The Warm Blanket of Eternal Brotherhood

I keep saying I’m not going to Un-Blog further until January 2nd, but I also seem to keep thinking of precious things I want to share. So, I hope you will take this as it is given, as an unscheduled happiness leaking out of the heavens.

Before this year ends, I want to tell you about my friend Steven. Of course, this isn’t his real name. I met Steven years ago in about 1992. I was trying to publish “Following the Light of Christ into His Presence” (FTL), and was enjoying a spiritual high.

I was at work when Steven walked in and asked if he could speak to me. I don’t know that I had ever seen him before. He was nicely dressed and well spoken. I invited him into my office. I thought he was a salesman.

Steven said he had read a manuscript copy of FTL my father had given him. His question was if I really believed what I had written.

Over the next two hours we talked deeply as the Holy Spirit warmed our souls. It was one of those blessed times when the teacher learns as much as the taught. Steven’s words changed from doubting to hopeful. He left, but returned every couple days for several months. Each time, we rejoiced in our blessings and drank the living waters. We became friends, very good friends.

About the end of this time Steven came into my office, and told me, “When I first read your book, and read the description of the blessings that accompany being born again, I thought you were exaggerating the blessings to encourage people to pay the price to obtain them.”

I started to say something, but he stopped me.

“Last night, as I was praying I had an amazing experience. The Holy Spirit came over me, and I felt like singing and shouting praises to the heavens. I realized that I was experiencing what the scriptures call “Mighty Prayer”. It went on for a long time. At the very end of it I heard a voice tell me my sins were forgiven, like Enos in the Book of Mormon. What do you think it all means?”

I asked him what he thought it all meant. It wasn’t my place to try to interpret his blessings.

He paused here to collect his emotions. His eyes were spilling tears I don’t think he was even aware of. When he looked up he said, “I guess I know what it means.”

I nodded. “I think you understanding is correct,” I said.

Steven expressed his amazement and humble gratitude for this unexpected blessing. Then he said, “Now I realize that you didn’t exaggerate the blessings one can receive at all. You actually understated them, because if you tried to tell the full extent of what people can obtain, nobody would have believed you.”

I nodded. “Some people experience these things in a very profound way and receive these blessings suddenly, like you just did. Others receive them more quietly, and over a longer period of time, but the blessings are the same.”

Steven has been my dear friend all of these years. We have since discovered great things together, and eaten fruit from the tree of life together, and rejoiced and rejoiced over the years.  We have never gone hunting together, or to a movie, or camping or fishing. We just share this amazing bond in Christ, which has wrapped us in the warm blanket of eternal brotherhood, and together we know in Whom we rejoice.

Steven is presently serving as a Bishop, and as my best friend.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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7 Responses to The Warm Blanket of Eternal Brotherhood

  1. Kelly Brad Cox says:

    Wow these are amazing comments the spirit flared up as I was reading them bringing tears to my eyes so they are testified by the spirit to be true. I have only started this process during the last year and a half so even though I have had the new birth I feel that I am still a babe in my progress and understanding. But as I experience these things I feel so blessed because there are so many who cant understand what I am talking about. They seem incapable of comprehending what it takes to get on the strait and narrow path and keep pressing forward even though they are good temple attending members. As I am having spiritual sources gradually revealed I am seeing that this is all real and that the world’s ways are completely an illusion. Each night as I watch the news the spirit reveals to me that the world is going to hell in a not a hand basket but an ever growing Shopping cart. I know that the key to being woken up and staying awake is reading the Book of Mormon regularly and I am so grateful for that Book. And since my faith is young and growing I am grateful I can seek learning and wisdom from the best books D&C 88:118 which I consider “Following the Light of Christ into His Presence” to be numbered among.


    • unblogmysoul says:

      Dear Kelly Brad Cox,

      I loved your comments, and understand what you’re saying. I think everyone experiences what you just voiced in your comment today. There is a very real and powerful “straight and narrow way” to spiritual power and righteousness. When someone finds it it is easy to wonder why everyone else can’t see it, and when we try to explain, we get funny looks and sometimes worse. What I try to remember is that every spiritual step is a personal one. Every new truth is personal. Every bit of our testimony is personal, which means that we acquired it directly from the Holy Spirit, and other people can only receive it the same way, not from our lips. Those people whom you wondered if they are “incapable of comprehending” are just at a different stage of development and growth.

