A Day of Miracles

 My dear Un-Blogging friends, please forgive me for being off of the grid these last few days. I live on the same mortal rollercoaster as you all, and when I experience those unexpected downward descents, I usually choose not to Un-Blog. You should be grateful I don’t. I have found that Un-Blogging requires a significant spiritual altitude that my little mortal self isn’t always able to maintain. Especially when my body is unpleasant to inhabit, I find that the Spirit is harder to feel and call upon. I haven’t been able to understand why this is – I would have preferred greater Spiritual uplift during times of physical struggle – but it doesn’t presently work that way for me. Perhaps that’s the very reason it is a struggle, and why I feel so motivated to seek higher spiritual ground.

Last evening I found that higher spiritual ground in Riverdale, Utah where I gave a fireside with a group of spiritual seekers. It was a delightful evening. The Spirit was richly present, and wonderful things came forth. Some of the things I felt to say I have not spoken before. I love it when the Holy Spirit pours out love and light through my poor efforts of discipleship. Quite often while I am speaking my health feels perfectly normal, and energetic. I feel the Spirit – and joy. When the fireside is over I quickly return to my usual state, back into the mortal grind. If not for this odd but very welcome gift, I might not make it all the way through most firesides.

The peanut butter bars and chocolate chip cookies were definitely of divine origin too. Thanks! (I really want the recipes to both!)

Someone asked last night why I felt comfortable sharing “such sacred and personal things” during firesides, and on the Un-Blog. It made me ponder a bit, because I realize I am saying things that most people consider personal and private. Why am I willing to do this? I think there are two reasons. The first is that ever since I found out that my life has an expiration date, I did not want to take these precious happenings and truths and gifts I received, and how I received them, with me into the next life.

If God handed you a hammer, nails and a pile of boards without much more explanation – you would assume His intent was that you use all of your gifts and build something. You wouldn’t ignore the hammer and nails, and try to stack the boards into something. You also wouldn’t ignore the boards, and try to pound the nails into the air.

God seems to have handed me a lifetime of extraordinary spiritual experience. This is my hammer. He gave me a gift of communicating, writing and speaking. These are my nails. And, he gave me a willing publisher and the Un-Blog, which are my building materials. The way I have chosen to focus my particular gifts into service to God, is to shout what I have learned from the rooftops, to make them known, to use whatever time remains on my clock to proclaim to anyone who will listen – that God lives, He loves us, and every promise, every privilege and priesthood promise or power that any man or woman has obtained in generations past – is openly and readily available to us today.

For obscure reasons, we of the LDS persuasion have an inherent unwillingness to speak of deeply personal things in public. We cringe when someone speaks of anything more lofty than a priesthood healing. We wonder if someone is being inappropriate when they speak of lofty personal events, like being born again, or having one’s calling and election made sure. It isn’t that we doubt it occurred to them, it is only that we are uncomfortable with the public declaration of such.

The unintended consequence is that few people even realize that these lofty things do occur today. It’s like attending college math courses where everyone is reluctant to say “Calculus” or “Trigonometry”. Over time we forget they exist because nobody speaks of them. Or, when they do, we flinch because it feels un-normal, or self-promoting perhaps.

As I have searched the scriptures one thing is startlingly true about the latter days – a day of miracles is coming. When it arrives, angels will be commonly seen (144,000 of them in fact). Signs and wonders will be over our heads and under our feet. God will “make bare his holy arm” in the eyes of the nations. Can you imagine people in the latter-day Zion, the “City of the Living God” where Jesus Christ personally dwells, being reticent to speak of angels, or personal miracles of faith?

Somewhere between now and then we will learn to speak of and hear glorious things with no other emotion than joy and belief.

