An Amazing Weekend

This has been, thus far, and amazing weekend.

Thursday, I met with my great friend in Salt Lake for a couple hours, and we soared on the wings of the Spirit, rejoiced and were fed. This is the same friend I Un-Blogged about a while ago, who has had a long and comprehensive post-death experience, and then returned with a complete memory of it.

Friday, our lovely daughter Alicia arrived with another friend. Alicia is always a pleasure to be with, and her new friend was surprisingly like her, sweet and gracious, full of light and happiness. They even talk alike. It was a pleasure meeting her, talking with her and being asked to give her a priesthood blessing. It was one of those glorious happenings that I will savor and remember and rejoice in for a long time.

Saturday we all went to a wedding of a family member’s son. It was not a temple wedding, and I was anticipating feeling sad. What really happened was that the minister was very Christ-centered in his ceremony, and in his counsel to the kids. They glowed with happiness, and I felt the Spirit. I believe Heavenly Father approved of this wedding, and while most everyone there felt that a temple wedding would have blessed them more, it was the right step for them now. It was sweet and beautiful and held the promise of future blessings fully open to them. To be honest, I haven’t been to a lot of non-LDS weddings, and I enjoyed this one. I was warmed by the Holy Spirit, and was reminded that all marriage is honorable before the Lord.

When we got home Alicia introduced us to another dear friend of hers, and again, we had the pleasure of speaking with a woman of light and joy in the Lord. You know how some people collect DVD’s or sports memorabilia – Alicia collects friends who are people of light, and she shares them with us. Her two friends are amazing and dedicated to the Lord. They are exactly the type of shiny-faced people who I expect to populate Zion in a not too distant day.

Today is Sunday, and our 15 year-old’s birthday. Family is gathering around today to celebrate her birth. We are so grateful for our daughter, and for her role and blessing in our lives. Her family loves and adores her. It will be a wonderful celebration.

I always look forward to partaking of the sacrament, and once again, consecrating my all to the Lord. To me, this is the pinnacle and promise of each Sabbath.

But, wait! There’s more. Tonight we are going to a fireside given by another of Alicia’s friends. This sweet young mother spent months in a coma recently. The doctors could not find brainwave activity, and pressured her husband to “unplug” her. They gave him a deadline. He decided to go to the temple, and met her childhood bishop in the temple. Her husband and Bishop returned to the hospital and they gave her yet another priesthood blessing. I’m not sure of all the details, but just a very short time before the deadline, the brainwave monitors started buzzing, and she began to awaken. Her physician still can’t believe it. He says that nothing he did saved her, and that even though he did not believe in God, her return to normal, without brain damage, and subsequent full recovery, is a miracle. Her fireside tonight is about her experiences in the Spirit World while she was gone from her body.

Yes, I would say this is going to be an amazing weekend.

Brother John

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7 Responses to An Amazing Weekend

  1. Have either of these people, who have had death experiences, written them down for us to read?
    Thanks, Jeanene


    • John Pontius says:

      Jeanene, neither has. I know Amber is considering it. I have asked the other if I might be privileged to write and publish the portions of the story that are not too sacred to print. I’m hoping Father gives us the thumbs up. This is too precious, in my opinion, to not share.


  2. Jared Eastley says:

    I hope you will share some of the details about her experience in the Spirit World. I greatly enjoyed Sarah Menet’s account in her book, There Is No Death.


  3. Rob says:

    Brother John,

    If it’s not inappropriate, I too would be very interested in attending the fireside if that’s possible. Thanks for sharing; know it helps at least one draw closer to the Savior.

    Brother Rob


  4. K-Jo says:

    Ditto….please tell us where this fireside is!!!


  5. Donald says:

    If possible could you let us know where the fireside is? I have 3 daughters I believe would benefit from a spiritual fireside. If it is not possible that is ok too.


  6. Juli Thompson says:

    Dear John,

    Would you plese tell us where and when this fireside will take place?

    Love, Juli


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