A Thunderclap of Joy

As this year came into being I had the thought enter my mind that 2011 was going to be filled with opportunities to meet with people, do firesides and to openly rejoice.

I lived in Alaska for 33 years prior to very recently. During most of that time the Lord kept my involvement in such things uncomplicated. Those were years of service and silence. There are people who have known and rubbed shoulders with me for 33 years who have no idea that I have even written a book. In that time I gave fewer than a dozen firesides, and most of those were here, in Utah. One of the hardest things I did in Alaska was being quiet, not by choice, but as a matter of obedience.

It seems as if – at least for the next little while – the Lord has lifted the bushel off of my little light, and I find it sweet and liberating – even a little intimidating. Writing this Un-Blog is very atypical of my past. I think the title Un-Blog is even a quiet acknowledgement of the relief I feel in this new direction. I hardly feel adequate, but I feel as if my spiritual pressure gauge is no longer red-lined.

What I know and have to say is not vast or earthshaking. But, apparently it is timely, which thrills me, because the greater majority of what the Lord has given me to know, and now apparently to say, is directly aimed at personally claiming the fullest blessings the Restored Gospel offers. It is about the building of the latter-day Zion, and personally preparing for the return of Christ.

When it comes to timing, and being prepared, that is one event you don’t want to be caught clipping your fingernails by the light of a lamp about to run out of oil.

It may be that what separates me from traditional thinking is that I am apparently too unsophisticated to realize that just because Enoch, or Abraham, or Mahonri Moriancumer did something, that I can’t just do it too. I just believe such things. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that if Peter raised the dead, or walked on the water, that I will too.

I wasn’t always this way, but somewhere years ago, when the path was wide and comfortable, it just occurred to me one day that not only is the Gospel of Jesus Christ true, but that it works. It works the same today as it did in the days of Adam, or Enoch, or Jesus Christ. The gifts and privileges and powers of those days are fully operable today. We just need to believe them, and then experience them.

This didn’t come to me as an insight. It came to me as an observation – as experiential truth.

When spiritual pilgrims realize that the gospel actually works, their view of what is truly possible is generally very limited. But the truths, as far as we understand them, and believe them – just work. Then the curtain opens a little more, and we see a little more, and believe a little more – and then those things work too, and we see and touch them.

And, now, standing upon the precipice of the latter days we can see much further still, and my faith tells me that by this same, simple belief, that we will arise and claim our place within these glorious things – and then those times and blessed happenings which the righteous of every generation have seen with an eye of faith, and yearned to be a part of, will burst upon us, you and I, with a thunderclap of joy.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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2 Responses to A Thunderclap of Joy

  1. kim davis says:

    This is exciting!


  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you for being a mentor to my husband and me. I am striving , striving to qualify for Zion here in the southwest corner of the Salt Lake Valley. I long to meet with and learn from the teachers that the Lord has put onto our path. I hope someday to be able to at least meet with you if not to also call you friend. You ARE doing a great work for so many of us and I pray for the Lord to continue to prolong your life as there is so much that we can learn from you and others like you. I am truly grateful to have been led this far.I pray that I can qualify to go farther. I feel like I am one of the least. I don’t do great things nor have I had visions or visitations as others have.I haven’t been blessed with riches or great beauty or influence, but I HAVE been richly blessed. I do have one thing and that is a great love for my Savior and a desire to know Him and to hear Him.I can’t seem to learn enough about Him. I am never satiated. I hunger for truth and Christ is truth.
    Thanks again.


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