So, I choose to speak of great things, because they are part of who I am, and a big part of what it means to “un-blog” my soul, and to not take precious things living in my soul into another world where they can’t be spoken to the benefit of my children, and my siblings in Christ.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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14 Responses to A Day of Miracles

  1. darrell brashear says:

    Brother John, you are a father of covenants to all of us who will take these words into our hearts and let them take root. I have no doubt that you pray for those people who have and will read your words and that blessings are secured for those who will open their ears to hear and their hearts to feel. I am also certain that many people will rise up and call you blessed. I say these things by the power of the Holy Ghost. You have imparted words to us that we probably would never have received otherwise. I know that our Lord and Savior rejoices over the instrument that you are in His hands. I say these things not to praise man, but because they are the feelings that the Holy Ghost has placed in my heart to write. If I never see you in this life, I pray the day will come when I can see you and embrace you and thank you for being faithful in Christ and sharing the beautiful things of the Gospel that has been imparted to you. With all my heart, thank you dear brother. Darrell


    • unblogmysoul says:

      Thank you Brother Breshear,

      I can’t thank you enough for the timeliness of your comment. It lifted my heart and spirit at the exact moment I needed it. The timing was miraculous. I had just sat down with my wonderful companion to feel her strenght, when your email popped up. We both read it and wept.

      I always deflect all praise to Jesus Christ. I freely confess that I am incapable of writing anything uplifting except for His Grace, and He has been my joy.

      Thank you for being so inspired, and so timely,

      Brother John


      • darrell brashear says:

        Dear brother John. I am grateful that those words were a comfort to you and your wife when you needed them. I know they were from the Lord. I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to write you a message because i felt a powerful outbursting of Love, and a great desire came over me to let you know how important what you’re doing is to so many people. I could feel a portion of the Lord’s great love for you and I could feel that He is very pleased with those things that you do. I think you’re like father Abraham of old, that you have won many souls and that you with our Father and our Savior will partake of their love forever. Believe me, i am not usually so bold as to say such things, but I know that the Spirit is the source so I can say these things without apology. I know I can ramble on 🙂 but that experience left me feeling full to overflowing. I’m so grateful that the Lord lets us take part in each others lives the way He does.


  2. Steve says:

    Brother Pontius, You know, since I told you, I appreciated your remarks on Sunday very much.

    My understanding is that sacred personal experiences, much like a patriarchal blessing, are for the person they’ve been revealed to and that individual alone, unless one are directed by the Spirit to share them. I feel impressed that you are aware of this and that you follow the Spirit in these things. Especially in light of the last experience you shared.

    My goals in attending the fireside and speaking with you as an individual were to share in spiritual enrichment and also to get to meet you and feel for your spirit, too. I find that a personal conversation, however short, can tell you a lot about a person.

    Part of our discussion on Sunday night was about discernment, and as you perceived a light in me, I perceived that you, like me, are working to be the best Man of God you can be.

    I really do appreciate your thoughts and insights. I hope you did not interpret my question to be confrontational in any way, it wasn’t.

    I also want to express my hopes for your recovery, as God wills. I know we can trust Him without reservation or fear. May He bless you and keep you.


  3. James says:

    Amen to this post. I learned about the doctrines of this church by attending Institute at a non-LDS college. There we discussed many, many personal spiritual experiences, and many recorded throughout church history. I had a drafting job the summer before my mission where I listened to Truman Madsen’s tapes on Joseph Smith, over and over again, full of accounts of extraordinary spiritual things. If anyone were to share a spiritual experience with me I was always and still am interested in every detail. Those accounts from my early years of discovery into the Lord’s Church have strengthened me over the years and to this day. I’ve been lifted many times by testimonies over the pulpit of clear evidence of God’s hand, His Love, Spirit, and Power. I believe those things need to be shared – but as with all sacred things, too frequent mention can detract from the sacredness. The Spirit will whisper when it is appropriate, so that all are edified together. Sacred does not mean secret.

    To me, being born again is when the Gospel begins to be ‘real’ to you. I say begins because it only gets more real from there as one continues on the path. It doesn’t just happen, it has to be sought after – the Truth must be desired to be known and adhered to. Before that, it (church) may just be a tradition, or even a ‘game’ where the object is to ‘win’. Such is the inevitable result of a well-established church in an environment of relative ease and among many worldly distractions. Mention of any not-so-subtle brush with the unseen world may just bring Heaven a ‘little too close’, like it did for the Reverend with whom Joseph excitedly shared his first vision. However, such things only serve to enlarge the reality of those to whom that world has become ‘real’. They add witness to similar things that they have also experienced, and instill excitement and wonder for those things that they have not yet but hope to experience.


  4. Mckay says:

    Brother john, is there a recording or transcript of your riverside fireside?


