An Exciting Journey

I am trying with this Un-Blog to highlight the pathway to great spiritual blessings. I have found, and the scriptures teach, that there is an identifiable pathway which the spiritually profound walk in exactly the same way as everyone else. Some people may experience things in a slightly different order, but generally, even for those of spiritual renown, the process is the same. Knowing this can be a great asset, because we can look at where we are, and see how far we have come, and also see what the next step might be. It is impossible to skip steps, and if one is seeking for something of great magnitude, there may be necessary steps in-between where you are, and where you yearn to be.

Thus far we have Un-Blogged about the following steps:

  • Obedience to the voice of Christ / Holy Spirit
  • Prayer
  • Faith in Christ
  • Repentance
  • Baptism
  • Gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Being Born Again

Through the following weeks and longer, we will begin to discuss the following:

  • Becoming perfect in Christ
  • Personal revelation
  • Temple endowment
  • Taught by Angels
  • Power in the Priesthood
  • Becoming Pure in Heart
  • Making your Calling and Election Sure
  • Second Comforter
  • “Endowed” from on High
  • The Holy Order
  • Fullness of the Priesthood
  • Fullness of the Gospel
  • Translation (Why and how)
  • Qualifying for a place in Zion
  • The last days and the 144,000

Not only do we want to discuss them, we want to unlock how to achieve them. There is a clearly defined law for each of these grand blessings. With a little help from above, we will open the heavens and invite these blessings upon our heads.

Don’t let it feel overwhelming. These are blessings of lesser magnitude than qualifying for Celestial glory, which we all assume we will enjoy. We will pass through this degree of righteous accomplishment on our way to Glory. The only modification to one’s faith that might be needed is to come to realize and expect to receive these things in this life – and not just in some eternal world.

It will be an exciting journey.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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8 Responses to An Exciting Journey

  1. Sharon Cox says:

    Dear Brother Pontius, I am still in the process of reading The Triumph of Zion and have a question about the Zion and the 144,000. Is the latter day zion city only going to be comprised of 144,000 souls? or is there going to many more citizens of whom 144,000 are going to be set apart for a special mission?

    I look forward to your response.


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Yes, the 144,000 are missionaries called out of Zion to go and harvest the earth of the righteous. The city will actually be multiple cities filled with millions of righteous before the end of the millennium.


      • Sharon Cox says:

        Thanks for your prompt response Bro. Pontius. I have to share this small miracle with you:-

        As a preface, yesterday, before I decided to ask you this question, I did what I thought was a thorough search of this site to try and find the answer. I read many of your posts, but not finding an answer, I decided to ask you the question directly.

        This morning after I read your response, I felt led to read this post “A Far Greater Body of Truth” that you did back in February, and lo and behold, the answer was in that post – almost verbatim as you stated it this morning! Thus confirming to me that your answer is true.

        I am always amazed that, of the vast number of children that He has, Heavenly Father is mindful me individually, and even in the details of my life.


  2. Claire says:

    I have been reading about translation, and I am struggling to understand its necessity. You say here “It is impossible to skip steps,” so I believe you are saying that all persons must pass through even this step to attain great spiritual blessings. It is clear to me that if one’s calling is to build and inhabit the earthly city of Zion then translation would be necessary, but is it necessary for all? Are there some callings that may not require translation? Joseph Smith obviously attained these blessings, but he wasn’t translated, as far as I understand it. Was his martyrdom a necessary calling that superseded his being translated? I think of all our modern prophets and apostles. I would assume they are recipients of the higher blessings, yet we read of each one dying a mortal death. This has caused me some confusion as I try to sort it out. If you could possibly address this when you unblog about translation I would be most grateful to hear your thoughts. Thanks


    • unblogmysoul says:

      You are right. It is a blessing for those seeking the fulfillment fo temple and other promises. It is not required to be celestial kingdom candidate.

      What I think I was saying in the blog (without being able to read it in my phone) is that when seeking these greater blessings we can’t skip steps and still reach them.

      I am out of state right now. If it is still confusing to you Please send me another email in a couple days and I will back at my computer and can look up that article and be more clear.

      Brother John


  3. K-Jo says:

    That is so exciting. It gives me goose bumps. Thank you for the 1, 2, 3 format. I am ready for the journey! Thank you so much, Brother John!


  4. Martin Judd says:

    Very exciting. The unblog reminds me, and certainly helps me to stay focused on the important things. Even though I don’t reply regularly, I am grateful for every one. Thank-you John.


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