Seek the Face of the Lord (Introduction)

As a preface to discussing “Seek the Face of the Lord” it may be of value to discuss why we should even try to achieve such a high and holy gift while in mortality. One might well ask “why not just wait until death brings us back into the Lord’s presence?” Isn’t seeing the Lord in this life intended for the apostles and prophets?

There is a path that leads to the celestial kingdom. There is only one path, and one way. Along the path there are specific events and ordinances we must accomplish one by one. We may not skip any of them and still arrive at our desired destination. I have Un-Blogged about this path many times. It is familiar to you, because it is the path you have been on since you first realized you were alive. It begins with recognizing your that your conscience is revelation and obeying it. This path leads up through all of the ordinances of the priesthood and into the presence of God. As members of Christ’s Church, we can name off the first half dozen easily. As we grow in understanding we eventually recognize and begin to yearn for the “greater things” of mortality, and when we are fully evolved in the things of God, we at last realize there is no limit to what we can achieve when we are willing to live the laws and pay the price required to obtain these lofty things.

As a mortal we inherited the effect of Adam’s fall from the presence of God. The fall forever separated us from God. The path noted above takes us back into the presence of God by a sequential process, line upon line, principle upon principle, which through the atonement of Christ, overcomes the effect of the fall and brings us back into the presence of God, the Father of us all. Only those who walk the path eventually overcome the fall. Even death does not automatically return us to Father’s presence. Those who do not walk this path will find themselves separated from God until the judgment day, which will then send them into a kingdom of glory or damnation where God (meaning the Father) does not dwell.

The point here is that if we expect or hope to one day return to Father, and to live with him in the Celestial Kingdom, we will at some point walk this pathway back into the presence of Christ, who will then, because of His position as our Savior and Redeemer, bring us back to the Father.

There are vast and glorious promises which may be obtained in this life by seeking and obtaining a face-to-face interview with Jesus Christ. The greatest of these involve being empowered to pass these blessings on to our posterity, to teach those we love and over whom we preside with absolute power and truth. It was this position of empowerment that allowed Alma to call down angels to arrest the decay of his son.

These are the gifts and privileges we seek, and into which we will be charting our course as we continue tomorrow with “Seek the Face of the Lord (Part 1)”.

Brother John

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6 Responses to Seek the Face of the Lord (Introduction)

  1. K-Jo says:

    Very inspiring message and very awesome comments and resonses.


  2. Marc says:

    Something of my own observation. In having heard the discussion between others, and having a few with my own close relations, there is what I believe to be a misconception.

    The phrasing usually put forward is that “I am still working on the small things.” These are viewed as being patient, charitable, performing church callings, and trying to “do” the things of the gospel.

    My answer in return has been that such things are actually the fruits of the spirit given to those who are already on the path. I have found that these things come more easily as we seek the closer communion with the Spirit. For me, great liberation comes in this knowledge.

    I have felt that several times your words in TTOZ and on this blog have echoed the same sentiment.


    • John Pontius says:

      I do agree, Marc. There is a sweet synergy involved when we “do” the things we know are right, especially those things the Spirit instructs us, and having the gifts of the Spirit upgrade and empower us. Faith without works is no less dead than works without faith. There must be both. What most people miss, and what you alude to, is that there is tremendous power in choosing to be obedient, letting go of our own will, and taking Christ as our shepherd. This is where we begin to see the mountains move, and the miracles happen.


  3. Pearl says:

    To teach those “over whom we preside”…

    I know several women who have husbands that do not share their desires as far as the Gospel is concerned. Women do not preside over their husbands… I wonder how this might fit in? Some of the women feel they are out of line to seek things “beyond” that which their husbands are inclined to seek. Does this make sense?

    I’ve wondered about the “unequally yoked” in marriage in general… seems to be a lot of that. Sometimes one will hear the call and the other will not… they grow apart… any comments on that?


    • John Pontius says:

      It makes tremendous sense Pearl, because is is more often the case than not. I have written on this subject several times, but the key is to submit your will to Christ, and to take the Holy Spirit as your guide. Then, you will be led to the highest and greatest outcome of your mortal experience, and your companion will find himself or herself living with an angel. As a result you will be inspired, kind, patient and wise beyond humankind. Your companion will either follow you where you are going and ultimately acquire their own light, or they will rebel and reject. Either way, you will be exaulted because of your walk, and your companion will have the greatest chance any mortal can to find their own pathway to glory.

      If you didn’t have this challenge and this sacrifice, it would be some other mountain to climb. Accept that the Lord will do anything possible to bring your companion to their highest potential – including leaving you as their spouse.


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