Children’s Book Illustrator?

Does anyone in the Un-Blogosphere personally know of a good children’s book illustrator? I accidentally wrote a real cute children’s story, and would like to find an illustrator to joint venture with me in getting it published.

Brother John

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5 Responses to Children’s Book Illustrator?

  1. grace says:

    Oh! Exciting! I would love a good children’s book!


  2. Juli Thompson says:

    Oh, my! I do not know of an illustrator BUT just last night I was pondering about asking you if you have considered doing a children’s book on your book – ‘Following the Light?’

    I was needing a better way to talk to my younger grandchildren about these important principles and thought that a children’s book would be the perfect answer.

    Your Christmas story was such a treasure, I just know if your ‘following’ book was put into a children’s format with pictures it would be very beneficial to so many and even to those of us that are slow to perceive truths.

    Please let me know. Love, Juli


  3. K-Jo says:

    A long time ago there was a guy in my ward who did illustrations. His name is Chris Creek. He works at DAZ 3D in Draper, UT. You can find it on the web. I don’t know if he would be interested in freelance or not. He helped illustrate Dick Van Dyke’s children’s book called “Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest”.

    If you can’t find anyone, I also know of a lady who painted a beautiful picture called “Still Waters”. At the time she was illustrating a Christmas Story and I saw some of the pictures and they were beautiful. I can find her contact information if you need it. I just can’t remember her name, but I know her son-in-law whom I haven’t spoken to in years, but I know where he is.

    And….there is a girl in our ward currently that is majoring in art….perhaps she would be interested.

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  4. Amber says:

    April’s daughter Katelyn is a good artist–not officially an illustrator though.


  5. Victoria says:

    I do. =o) My husband’s cousin is an illustrator for the Friend. I loved her work even before I knew she was his cousin. I know she does freelance, but I’m not sure what all she’s doing (or not doing) at the moment. I’ll email you some info in the next day or so.



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