The Triumph of Faith

I was thinking late last night how blessed my life is. I thought back over the past few years, and felt grateful for every process of my life because it has brought me to this place, to this moment of grace. Because of understandings recently gained, I can also see the meaning and melody of all the years prior to these last few, though I could only see it with an eye of faith until recently, and could only feel as grateful as my faith was illuminating.

I believe that everything inspired is pushing us toward these two things, obedience – and gratitude. The reason for obedience to things large and especially the billion things small we encounter in mortality, is obvious. The laws that guide us, also guard us, and obedience is, as we discussed, the coin of the realm. It is less obvious, or it was to me, why these divine forces push us toward gratitude, and why it is essential to our purification to actually become grateful.

There may be many reasons, but the greatest is simply that everything God does moves us toward joy, toward eternal rejoicing, toward miracles and revelations and eternal vistas that can only be seen at the end of paths few even find. And, once we see how all of the process of our lives bring us to this amazing place, then gratitude must follow.

Only the lives of the faithful and faith-filled may ever have this perspective, this vantage point of gratitude – not just for trials after we can see their value – but much more powerfully, gratitude while immersed in and during our deepest suffering.

Gratitude in this light is actually the triumph of faith. It is when faith takes our fears away, and we triumph in Christ, because we know there is an unfailing plan to which we submit by choice.

I feel like a climber who has scaled an impossibly high mountain – mostly because it was there – and at the top found out that the everlasting vista, the view from so blessed a climb, was worth the sometimes crushing process of getting there.

I also feel like my gratitude is late in coming, and that these rocky cliffs and deep caverns would have not seemed so steep and dangerous had I learned gratitude years ago. So, I am shouting down the cyber canyons and listening to my voice echo through the vastness of where I’ve been, to warm and lift fellow climbers to the joys they don’t need to wait until the summit to embrace.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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One Response to The Triumph of Faith

  1. Kelly says:

    I am not as good as you, brother John, at putting words to my spiritual experiences. But just hours before I read this unblog I had had a significant prayer that led me to this same truth.
    I had gotten up to say my prayers and my mind was blank. I have been having some neat experiences through prayer, yet some other heartbreaking experiences in life. As I knelt down wondering where to start the spirit began putting words in my mind which my mouth spoke. I was thanking my God for all he does, all I am because of Him, and all he has led me through. Words just kept coming. It was like I was really seeing from the premortal relms, starting with that grand plan, to my very day and life that all worked together to get me where I am. All the tender mercies… everything! I then could almost see myself standing at the base of all this. with it as tall and as wide as I could see. I was before an alter with my meager will in my hands. The only thing I truely had to offer. It is such a small and insignificant gift, but all he asked.
    I love this gospel and the profound truths that can be taught to our spirit in just minutes. I love my Heavenly Father and Savior and am so grateful to them for all things.


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