“The Traditional”

It truly was an amazing weekend. The spiritual feast was spread, and I dined freely and rejoiced.

The fireside was wonderful. It was a youth fireside, and the content was perfect for young believers. The testimonies were very profound, and the Spirit was rich. The events that left this young mother in a coma were a tremendous trial for her whole family, and they found strength in Christ and healing through rich faith. Thankyou AG and JP for enriching us all.

It was also so wonderful to meet so many from the Un-Blogosphere. Quite a few of you came, and I was so pleased to meet a few new faces – new friends in Christ. Thank you for introducing yourselves. I also was blessed to see quite a few I have met at previous firesides of my own. Thank you for letting me feel your spiritis once again.

We have a family tradition, actually my wife insists upon doing this, and almost everyone in the family moans about it because it can be hard, even a little uncomfortable – but it is almost always a miracle.

She calls it “The Traditional”. I’m not even sure who made this traditional, or even “the” traditional. It isn’t even good English – but it is good medicine. Here’s how it works.

We usually do this at the end of dinner, when everyone is full and happy, and relatively quiet. Everyone present must say why they love the birthday person. It isn’t about what you like about them. It is why you love them. You can see why it could be uncomfortable. Sometimes those present have to dig into the recesses of their heart, and the birthday person has to sit there and watch them squirm, knowing they might not have offered the squirmer something easy to find and say. But, people always come through. The truth is that everyone is loved in many ways. We just have to stop long enough to recognize it. This is the magic, that saying and receiving such honest love changes lives, no matter how uncomfortable it might have seemed to dredge it to the surface.

Tonight we have about 20 people at our daughter’s birthday party. 20 people offered pure and heartfult love, and defined the virtue in our daughter that created and sustained that love. “The Traditional” can be life-changing, as it was this tonight. It is worth the apparent discomfort, which I must say melts quickly away as the Spirit fills the room. Words of love have the power to tear down walls and build bridges that withstand the test of time.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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3 Responses to “The Traditional”

  1. Clarice says:

    John will you please contiue to announce firesides like this. I did not check the blog in time to attend this, but I would love to be able to in the future. Thanks!


  2. Donald says:

    Brother John: Thank you for letting us know about the fireside. I brought 2 of my daughters and 2 year old grand daughter. We enjoyed the fireside and had great conversations on our drive back to Provo. You were pretty busy with visitors and we had a fussy little one so we did not get the chance to meet you. I was the bald man with the grey beard and dark suit standing in the back while my daughters had refreshments. We did come up closer in the chapel to meet you and your wife but it was just too busy. We were touched by Amber’s story and her wonderful family Thank you again.


    • John Pontius says:

      I’m sorry I missed you. I hope next time you have more time, or I’m less busy. What happens is if nobody is standing there looking like they want to talk to me, I just keep chatting with whoever is there. If someone comes up I try to shorten the chat and talk to the next person.

      The fireside was woderful, and there was a great spirit there.


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