90’s, and I had a business trip that took me near family. I called ahead and stopped in to visit one of my sisters. She was living in a basement apartment. Her in-laws lived up above. It was a nice setting for a small family on the way up. Her husband was away on business at the time, as were her in-laws.

I have always been visually receptive to the presence of light in people’s faces. I can see the Holy Spirit in the countenances of most people I meet. I can also see darkness when it is present. It is as obvious to me as various wattages of light bulbs. When I walked into her home I noticed something very odd. The left side of her face was dark, and the right side was bright. I had never ever seen something like that. We sat and talked for many hours about spiritual things. She is a spiritual seeker like myself, and it was a lovely, spirit-blessed evening. At one point I mentioned her half-darkened face.

She was surprised, but mentioned that she had been having a hard time feeling the Spirit lately, and that her prayers felt like they were hitting a brick ceiling and bouncing back. I asked her if she would like to have a priesthood blessing, and she readily agreed.

During the blessing I felt impressed to command the workers of evil to depart from her, leave her home and never return. We both felt an immediate sensation of relief and light. The Holy Spirit grew stronger, and I said something I have never before considered. I said that she had been given something that had evil symbols on it. This object was inviting her tormentors into her home. She needed to find it and destroy it. I have never had that thought enter my mind at any time before I spoke those words. Since I try to not filter my words during a blessing, I found them as dumbfounding as she did.

After the blessing she said she really had no idea what it could be, so we hugged and I went upstairs to go to bed. At the top of the landing I walked right into a cold storm of evil. Whatever I had cast out had gone upstairs. I determined later that when I had cast them “out of her home” that the left the basement, and since her in-laws lived upstairs, that was not her home, so there they were. I could see them, and it was not a welcome sight. They were agitated and swirling around the room. Most of them were short and had misshapen faces. I went to the guest bedroom and invoked the priesthood – several times actually. The home grew spiritually quiet, then peaceful.

The next morning my Sister said she prayed very powerfully for the first time in months after the blessing. She also said that she knew what object the blessing had mentioned. She brought out a plastic “good luck charm” someone had given her. It had been hanging on her wall. It was hand made, and consisted mostly of two pieces of plastic laminated together in the shape of a little house. The words “Good Luck” were written in fancy gold letters on the plastic. I pried them apart and found a piece of paper inside with hand-drawn symbols on it.  

I asked her when she had received it. She thought for a minute then said, at the very same time her prayers began to feel as if they weren’t getting through.

Since that evening, which was many years ago, that particular batch of tormentors has not returned to her home. Her prayers and spirituality quickly returned to normal.

It takes a lot of pondering to understand experiences like this. I’ve had almost seventeen years now to think about this. I believe we are in a very dangerous war, and that we hardly realize it. I think we have a powerful weapon in the Priesthood, which we hardly invoke for that purpose. I think the reason Heavenly Father lets us “see” these things sometimes, is simply to awaken us to our perilous situation, and to teach us to resist evil while it is being held back by divine law.

I also think that as the times of Zion approach, as we grow more and more Zion-worthy, that opposition will increase. The power of evil will amplify, and this war will evolve from unseen, to very in-your-face. When we begin to build Zion, the balance of good and evil that exists will be tipped dramatically, and the bowels of hell will erupt all around us. Then, these small lessons in repelling evil will be invaluable. We will have already engaged the enemy, and we will be equipped both by our faith, and by our enlightened perception, to stand in places made holy by our presence, and not be moved.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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6 Responses to Stand in Holy Places

  1. Linda says:

    here is a great place to learn about sacred symbols.


  2. psrokus says:

    If evil symbols are powerful enough to cause innocent and unconscious people near the symbol to be affected; is the same true of holy symbols?

    And other than the symbols we wear, what are other symbols of light-filled power? I know the art in my home brings a peaceful calming spirit. But what of line art symbols?

    And how are symbols and signs connected?


    • unblogmysoul says:

      I wish I knew the answers to these questions. I don’t think the Lord’s plan uses symbology. I may be wrong. It isn’t something the Lord has brought across my radar.


      Brother John


  3. Linda says:

    There is a book that speaks of this called ‘Unbroken Curses’ by Rebecca Brown.

    These are not fun lessons.


  4. McKay platt says:

    Merry Christmas brother John. I received a phone call last week from a friend and colleague of mine. He is a radiologist at utah valley hospital. He is full of the spirit of Zion. Although he did not introduce me to your books, he did introduce me to your blog. I introduced him to several authors and he has consumed all their works. He is full of light. He asked me if I could arrange a meeting with you, although he said he isn’t quite sure what he wants to talk about.

    Are you well enough to consider such a thing? I don’t mean to be a pest but I agreed to ask. Last time we met in my home.

    Let me know what you think.

    Yours truly

    McKay Platt.

    Ps I’d love you know how your meeting went with brother snuffer.


  5. Amber says:

    I have never heard it stated like that–to stand in places made holy by our presence. That is wonderful and goes well with the story you shared about ONE seeking person bringing the spirit into the trailer. That is a wonderful aspiration for us all.


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