Becoming Angels Ourselves

Perhaps the question arose after the last Un-Blog:  Why does the ministry of angels matter? Why does the subject fit into a discussion of the pursuit of Righteousness?

The reason is because angels “fulfill and do the work of the covenants of the Father” (Moroni 7:31). All of what we hope to accomplish in our lives, and in the latter-days is powered and programmed by the “covenants of the Father”. Everything we hope to accomplish in the building of Zion, preparing ourselves to thrive during the latter-day turmoil, and preparing ourselves to meet Christ with rejoicing and not terror when He comes, is inextricably interwoven into the ministry of angels.

When the latter-day Zion is finally built there will be a little season wherein Zion exists, and before the Lord returns. During this little breath of time 144,000 angels will depart from Zion. They will be translated beings empowered with the fullest priesthood power man has ever received. They will go forth to harvest the earth of its righteous and future citizens of Zion. Just barely, just seconds after their work is done, the heavens will roll back as a scroll and Christ will return.

Why does the ministry of angels matter? Because we will be those angels dispatched from Zion to gather and protect the innocent and pure, those who must be spared. How shall we become angels, if we can’t muster the belief to entertain them now?

The angels among us seen and unseen are preparing us – not our children – not the next generation – you and I – to building Zion, to become angels ourselves and gather in the elect. Christ won’t return until we do.

That’s why it matters.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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1 Response to Becoming Angels Ourselves

  1. Kelle Richardson says:

    Thanks John! I love this post. I hope and pray I am worthy to be such an angel. I do believe it is our generation that will do these things.


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