He Lives!

The Christian world is celebrating Easter today. Believing folks who haven’t been to church since last Easter make this day the second-most attended Christian holiday. There will be prayers, sermons, pageantry and music across the world – as it should be.

With much less pageantry, there is a much smaller group of people whose lives have been altered, changed and purified because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and they will bow their heads and worship He whose triumph over death and over sin is the cause of their rejoicing.

They will think back on those moments in Gethsemane, and feel deep sorrow – somewhat like watching a video of the violent and prolonged torture of a beloved brother or parent. They will view in their hearts the moment when evil men drove crude nails into his hands, wrists and feet, then taunted and ridiculed Him. All of these thoughts will strike them with cold reality, causing their hearts to be weighted by the awful reality of these unthinkably cruel tortures. We will think upon His willingness to “descend below all things” so that He might become the light of the world, and the source of everything true, and good and holy; the voice of truth in our minds, the giver of love, light and joy; our only hope and unfailing friend. These joyful truths will eclipse the pain of watching Him suffer, of knowing He shed blood for me.

No person who has come to love Jesus Christ, who has heard His voice, felt His amazing love, or felt His arms around them, can look upon these long-ago moments with any sense of triumph. These were awful, horrifying times that took someone we adore, and reduced Him to a state of suffering beyond the threshold of human endurance and death.

Tears will slide down the cheeks of those who love Him, and a sense of relief, not tragedy, will accompany the moment of His death. His suffering has ended. He is free.

The empty tomb, the annunciation to Mary, then to his disciples and later over 500 people are a glorious testimony that Jesus Christ does live, and that His mission in our behalf continues. But they sound a tiny witness compared to the thousands of times we have heard His voice, felt His love, and seen visions, miracles and angels who came in His name. This is the testimony of thunder that sounds in our souls this day; That He lives, which truth we KNOW because He is within us, and around us and before our spiritual eyes. We are His witnesses, and we remember His sacrifice and triumph this day with tender hearts filled with reverence, unending gratitude and awe.

He Lives!

Brother John

© April 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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4 Responses to He Lives!

  1. jareth says:

    It is a priveledge to read words that are exciting of the saviors sacrifice. His sacrifice as terrible as it was by these wicked men, only magnifies his glory in so many ways, and to think that his power is to such the extent that he did it all unselfishly not seeking any of his own gain by making that sacrifice, but only meant to save all of us from the edge of death and sin. This causes my heart to swell, in such a way that i cannot comprehend. It is my hope that one day i can comprehend the Saviors awesome, perfect love. Charity is something that i so much seek for, ask for and knock on the door of his heart for. The other evening i had the priviledge of going to the Atlanta Temple before its final dedication, it was my first time of actually walking through all of the rooms of a holy temple of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Though the temple had not yet been set apart in full, i felt a sense of power and teaching come to me that day. Previously that morning i had opened my day with a prayer and dedicated the day to the Lord, upon my praying with him, he gave me counsel, the first counsel was that he wanted me to continuously watch every person around me, and mostly the people in my close presence as i went through the temple experience, he wanted me to pay attention to how people acted, how they recieved things and how they treated me during my personal experience at the temple. This counsel seemed odd to me, as he has never given me this type of counsel before, however i have the knowledge that he knows everything beyond what i think is best for myself therefore i looked at this counsel as an inviting personal command. The second bit of counsel he gave to me was that if i should come across any trouble that i should come directly to him inside of myself no matter the place or circumstance i was in. I then after conversing with my Savior ended my conversation with him, closed it with gratitude for his counsel and preceded on towards my day. Amazing how he knows everything before it happens because most of the day on the way to the temple was filled with trial, with satans attempt to separate me from the feeling of the Holy Spirit. All the day long seemed to be filled with satans attempts, with each attempt only becoming more brutal as time to go to the temple came closer. I continued to focus on the Savior in myself, and tried to keep my minds eye soley on him. Finally the time came, we went and as i walked through i began to notice things. The number one thing that i noticed wahs how inviting everyone was that was there, and those who had been put in place to guide us not only through the temple but through each representation were amongst the most inviting of people. Upon taking the tour through the temple itself i noticed people mostly women situated in corners of the rooms of the temple Inviting us in and ushering us further into the temple. These people stayed with me in my mind, as i felt better with each invitation. I remember walking down a certain hallway and seeing a painting of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This painting unlike any that i have seen of him, He was dressed in full white robes, did not have a shepards cloak or hood above his head but had his full face revealed, and beneath him he had a child standing next to him, this for some reason caused me to realize that I was truly standing in the House of the Lord. It caused me to realize in full just how much the Savior is the true Lord of the Universe. I continued through to all of the rooms, noticing symbols arise to me as i went through, these holy symbols seemed to be everywhere, adorning walls, ceilings, and floors, even the glasswork. These symbols i have always loved and studied quite often, it seems the Savior has given me a particular gift to understand symbols and the nature of them of which i am awesomely grateful. The Sealing rooms were amonst my favorite of favorites. They inspired me the most towards the Spirit of God. The whole day was so spiritual and filled with something that my heart had been yearning for for a long time, it held such great impression upon me that i thought upon my sins and felt appalled that i had let so much keep me away and at that very moment my sins seemed so petty, so un natural and alien to me. I know that something happened to me that day, but cant quite realize all of it right now. Anger has been one of my real problems in this life. It usually dominates me and boils in my life more than any other thing, it has been a god in my life. However ever since that day i havent been angry, the Spirit has strived with me longer than i have experienced before. Upon finishing the day at the temple i looked back and realized that all of the people and the feelings there were shadow types of somethng else, that they were symbols , symbols of guardians and guides that would be in my spiritual life that would invite and usher me into the Holy Temple to recieve great things. Iam grateful for the people that were able to be there and provide such great roles, in a place for people to learn. The other day i was driving home, it has been a week now since i left the temple and as i was driving realized that i had not properly thanked the Lord for my experience. I began to pray, apologizing for not coming to him sooner for my thankfulness for his gift, i then had an experience that was different from any other time i have prayed. My heart began to swell, tears fled from my eyes, and the Spirit fell upon me strongly, i then began thanking him for my experience and for the power and counsel he had given me. It seemed that my prayers had now been magnified that this particular prayer was important for my spiritual development, and it seemed as if my heart not my mouth was speaking directly to him. I wanted to share this with you brother pontius because when you wrote about Today being Easter Sunday, it reminded me of the prayer that the Spirit was able to grant me to say the other day, it reminded me of the Savior and how i havent done the things i need to do to be close to him today, and today should be a day out of all days that i shoud feel his closeness. Thank you for writing so freely and for being yourself, it is inspiring to read about the Savior and be able to remember how very personal he is to me. I hope your Easter Sunday with your family has been great beyond great.

    Brother Jareth.

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    • John Pontius says:

      Thank you for taking the time to tell us of your journey. As it turned out, my Easter was full of light, truth and family love, and now with your words. I would call that perfect.

      Brother John


      • jareth says:

        I feel it was an honor to share that experience with you Brother Pontius and with anyone else who would like to read it. I keep looking to hold onto the feeling i felt at the temple that day, especially right now in a time of great trial. It inspires me to hear that you and your families Easter was full of light, truth and the love of the Savior.
        Brother Jareth.


  2. Mandy Green says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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