UnBlogmySoul Statistics

It might interest you to know that last Wednesday was our second-highest day for the number of visits in one day. We just passed 40,000 total visitors since last August. This is small by Internet standards, but it is significant to me considering the sacred subject matter we discuss. 

Thank you so much for your participation and for your sweet spirit.

The archive document I use to write and proof the Un-Blogs before I post them is now 300 pages long and 144,000 words. This would make about a 2″ thick book if published on paper.

Tomorrow: “Seek the Face of the Lord” – why we should, and how we can.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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6 Responses to UnBlogmySoul Statistics

  1. Kyle Walter says:

    The other night after my children had gone to bed; I sat peacefully reading the inspired postings of this blog. As I read, the spirit filled my heart and I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for the beauty of the gospel truths. For the next few hours, I struggled to read thru my tear filled eyes, as I pondered all of the blessings God so freely gives to those who seek the face of the Lord.

    Deep within my soul, I yearn for the promised blessings that are made available by strengthening my faith, thru daily repentance and striving to remove my unbelief. With the Lord as my partner, I know all things are possible. However, at times, the opportunities for growth that are placed before me seem so overwhelming and difficult to bear. Then, relying upon the gospel truths and the infinite wisdom of the Lord, I reflect upon the scriptures, containing the words of God, my Savior Jesus Christ and the inspired words of the prophets. Then, once again, I find hope and my faith is strengthened and my unbelief diminishes.

    I give thanks to all of you who provide these words of wisdom which gives me strength and inspires me to keep moving forward as I strive to do better and improve my life each day. All of this helps me to remember the covenants I know I made in my first estate. I am grateful for so many wonderful people and blessings in my life and give thanks to God for it all.


    • John Pontius says:

      Very well said, Kyle. You captured the beauty of the yearning of the pilgrim’s soul.


    • darrell brashear says:

      Thanks brother Kyle for sharing those words from your heart. I feel grateful like you do for all the words of wisdom and comfort that so many people on this unblog write, including you. Your words were beautiful to me. May God bless you.
      brother Darrell


  2. Steve says:

    I suppose you should post recipes more often…


  3. Amy Weston says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrows post! So excited with anticipation! I just know it’s going to be AWESOME! Thank you Brother Pontius, so much.
    Sister Amy


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