The Lens of Zion

To clearly understand Zion is to change the paradigm of our existence, because we will begin to see who we are, and how our life fits into the mosaic of the last days. Once we see who we are, we will see for the first time what our potential is, where we could be going, and how to get there. Our worldview will change. It may be surprising that understanding Zion could change someone so dramatically, because the potential to establish Zion has been with us for over 175 years. We, the people of this last dispensation, are just now beginning to understand who we are.

In physics, the “unified field theory” is an attempt to unite all the forces and interactions of nature into a single theory. Einstein coined the term. His quest to define a “unified field theory” proved elusive, and has remained the Holy Grail for physicists—the long sought-after theory which would explain not only the nature and behavior of all things, but how to control and manipulate them.

Beyond a unified theory of all physical things, there must be a law, an overarching truth, a “unified eternal theory” if you will, which describes all of existence, including time, eternity, the existence, purposes and power of God, and the pathway to godhood.

Without even attempting to postulate such an infinite theory with this finite mind, since the gospel is a reality in our world, we might be able to conceive a “unified gospel theory.” Such a theory would bring together all other revealed truths, explaining the existence and purpose of all truths revealed in this dispensation. It would not only unify all of these truths into one concept, but teach us in manageable terms, how to fulfill and obtain them all. In as much as revealed knowledge has enlightened our minds, Zion and the quest for translation, is the “unified gospel theory.” This seems justified because the principles of Zion, and the proffered gifts of translation, explain completely the restored gospel, and every promised blessing, including hundreds of otherwise incomprehensible promises that are clearly offered in our present day, which we mentally press beyond our present lives and into future exalted worlds to preserve our spiritual sanity.

As an example, D&C 76:52-70, which we will study in detail further on, is clearly promising blessings to “those who are,” presently experiencing these things in the mortal world, but the blessings are so vast that we universally interpret them as being a description of the Celestial Kingdom.

When those glorious promises are viewed through the lens of Zion and translation, they fit with perfect alignment into the context of their own claims, which is to say that with Zion in view, the language used in these scriptures can be interpreted literally, without pushing the promises into some post-mortal fulfillment. The language clearly promises these blessings to living mortals and when we realize these blessings have been repeatedly enjoyed by Zion dwellers, a society of translated people, then these claims are literally true in the context of their own claims. Without an understanding of Zion the promised glories are just too vast to fit our commonly held paradigm of the gospel as we know it. If the idea of Zion, and the blessings it promises, is not immediately in our thinking, we might incorrectly push the fulfillment of these promises into the Celestial Kingdom because their vastness seems to fit better there, than here.

(The Triumph of Zion, p 22)

Brother John

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2 Responses to The Lens of Zion

  1. Brian Bowler says:

    Thank you for sharing your spirit and the quest for Zion. I have not read all of TToZ yet, but I am enjoying it. I had more of a question for you to answer. A little background first. AS I have pursued my personal quest for Zion, there is SO much out there in Church History and Doctrine that causes deep questins. Doctrinces of Polygamy, Eternal lives or Multiple Mortalities, Modern Church Apostasy, Wheat and Tears in the Church today, Changing of ordinances etc.

    Personally, I have decided to continue and keep my focus on Christ, and building Zion in my heart and in my Family. I figure that answers to all of these doctrinces and questions will be made clear as I continue Forward searching and pondering, and not backward.

    I have learned we all need grace, and I will Trust the Lord and let someone else take the role of Accuser. In finding wrong and being “right” we still can look beyond the mark.

    So the Question….

    What do you suggest in dealing with the onslaught of information and difficult question? How do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed?
    I do know the answer is the Spirit, but any experience would be welcomed.

    I know you had to address many and every thought and search out the depths and the heights in order to come unto Christ in your personal quest. Seems to me everyone will have to go to through their own trials of faith and knowledge, in order to partake of the Love of God.

    Just wondered if you had a thought come to mind.

    Thanks again


    • unblogmysoul says:

      Dear Brian,

      You are exactly right. Keep your focus on Christ. Previous generations pulled handcarts up hills and through streams. We have other obstacles, none of which change our destination, only our courage in staying on course.

      If there were no opposition you would know it an instant that it wasn’t true. Satan always fights against good and truth and right. When you find something that the world loves and nobody opposes, run away as hard as you can.

      Fight the battles that matter. What somebody said or is saying about polygamy is meaningless, what the Holy Spirit says is eternally meaningful. What anti thinkers say about doctrine is meaningless. The only thing that matters is your own journey, walking in the light you possess, receiving greater and greater light until the perfect day.

      If it is true today, it will be true next Friday, even if someone proposes an apparently excellent reason to not believe in the mean time. Stay the course. The rewards are profound, and they do come.

      Brother John


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