Tender Mercy

After months of Un-Blogging, I’m going to write about today. It actually gives me a funny feeling, because I have never wanted UnBlogMySoul to be about myself, about what I did on any day, what I was feeling or why.

Because of a tender mercy, which wrought its beauty through an inspired suggestion, I met with a gentleman today. We spoke for several hours about lofty things. I think it was the most spiritual two hours I can remember spending with a mortal. I don’t think I could even summarize our conversation, and it doesn’t really matter.  

Everything we do by faith is unsure, which encompasses everything in mortality until the very moment the veil opens and we “know” by touch and sight. All of what we hope, what we believe, what we yearn for in the eternities, is faith-based, and inherently imperfect. Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge.

What happened today affected us both. For each of us it perfected one faith-born grain of sand into a diamond of knowledge. It was kind of like having an angel appear to you in a dungeon and proclaim what you had only previously hoped by faith, which was that in time you would be free and reunited with loved ones, then shake your hand and disappear. From that moment, in that one thing, your faith would become knowledge, and a piece of your soul would begin to sing with undimmable joy. You wouldn’t know how it was going to happen, you wouldn’t need to know. From that moment faith would become knowledge, and peace would blanket your soul. It wouldn’t change the duration of your trial, or how it ended – it would just give you peace.

This was the tender mercy in that what happened today did not alter the course of either of our lives – it just gave us both great peace. A tender mercy is when we don’t desperately need something, or even request it – it just occurs as a loving grace. Such things are common in all of our lives whether we have learned to recognize them or not.

In time we find that we love Him – because He first loved us.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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