Sunshine – Just Let the Sun Shine

Dear Sunshine,

In reply to your comment I want to say that I love your  nome de plume, which is also why I found your comment somewhat ironic.

Your view of the church and its members may just be coming from the fact that you are standing on higher ground – not so much that they are inappropriately standing on lower ground. If you are seven feet tall, everyone else looks shorter. But, I promise, the church is doing its job, and people are growing and coming unto Christ. Not all, of course, but many – enough.

The purposes of the Lord cannot fail. Our job is to grow ourselves, find our place in Zion, and as we grow, to share what we know when the Holy Spirit prompts us. Speaking out of excitement, or friendship quite often can get skeptical responses. But, speaking under inspiration is always the right thing, even if they don’t immediately understand.

A few years ago I felt inspired to share the concept of Zion and translation with a dear sister-in-law. Her response was, “Oh, that’s weird. I don’t believe it.”

The next morning she called me back, and in tears said, “I decided to pray about what you told me about translation, because it was a sacred subject. Even though I knew you were wrong, I felt impressed to pray about it so I could help you understand your error. I had scarcely begun my prayer when the Spirit filled my soul and told me, ‘not only is this a true principle, but you and your husband will both seek and obtain it.’ ”

She was in tears. Her heart was full of joy. She talked to her husband, and he immediately knew she was right. He was rejoicing with her. Her only question to me was, “How do I begin.”

Sunshine – just let the sun shine. It really is all going to be much more than alright. It is going to be wonderful.

Brother John

© April 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved for the contents of this blog and website.

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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