The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon

        It is fairly well know that the brother of Jared wrote the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. Those things which he wrote came from a powerful vision which he saw while in the presence of the Lord. That vision began with a depiction of the creation of the world, and then soared from there to include the entire history of the earth. “He showed unto the brother of Jared all the inhabitants of the earth which had been, and also all that would be; and he withheld them not from his sight, even unto the ends of the earth.” (Ether 3:25)

        Every prophet for which we have a fuller account of his interview with the Lord, includes a vision of the creation, and then specific things that each individual prophet needed to know to fulfill their ministry. God always shows this grand vision when someone qualifies for His presence because God is unchanging, and has always used this pattern. His work is “one eternal round”. He does the same things over and over.

         This is the reason for the repeated depiction of the creation in holy places – not to teach us about the creation – but to suggest that we are being prepared by that whole experience to receive this same “vision of all”.

        The brother of Jared wrote the things he saw in the sealed portion somewhat later while in the presence of the Lord. “And behold, when ye shall come unto me (Christ), ye shall write them and shall seal them up.” (Ether 3:22) Those words, and the truths he captured with them, are the greatest literature man has ever penned.

        Moroni described it this way: “Behold, I have written upon these plates the very things which the brother of Jared saw; and there never were greater things made manifest than those which were made manifest unto the brother of Jared.” (Ether 4:4)

        Moroni later confessed: “Thou hast not made us mighty in writing like unto the brother of Jared, for thou madest him that the things which he wrote were mighty even as thou art, unto the overpowering of man to read them.” (Ether 12:24)

         For almost 200 years we have waited and yearned for the day when we could read the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. The pattern among the Nephites was that they had to wait until after Christ’s glorious appearance to them in Bountiful to receive the writings of the brother of Jared. The reason for this was two-fold; the first reason being that they had to first be sanctified to receive this powerfully inspired record. As a people, that didn’t come to pass until after the wicked were destroyed, and Christ appeared to them. We’ll discover the second reason for the long delay (of nearly 2000 years) in a moment.

        The promise to ourselves is the same. Moroni taught us:

“For the Lord said unto me: They shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day that they shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord.

“And in that day that they shall exercise faith in me, saith the Lord, even as the brother of Jared did, that they may become sanctified in me, then will I manifest unto them the things which the brother of Jared saw, even to the unfolding unto them all my revelations, saith Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of the heavens and of the earth, and all things that in them are.” (Ether 4:5-6)

The second reason the Nephites, and we as a people, could not receive and read the record of the brother of Jared, is revealed in the quotation above. They could, and we can only receive these overwhelmingly powerful principles when we have faith “even as the brother of Jared”. Then, Christ (during our personal interview with Him) will manifest (show in vision) these things which the brother of Jared saw (which he later recorded in the sealed portion) “even to the unfolding unto them all my revelations”, (which is the vision of all).

        In other words, by the time we actually read the sealed portion, we will already have seen the same vision for ourselves. As always, all grand truths come to us via personal revelation, and then the written word bears witness that this is the divine pattern, and the promises and their fulfillment have been revealed in every dispensation according to unvarying law. This is the second and the greatest way to receive these truths.

        The first, although the lesser, and least desirable way is to wait until the earth has been cleansed of all wickedness by fire just before the Second Coming, and then, if we are worthy to survive, to receive this same vision for ourselves after His coming. It is least desirable because we have no control over the timetable, which might reasonably be after our mortal journey. Even if it happened today, we may actually be counted unworthy if we knew the way, had the ordinances, understood the path, and just failed to walk it.

        The greater way is to strip ourselves of sin, become sanctified, honor our covenants and receive Him in this life. Then we will enjoy these grand things on the timetable of our own choosing, while yet mortal, and in preparation to fulfill our life’s mission, teach our children, and build Zion.

Hurrah for Israel!

Brother John

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16 Responses to The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon

  1. Moira says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Spread the Word!


  2. Moira says:

    I have faith and trust that Bro. Pontius is and was a worthy follower of Our Savior. In your heart, do you believe he trusted that the Unsealed Portion of The Book of Mormon is true and has been revealed and published for those who seek after the truth of all things to find and read for themselves?


  3. Heather V. says:

    The above comment from Brother John on June 8, 2011 refers to a pertinent comment by Brother C on June 8, 2011 just below this post:


  4. John Pontius says:

    Brother C, That is a great insight. I knew everything the Lord does has purpose, I just hadn’t stopped to consider what the purpose of the Vision of All might be. I also consider that most of these people wrote scriptures we presently possess, and seeing us in vision would have enabled them to write prophetically for our times. This is all great stuff. Brother John


