An Unending River of Light

During my pilgrimage as a would-be saint of the latter days, through all of the deep valleys and lofty peaks, I have been blessed to experience many types of prayer. There have been lots of prayers that didn’t leave my room, and a few that forever altered my eternity.

Even looking back through the hazy glass of memory, I’m not sure I understand why some prayers are so mighty – and most are not. I have at times tried to elbow my way into the heavens. I had been there before, and I wanted more to rejoice in – all without success. The times I have succeeded in reaching far beyond conventional prayer into the vastness of mighty prayer, there have always been a few truths in operation.

First, I was in a pattern of life wherein I was seeking, deeply searching. These times have occasionally been a result of spiritual hunger, a few times they were fueled by anguish and sorrow. Mostly they were driven by a sense that I yearned to be somewhere far closer to the veil.

Secondly, I was not at those times asking for something. I wasn’t needing, or begging, or pursuing relief from some mortal trial. I was seeking – anything – everything of God. I wasn’t looking for God to see me – I was seeking to see God.

Third, I had identified the voice of revelation in my walk of life, and had been as obedient to it as I was able. Mighty prayer, at least in my experience, has always begun by waiting, worshiping, listening, and then letting prayer overtake me. I was not able to do that until I understood revelation in lesser, daily things – then greater things followed. When I tried to raise my voice, I faltered. When I have occasionally obtained the voice of angels, then the heavens often parted.

Fourth, I spent a lot of time on my knees. More than anything else, this one factor seems penetrating. I was willing to pray for hours.  At those times, it isn’t labor. It doesn’t require discipline, or pillows under the knees. It is delightful. I discovered that I loved it. I loved the flow of the Spirit. I loved feeling deeply welcome. I loved feeling the Lord’s delight in my small voice of worship and praise.

Fifth, when the heavens opened, and I found myself surrounded by love and peace, and I knew anything I requested I would receive – I found I had no desire to ask for any earthly thing. The light and truth and glory that flowed through me like a waterfall at the end of an unending river of light – was enough.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to An Unending River of Light

  1. laruebrough says:

    My heart thrilled as I read this post, as I have been seeking to more greatly commune with the Heavens. The Unblog has been a source of edification for my soul.
    Even though you are no longer in mortality thank you Brother John!


  2. K-Jo says:

    Perhaps a silly question John, but how did you find “private time” to pray for hours without being interrupted? That is one of my stumbling blocks…fear of interruption.


    • unblogmysoul says:

      Hi K-Jo,

      Finding private time can be a problem. Most of these events were late at night, while alone in a house full of people. If someone desires these experiences, and realizes that they are promised to all, then let the Spirit lead them into the moment and prepare the way. The Spirit can make other people sleep more soundly if necessary.

      If praying aloud is your concern, my experience is that vocal prayer is impossible unless you’re very alone – which is very hard to achieve in today’s world. Except on special moments, my greatest flights have been upon the wings of silence.

      Brother John


  3. Kim says:

    Again, thank you, John. This was so well-said, I wish I could remember these things. I “know” them (well enough that I recognized the truth of the words here as I read them), but I don’t remember them often enough to act on them as often as I could. That one mortal weakness really gets me down– the way we just forget things all the time. So thanks for the “remembering”.

    =) Kim


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