Blindsided by Babylon

Dear Unblog Friends,

I almost never look at the Un-Blog without being signed in. Today I wasn’t logged in and I was surprised at how many ads there were!!!  I got blindsided by Babylon. I promptly paid for an “upgrade” to eliminate all ads. So, if you see them again, please let me know. I’m so sorry. I know ads fuel the Internet engine, but I also thought I would see them if they started infesting the fertile Un-Blog soil.

Those of you who know Joshua from IDLDS, will be please to know he is here with me today – and we’re having so much fun that I’m going to blame him for not properly Un-Blogging today. I don’t think he’ll mind.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to Blindsided by Babylon

  1. claire says:

    It’s funny, I used to notice the ads for a theology school and I was amused, wondering how successful those ads would be with your readers!


  2. Kim says:

    How fun for you and Joshua! I’d forgotten he was going to be out your way during conference…(sigh) another reason I really miss Utah sometimes. Anyhow, personally I always read the unblog via email. Never saw any ads, but I appreciate that you’ve gone to such lengths to keep the page clean.


  3. SR says:

    What is IDLDS? Is this Joshua M?
    If IDLDS is something good I would like to know.


    • unblogmysoul says:

      Hi Strategicreader,

      Yes, one in the same. IDLDS is “In Depth LDS” discussion group. They are by invitation only to keep the discussion on a specific track and avoid negative input. The whole group has to agree to let a new memeber join. If you are interested email me at with your personal details and I will forward them on to Joshua.


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