The Angels Will Appear

If you are like me, every time I read about something wonderful and spectacular in the scriptures, I want to know if it is happening today – and if I can do it too. I would like someone to just stand up, raise their hand and say – I did that very thing last night – and this is how you do it. We yearn for modern evidence that such things happen in our day.

Even when we read of promised blessings that the scriptures hold out to us in this day, we want to know if someone has already done it, or was this meant for someone more righteous than I. We appreciate evidence that these things are not only true, but that they are happening today. We think it builds our faith and gives us hope that we too might partake.

The problem is that evidence does not bring us to faith – it actually operates the opposite direction, that faith brings us evidence. Faith must come first. This is always true. If someone tells you they have conversed with angels, it does not increase your faith or belief that you can, only that they did. No person, by their personal experiences, can assure you that you can too.

This is the rightful place of the scriptures. Those scriptural promises are true, and they are for you. They resonate with your spirit. Those promises give us not only faith, but also the firm belief that we can, and we should.

Most often we read the scriptures far too casually. We don’t transcribe the words from the printed page into our hearts. Even when we have faith that they are true, we must choose to accept and believe that they apply to you and I, powerfully and personally.

Moroni 7:36 is teaching us that it is our unbelief, not our lack of faith, that limits our access to angels and every other blessing we hope to embrace.

It is extremely significant that “Angels speak the words of Christ” (32 Nephi 32:3). It means that we deal with angels all day long. It means that they are intimately involved in our progression. If they are already present, and we hear them, then it is a small leap to be able to see them as well.

It is ponderously important that angels “cause men to behold his glory” (Alma 12:29). We are striving to return to the presence of God. According to the temple, the angels are intimately involved in this process.

It is of eternal consequence that angels fulfill and do the “work of the covenants of the Father”. (Moroni 7:31). We rely upon these covenants for everything. We place every hope, and every future joy upon the scales of the covenants of the Father. And, it is angels, those beings we interact with unknowingly, but constantly, who are working to fulfill them in our lives.

All of these amazing blessings remain dormant until we choose to believe they apply to us personally. Angels are like the Liahona, which God prepared for Lehi (Alma 37), to point a straight course through the wilderness. Even though the Liahona was actually crafted by the hand of God, and was undoubtedly unique and powerful and endowed with godly gifts, it still could only operated when they believed it could. When they doubted, it stopped. When they believed, it saved their lives.

It isn’t vital that we have seen angels. What is vital is that we believe that we will see them when it is time. It isn’t vital that we have seen visions. What is vital is that we believe that we will see visions when we need to. It isn’t vital that we have raised the dead or worked miracles. What is vital is that we believe we should and can and will do these things when the voice of revelation sends us forth. Then when the still small voice instructs, we will already believe – belief bordering knowledge – that we can and should – and then the heavens will part, the angels will appear, and the miracles will occur.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to The Angels Will Appear

  1. Dean Chappell says:

    Gooday! Today I was pondering why it was that in the early years of the restored gospel, the people had many visions, visitations etc. And it occured to me that the saints were expecting those gifts of the spirit. How many today expect to have these same gifts, I do not know. But we have been told that Angels are willing to help us if we but ask. I sometimes feel “not good enough” to ask…and that is what stops my progress. I feel we probably have a large cheering section beyond the veil, ancestors hoping, praying for us to reach out to them for help, where only they can help in the spiritual realm. The gospel can be very exciting as in these last days, I expect to see greater miracles than have ever been experienced. Where we will be working with ministering angels in the fight for truth and righteousness.


    • Gooday to you. I agree. We have an expectation of one or two little revelations in our lives at important junctures. This is our belief structure, and it governs our lives. We can’t rise above our beliefs. Yet, the scriptures are evidence that the Lord works in miraculous means, and via angels to accomplish His work. When we change our belief to in clude these miracles, then the cheering section you mentioned will be empowered to do their work with greater power. Thanks again.


  2. Kimberly C says:

    Brother John, I was in attendance at your fireside in Lindon. Towards the end you spoke of speaking with our ancestors. This hit me with great force.

    In my home office I have an eight generation poster hanging on the wall by my computer, I have pictures of my ancestors on it as well. Everyday as I sit working at my computer, I look at them. I have such a mighty love and connection with these people, my family. Lately I have been having some experiences, I feel them with me very often. I find myself in tears all through the day as I know they are near. Especially my laminate ancestors. I was wondering if you could speak more of this subject. I would like to know further of what I am experiencing, and more fully understand this relationship. I have experienced the ministering of Angels. I testify to the truth of these Heavenly messengers. In these last of days, how are we to work with these Heavenly visitors?


  3. Victoria says:

    I loved reading this, and the truth of it burned in my heart. While it may be encouraging to know that yes, people today are having such experiences, it’s exactly as you said. That’s not the same as pondering something you’ve read in the scriptures and have the your soul filled with a blazing, resounding witness that this applies to you. That’s much more meaningful than hearing about other people’s experiences, and adds actual substance to your faith.

    Thank you for this comment here: It is ponderously important that angels “cause men to behold his glory” (Alma 12:29). We are striving to return to the presence of God. According to the temple, the angels are intimately involved in this process.

    That’s been the subject of some my current pondering and study, due to my thoughts in the temple and many things I’ve read in the scriptures, including Alma 12:29. Although seeing you say this also doesn’t make me say, “Oh, now I know this is really true!”, it’s still nice to see here. =o)

    Once again, thank you for your ongoing efforts in everything you share here. I’m sorry for all you’re going through health-wise. Ugh. I’m not a fan of chemo since it often does more damage than good. I hope yours is doing something good.

    If you ever feel well enough to come down to southern California for any reason, we’d love to have a fireside here–and would love even more to have you and Terri stay here while you do whatever it is you’re down here for.



  4. K-Jo says:

    This was a very timely post for me. I woke up thinking about these things. Often times the things that you post come right after I have already been thinking about or pondering similar things. Thanks for this.


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