      I have found that the best way to share these things is to say nothing. I know that’s an oxymoron, but it is true. You remain silent until the Spirit nudges you, then you teach whatever element of truth you are permitted, and then you are quiet again. The reason this works is because we don’t alienate someone by saying too much, and the opportunities we receive are inspired, timely and accompanied by a witness from the Holy Spirit. It took me a lot of years to learn how valuable silence is, and how unproductive trying to “teach” any other way can be.

      God bless,

      Brother John


  2. unblogmysoul says:

    It seems to be true, doesn’t it. In addition to your thoughts, I also believe that good and evil are kept in balance by divine law. I think as we become more righteous, and more Zion-worthy, that this very growth allows evil to rise in oppoisition. When the final wars and devestations occur, it won’t be because evil triumphed, but because we triumphed, built Zion finally, and invited our Lord to come and cleanse the earth.

    This is a process not to be feared. It will be the day of our greatest triumph, but it will also be “great and terrible” for us. We will stand in Holy Places, and not be moved, but there will be a lot of people we do not reach in time, whose lives will define the “terrible” part of that equation. I just plan to be inside of Zion, gazing upon the pillar of fire of the Lord’s presence, and not fearing anything evil can produce.

    Thanks for your inspiring comments.

    Brother John


  3. Kim says:

    I truly had my eyes opened by the possibilities expressed so ably and wonderfully in Bro. Pontius’ book.

    It’s time to read it again. I think the best thing it taught us was fearlessness about what we can allow to happen to us, or for us. So much is lost because we don’t know we can ask for it, or experience it. It’s a new dark-ages, in a way, because people are limited once again by a certain kind of spiritual ignorance.


    • unblogmysoul says:

      Dear Kim,

      I love your point, but I think I’m inclined to say it differently. I think we are EMERGING from a spiritual dark age. I see brighter light and more truth and more people seeking and obtaining than ever before – maybe even in the history of the world. I think we ARE preparing for Zion, and that we WILL be ready – or at least enough of us will be.


      • Kim says:

        It does seem that everything is becoming more polarized, with an ever-widening gulf forming up between good and evil.Satan is enjoying unprecedented freedom of influence and expansion. But as he grows in power, so do we. So *must* we. When I read in Joel where it says that “those who call upon the Lord will be saved”, I take it to mean quite literally: only those who call. The “calling” part is requisite now, whereas before I don’t think it was. It sounds contrary to doctrine to suggest that God was ‘once upon a time’ was more free to step in when He wished to, to help even when it was not requested, but nevertheless I think this was the case, but it isn’t the case anymore. Satan is getting his “day”.


  4. Kelly Brad Cox says:

    I have several similar experiences as your friend Steven during this past year. This past year I read Following the Light of Christ into His Presence and when I was reading it I felt the spirit so strongly the whole time I was reading it. The feeling was like a tingly warmness and extreme joy. After I had read FTL I attended a Stake Conference and the first speaker was a Jewish man who was a convert to the church and he was giving a talk on how the Book of Mormon had converted him. As I listened to his talk the spirit was so strong and it just kept getting stronger and stronger. The spirit became so strong that I started to feel like I couldn’t physically handle it and I was going to pass out. I was worried if I passed out that they would have to call 911 and it would interrupt the Stake conference so I said a prayer asking the surging spirit to stop and when I said the short prayer the spirit subsided to a manageable level. I have also had the experience where I was praying and it felt like it was in the tongue of angels as spoken of in the Book of Mormon. This was an amazing time in my life and I hope to get back to having experiences like this again. I have re-read FTL and I am going to read it again at the start of the new year hoping this will help me to re-new my determination to become clean every wit so I can have these experiences on a regular basis again. I’m so thankful to the Lord for giving you the inspiration to write this wonderful book.

    Kelly Brad Cox


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