The Divinely Orchestrated Path

For the last dozen years I was a technical writer and trainer. I produced and taught technical courses in power generation, power distribution and controls. My field of expertise was industrial jet turbine generators. When I taught a group of technicians I began at the beginning – this is an electron. I walked them through day after day of hands-on training – this is a fuel control valve, it is controlled by this computer, at this digital output, by this line of software. When I was done, I tested them. The criterion for passing the course was 100% correct answers. Much of the test was rapid fire real-life situations, and hands-on repairs. When I was done they were competent and qualified to troubleshoot and repair multi-million dollar turbo-generators without assistance.

When I speak at firesides and in this Un-Blog I have no idea what your background might be. I have no idea how much of the Un-Blog you have read so far, and I have no idea if by describing something profound, it will come to you without introduction and thereby prejudice you against something wonderful. Even though there is a beautiful sequence to these principles, and an inspired way to acquire every gift, I have no way of knowing where your feet presently reside along the path.

The difference of course is that I seldom felt the Holy Spirit while teaching jet turbines and power generation. I always do when speaking and writing about sacred things. I trust that if you are reading these things, that you are ready, and that you will seek and find the requisite background light to implement them in your lives.

For those of you who may be working with spiritual baby steps, yet who have been introduced to this Un-Blog by some workings of divine grace, I want to restate an indispensible principle in obtaining unmatched and even unimaginable spiritual growth. It is this, that all spiritual blessings and privilege is sequentially gained. In other words, they come one at a time, in a specified order that cannot be changed.

Another way of saying this is that there is a divinely orchestrated path for your life. You must walk that path by placing every footfall where it belongs. It is not possible to skip, or ignore even one step. That pathway begins with Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism and receipt of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. From there the pathway is just as clearly defined, but not by the scriptures or by convention. From there we must take the Holy Spirit as our guide, and then walk the course of our life as made known moment by moment through divine instruction in our lives.

Most of the literature in this Un-Blog is detailed instruction on how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life. I invite you to read back through as the Spirit inspires you.

Taking the Holy Spirit as our guide is where the magic of the latter-day gospel begins. This reveals the power and perfection of the plan of exaltation, that we can – quite easily in fact – become fully empowered in our lives by direct and personal revelation.

The magic is that we do not have to leverage and force ourselves to newer and greater levels of perfection in order for each new blessing and privilege in the priesthood to become operative in our lives. As we walk in the light of this divine source of truth, these blessings simply “distill upon our souls as the dews from heaven.” The divine attributes of love, gentleness, hope, kindness and virtues of every color are gifted to our being by our Savior. We begin to take on the image of Christ in our countenances, becoming like He is – because He has become our guide and our master.

We begin walking the pathway of our lives with precision, gathering divine grace, inspired understanding, and sequentially obtained blessings we could not have believed – let alone obtained any other way.

And the good news – the glorious news – is that it does not require increasingly greater degrees of perfection on our parts. Our contribution to this equation is obedience. We give up our will to His. We school ourselves to walk in the light He reveals. We submit our will to His, and by this token sacrifice, Christ reveals to us the pathway of our lives one step at a time. He empowers us to walk it, and bestows the gifts of eternity upon us, including every power and gift and privilege you can read about in the scripture as being the heritage of the very, very righteous.

Brother John

© April 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved for the contents of this blog and website.

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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3 Responses to The Divinely Orchestrated Path

  1. Carlie platt wendel says:

    Brother John, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your willingness and desire to help all of us get to where you are going. I have been on an amazing spiritual journey the last year and a half. I have been faithfully trying to hear every prompting, recognize them as such and follow valiantly. It takes focus and concentration, which I don’t always have, but I am improving. It is amazing to see the Lord bless me for my efforts. I am grateful for your instruction and guidance. You have been an enormous influence in my progression and I will forever be grateful for the light you have taught me to access.


  2. Clarice says:

    I just finished your book-Following the light of Christ. Thankyou. I am really trying to learn to “hear” that voice from my savior. Sometimes I know with out a doubt. A lot of times I wonder. I know that you have said that we “won’t be able to paint all of the barns”, but how do you know which ones to take on when you are faced with a decision?

    I mean if I feel guilty for not doing something for a person, but do not recognise any paricular promtings to go ahead and do something, is the guilt saying that the Lord would have me do it? This is a fairly new concept to me, this understanding that my conscience is the “voice of the Lord”, and yet I believe it is.
    I guess The thought of doing something about ALL of the things that I could feel guilty for not doing, well its a bit overwhelming! I would love for you to try and clarify it a bit more. I am praying much about this because I want to get it right, but I have learned that most answers come from someone else, while the spirit testifies of the truthfullness of their words.
    Thankyou for your many words…I have learned so much. Things that I feel I have always known, I just needed to remember!


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