An Unusual Request

I have an unusual request to make of you. If you feel moved upon to help out, it would be wonderful, but no pressure either. If you have read “The Triumph of Zion” and have not commented on or, or or would you take a moment, click on the links above, and write a review? It would really help keep the book on the market, and help potential readers choose to read it.

If you have found and enjoyed this Un-Blog, but haven’t read “The Triumph of Zion” it would bless your life and understanding to acquire it. Everything I Un-Blog is complemented by the book, except that the book is much more sequential and complete, and therefore easier to understand. “The Triumph of Zion” is the summation of most of what the Lord has taught me in my lifetime of searching. I am extremely grateful He let me write it down, and even publish it. It still amazes me. When I wrote it I was overcome by the Spirit as I wrote day by day. I knew what I was writing was going to be startling to many people. The Lord gave me 880 quotations and scripture references to make it easier for people to understand and believe in the powerful blessings that are available to us in this Gospel.

One of the main reasons the Lord sent me from Alaska to Utah was to speed the building of Zion by speaking about the principles in “The Triumph of Zion”. I have done so by writing this Un-Blog, and by many firesides, but I have never really promoted “The Triumph of Zion” or asked anyone to recommend it to their friends. I feel now to ask that you listen to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit, and if it does move you to share what you have found, just do so.

Please believe me when I say I care nothing about the monetary aspect of any of this. My guess is that I’m making about 10-cents an hour – and I love it! I only care about proceeding with Father’s plan, being obedient to my Savior, and completing my life’s work.

Thank you my dear friends,

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to An Unusual Request

  1. Robin Carlson says:

    Dear Bro John;
    Just read your request of 29 Apr 2011 and just had to respond.
    I struggle with the test of not having much of this world’s goods, especially money with which to buy worthwhile books so I frequent the local public library.
    One day I was cruising the religion section trying to allay a feeling of hunger and dissatisfaction and there in my line of sight was a copy of your TTOZ. I was immediately seized with a desire to check it out, take it home and read it. For once I didn’t question what seemed to be an “impulse” and instead acted on it.
    To use the current vernacular “Wow, what a trip!” I haven’t felt that spiritually energized in years and “knew” I just had to have a copy for myself. It cost me dearly in terms of my food budget but to me it was worth every penny, including sl co’s 6.85% sales tax.
    Thank you, thank you for your efforts and I will post a review on Deseret Books site but not on Sunday.
    Robin Carlson


  2. darrell brashear says:

    Dear Brother John, It is interesting that you have written this particular un-blog at this time. I live in an area where the greater things of the Gospel are not well received by most, and unfortunately, the blessings and gifts of the Spirit are not enjoyed as they could and should be. In 1997 when I first read your book “Following The Light Of Christ Into His Presence”, I became so excited about the truths contained in those pages that I wanted to shout them from the rooftops. It revealed the hidden key for which I had been searching for throughout my life: It revealed that the key to obtaining all spiritual blessings was learning the voice of the Lord in my mind and heart, and then to follow that voice. It’s such a simple truth and yet so profound. It’s amazing how unknown that one simple truth is to the membership of the Church (at least the membership in all the areas I’ve been in). I started teaching it in all of my lessons because I found that it integrated with them no matter the subject. I found that there were a few people in the area who were hungering for more. There were those who embraced the truth concerning the great importance of yielding to the enticings of the Holy Spirit (especially the missionaries). I feel whole-heartedly that if more people knew about the messages contained in that book that activity would increase, temple attendence would increase, searching the scriptures would be an exciting journey for many as the mysteries of godliness would unfold,and more people would learn how to tap into greater access of grace. Years afterwards to my great surprise and joy, I learned about “The Triumph Of Zion”. This book seemed to build upon the foundation of “Following The Light Of Christ Into His Presence”, with new insights into blessings more glorious and beautiful than anything I had previously known. Some weeks after receiving copies of “The Triumph Of Zion”, my brother and I called a Family Home Evening with a number of friends and family. We discussed the worldwide events taking place in the world around us and we asked those present what hope there was for the future. No one felt much hope for the future. We then began sharing some of the things we learned in “The Triumph Of Zion”, which reveals great hope for the future, and blessings which all of the ancient prophets desired, but which were reserved for the dispensation of the fulness of times-which dispensation we now live in! Suffice it to say, after that first Family Home Evening all of those present who had not had a copy of “The Triumph Of Zion” ordered a copy. Since that time, the Spirit has prompted me to share these books with others. I think of the words of our Savior”…freely ye have received, freely give”. (Matthew 10:8). Freely I have received these glorious truths, freely I want to make them known to others. Brother D.


    • John Pontius says:

      Brother D,

      You are an example to all of us of pressing onward despite the obstacles, and of obtaining the hope and blessings that are promised. Thank you for being a part of the Un-Blog.

      Brother John


  3. Cheryl Dilworth says:

    I have just written a review on the book and I thank you for making known your request. I have remarried recently and was the former Cheryl H. and lived in Kooskia for 11 years and have the highest regard for your mother and your late father.


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