True Discipleship

Quite a few of you commented on your experiences with personal revelation. They are wonderful examples of this principle operating in the lives of the faithful. I selected a few of the shorter ones and invite you to read them with today’s Un-Blog.  They are inspiring. Thank you.

If you would still like to share your experiences, there is still time for the voice of two or three more.

A few years ago while serving in a bishopric, we learned that one of our new members had been injured in a duck hunting accident. He was a young man with a new baby, a new business and a glow about him since his baptism a few months earlier. He remained in a hospital in the “lower 48” and we waited anxiously for him to return. When we were able to meet him we found that he had lost the use of one eye, and was a little bitter about it. He didn’t understand how God could let this happen to him.

We asked him to tell us how it happened. He told the tale of accidentally crossing paths, then walking back toward his friends. A flock of pheasants flew up in front of him, and his friends turned and fired right at him. He was only able to save his one good eye because he threw up his arm in front of his face.

I asked him, “when you turned to walk toward your friends, what were you feeling?”

He said, “I was hoping a bunch of birds didn’t fly up between us, and my friends shoot me.”

I said, “How many times did you feel the urge to turn around and go the other way?”

He looked sheepish. “About a hundred.”

“Why did you keep walking toward them when the Holy Spirit was warning you to go another way?”

He stopped with his mouth open. He opened and closed it several times. His wife began to cry and left the room. His face went pale and he sat down. “I just didn’t know it was God talking to me. I’ve never heard it before. I feel like an idiot.”

I sat down beside him. “No, this time you were just unsure. You’re inexperienced with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Ignoring it again would make you an idiot.”

The point I am hoping these true stories illustrate is that all of us walk in the light of revelation. Those who have learned to identify it have daily experiences like these. They have inspiring and joyful experiences, and quite often their lives are protected.

With experience we may all learn to trust the voice of Christ. Not only can we trust it when it warns us to duck, but we can trust it when it moves us to take the scriptures with us on a business trip, or to check the laundry room. EVERY time we obey, it beautifies and uplifts our souls, and blesses those whose lives we share.

True and saving faith in Christ begins when we decide, for the remainder of our existence, to rely upon His voice.

Discipleship, true discipleship, begins when give our lives over to Him, and covenant ourselves to obey every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God – even the still, small, almost imperceptible words.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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One Response to True Discipleship

  1. James says:

    About 15 yrs ago, I became very good friends with a non-member co-worker. He had a lovely family and was a very fun, energetic, and a spiritual man; a member of a ‘fundamentalist’ christian group – no name, no specific meeting place. I had the pleasure of associating with them on several occasions and they were some of the best people I ever knew. We carpooled for several years we worked together and had many spiritual conversations. For instance, he once commented how the Constitution had to have been inspired by God, which lead me to be able to talk about the revelations of that very thing to Joseph Smith. As a Christian he was not in the least antagonistic toward my membership in the Church. In fact he made it clear that he respected that I was a ‘man of faith’ like himself. We were once on a work-related trip to Iowa, and on Sunday, I attended a luncheon with his congregation, and in the evening, he attended a baptism and dinner that the local LDS ward was having. I felt it to be a triumphant trip – missionary work and lots of golf with a great friend! In time, I changed jobs, and he did too, which lead to their moving to another state. As I was anticipating their move, I felt like I needed to give him a special parting gift, something that spoke to our common interest in spiritual things. I thought about giving him a Book of Mormon, but it seemed too pushy. Then it came to me suddenly that I needed to get a nice quad (scriptures) with his family name on them. I was moved to tears at the thought – but that was really pushy, wasn’t it? I second guessed for days until I had mostly talked myself out of it. That same week, my wife approached me, to whom I had said nothing about the quad idea, but she knew I had been pining over what special gift to get them, and says “Hey, I just realized what the perfect gift for the would be! We should get them a Quad from the Deseret bookstore with their name on the cover! I could hardly believe what I was hearing. We got them their quad, name on the cover, written testimony inside. They were so happy to receive it, said they would surely use it, and we continue to keep in touch to this day. Watch out men – if the Lord calls and your line is busy or you hang up, he might just have to call again on line 2, which might be more available and have clearer reception.



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