I Knew It

We are back where we belong in Utah. We had a long but uneventful journey.

A few weeks ago my wife, Terri, whom I mentioned is very tuned into the Spirit, told me that she had an “urgent feeling” (she’s sitting here telling me what to call it) that it was time to do another edition of  “Following the Light of  Christ into His Presence” (FTL). She was sure I should contact the publisher and start campaigning for this. Of course you would not realize that FTL was first published in 1993, and then picked up by CFI in 1997. It has continuously sold books for the whole 18 years. CFI says it is their longest-selling book. Another side note is that I have been asking them for almost ten years to re-edit the book, which CFI has not acted on so far.

So, when my local prophetess said it was time, I believed her, but I felt like I should wait for it to be their idea, rather than another of mine.

While we were in Idaho (way, way, way, up into Idaho) I received an email from CFI to the effect that they were very excited to propose that they do a new printing and new edition of FTL. I got some “I knew it’s!!” from Terri on that one.

In effect I will update the text. They will re-edit the book (which it badly needed) and create a new cover – which was exactly Terri’s original inspiration. They will also market it again. It has basically been selling for the last 15 years by word of mouth alone.

I’m going to start taking notes when she has an impression . . . Wait! I already do that.

So, I can practically see all of you wonderful sisters out there grinning from ear to ear. This just proves that some of us do listen to you gals – especially when the Spirit is telling us the same thing.

Tomorrow I will get back into some serious Un-Blogging once again.

Thanks for your patience with the interruption.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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2 Responses to I Knew It

  1. Amber says:

    Funny and wonderful 🙂 She mentioned that to Justin and I at the fireside we came to. You called it on the smiling from ear to ear.


  2. Juli Thompson says:

    YES!!! Our Ward YM just purchased 19 of FTL!!! I believe its time has come.

    Bless you Bro. John and Sweet Terri


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