  5. Claire says:

    I echo what Melody has said above. I have always heard that we should not share that which is sacred or we will not receive more. I assume that means our spiritual experiences. Notwithstanding that injunction, I would have to say my life has been immeasurably blessed, and my faith multiplied exceedingly by the spiritual experiences others have shared. They are often a second witness to my own special experiences. I agree that in not speaking of these things, “The unintended consequence is that few people even realize that these lofty things do occur today”. How do we reconcile these two approaches to sharing the spiritual aspect of our lives. Do we keep it sacred or do we shout it from the rooftops? I am honestly confused about what is the right thing to do. John, would you mind expounding on your understanding of these two seeming opposites?

    I wish I could hear your firesides, Every one of them, however I live at quite a distance, and I am unable to partake of them. I’m glad they went well. Thank you for your blog.


  6. Even the Least Saint says:

    Brother John, Neal A. Maxwell in some of his talks encouraged us with a quote from D&C 81:5 to “lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees”. But after he went through chemotherapy he added an additional insight (which I’ll paraphrase because I can’t find the exact quote) that there are some among us because of there own suffering do not have the ability lift the hands of others. This is how the physical toll of chemo and the accompanying depression can affect someone. During my life I have suffered periods of extreme depression often made worse by the drugs prescribed to treat it. So I grabbed onto Elder Maxwell’s insight and held onto like a life preserver at times.
    During some of the darkest hours when I would pray to understand the purpose of such immense suffering I came to this conclusion. “Through [His] suffering, Jesus redeemed the souls of all men, women, and children ‘that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.’ In doing so, Christ ‘descended below all things’—including every kind of sickness, infirmity, and dark despair experienced by every mortal being—in order that He might ‘comprehend all things, that he might be in all and through all things, the light of truth.'” (see http://jesuschrist.lds.org/SonOfGod/eng/his-life-and-teachings/articles/the-atonement-of-jesus-christ).

    We can’t suffer to such an infinite extent without the mortal body giving up the spirit. However, in order to learn something about the type of empathy that Christ acquired through the atonement some might be required to suffer to there mortal limit and then just a little beyond that. This is why the cup is not taken from us until the experience is completed.


  7. Melody says:

    In your books, and others, you make it clear from quotes from the prophets and scriptures that the reason that some people may not be given such sacred experiences is because they cannot keep from telling everyone about them. And that those things are to only be shared under the direction of the Holy Spirit. It may be that more people don’t share because they don’t feel they are supposed to. I appreciate that you share the things you do. Your writings and the way you have opened up the scriptures and words of the prophets in a way I hadn’t thought about before gives me much to ponder and work on.
    I find it a bit humorous that it surprises you that more people don’t talk about these things, since you are good to point out that these types of experiences should be kept sacred.
    I’m not trying to be at all controversial, but maybe I’ve misunderstood you when you’ve said what I thought you did along these lines?
    Blessings to you with your challenges. Thanks again for all you have felt to share with us. It’s a great blessing in many of our lives.


  8. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing. Being a new reader, I am unfamiliar with your history. If you don’t mind my asking, Are you sick? If you do mind my asking, sorry in advance and you don’t have to answer. Thanks for your posts.


  9. Kim says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, John.
    So glad you’ve decided to say what’s in your heart and mind to say. There has to be the opportunity to hear such things, not just because you’ve experienced them, but because others have too, and some suffer for wondering if they’re crazy, strange, or just alone with their thoughts. So this is a great avenue for discussion. Again, I’m always grateful you decided to do this.


  10. alicia says:

    With all of my heart and soul, I know that the things you are sharing are true. I love, admire and appreciate you in my life; I know that so many others feel as I do. When the Holy Spirit prompts us to speak of our learning and experiences with others, sharing sacred things is joyful and uplifting. Your words uplift me, and I love you for that.
    Your daughter


  11. Joey says:

    Brother John,
    I was one of spiritual seekers at the fireside in Riverdale. I must say that you answered a lot of my questions wiith the words you spoke. I am glad the you share the things that have happend to you. I used to think that these things did not happen in these days. But now I know that they do and you have started a fire in me to seek for these things.I would like to ask you a question? once we do the work and make it to the point that we see the face of Jesus like the brother of Jared did is the veil always open at this point?


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