  5. SR says:

    I have enjoyed reading each of your posts.
    I thought I may add my thoughts and add encouragement to the flame that I feel growing here.
    The gifts of the Spirit have been evident in my life from an early age. This has had little to do with my personal righteousness, so please be assured that I am as are all those who have encountered His voice; profoundly imperfect. I believe that the imperfection that we all share is part of the beauty of the fellowship we enjoy.
    Two years ago my father went in for open heart surgery. My son was born two weeks prior to the surgery. I gave dad a blessing and recieved a distinct impression about the time that he would remain on earth. I was impressed that the surgery would be difficult, and complicated.
    The Spirit was precisely correct. Dad stroked out, and would not stop bleeding. The Spirit dictated the words of the blessing, (words I have never dared) “I command you to stop bleeding. As you can imagine the bleeding stopped.
    After the bleeding we learned that dad had suffered several strokes, and a general brain injury due to oxygen deprivation. The Neurologist told us that there was no brain activity, and that we were to go home and make plans.
    The ward fasted.
    The Spirit dictated a blessing again, “I command you to gather yourself from the ether and return to complete your work.” The Spirit made other profound and impossible promises.
    After “returning” another stroke imparied the right side (dominant side) of dad’s body. Again the Spirit, accompanied with a tangible electrical spiritual force, dictated “I command your limbs to recieve thier funciton, and your strength to return. I rebuke your condition, etc….”
    During the several month stay at the hospital many friends and family came and left, and said that we should leave him to die. My logical mind thought the same, but I had wondered why not in our time? Why is today any different than the time of Lazarus? The Spirit commanded and I spoke. I was shocked at the words, and Thought for several days after the first few blessings how on earth I could have spoken such things.
    I spoke with a family member on the hospital grounds ond she attritubeted my words to my good heart and hope. I thought to myself…Here is the real test. He is either there and will honor the words, or is not. I had a moment of doubt, I confess.
    These are just three of MANY MIRACLES (I wish I could use bold text); miracles no different than He performed then. He performs the same now I assure you. The quiet miracles are even more profound!
    A fancy pants promotion I had taken placed me in a new office a few months prior to my fathers illness. I complained about the long drive. I was traveling out of state often. Just before fathers procedure the out of state business took a dive. I found myself with not enough to do. I loathed the drive to the office.
    It turned out that dad, by many “fortuitous” circumstances ended up in the best hospital in town…2.5 miles from my office. I would never have been there without the changes in circumstances.
    These difficult times produced a set of circumstances and opportunity to come to Him. Without the profoundly difficult times I would not have been able to move forward.
    I took time during the circumstances to realize that I was not in a position to serve, and that I had truly mortgaged myself to corporate babylon. I wanted more time to ponder important things and to serve the Master. I asked for as much. I felt led on to discover (I was let directly there…I would not have discovered it without the Spirit or His mercy) a profound amount of spiritual education in a very short time.
    The Spirit again whispered in almost tangible form that I would soon lose my job (be careful what you ask for), and that I was not to be concerned, but the Lord would provide for me and my family.
    Two months later I was out of work, and happier than I had been for years. I spent the time off consumed in study. I have never experienced anything like it. I was led from resource to resource. The path just opened up. I am light years ahead, with many light years to go.
    The path has continues to unfold. I have heard from Him on more occasions than before, and since, the scripture has taken on an entirely new meaning. I laugh, because the apostles, writings are so clear now…crystal clear. The scriptures have opened, and other communication has opened. I have encountered some wonderful people, and some fleeting messages/ers from the divine.
    I expect that things will continue to unfold, and challanges will continue.
    He has been true to every word spoken, and I am firm in the hope (think FTLOC hope)that he will fufill all his words.
    I am still totally imperfect, too slow to heed, and just plain dull sometimes, but I have firm testimony of His love and Promisis to us.
    I am confident that the path described in the Book of Mormon is exactly what it claims to be.
    I find that I can talk to very few people about what I have come to know. I have heard a few in this forum and others lament the fact that little can be taught, and the full light cannot be extended to others. I understand the desire to shout from the rooftop. I said a few things in sunday school, or sacrament meeting. I learned after the rolling eyes and sharp toungs that I have to wait for the Spirit to guide me to those I can speak freely with and how much to share. It can really be dangerous information if the preparation has not been alloted. I am thrilled to know that He is in charge and looking after all of us, and that we are permitted a small hand in ministering to the heirs of salvation from time to time.
    I share this with you hoping that you all realize that it is his Grace and Mercy alone, and His divine hand that are the method of illumination. It is through His goodness, His love, and His voice that this is possible.
    I am literally nobody in the church. I love the anonynimity. What Joseph said about the least member is true. Don’t set up any stakes or bounds for yourself in terms of belief. Just put yourself right, listen to Him, and then do what he says…especially when it means doing something that scares you a little (nothing too weird). Your confidence in Him will grow. You must of truth experiment upon The Word, and prove Him. He will open the windows as you open the door.
    I am not a mushy type, but I feel to close from my heart , and in truth,
    With love to you all,
    Brother A.


  6. Jared Eastley says:

    I would like, at this time, to share something which is quite sacred. I shall only touch lightly on it.

    A few years ago I was able to receiving the calling of being a temple ordinance worker. I spent about 28-36 hours a month at the temple as an officiator in the initiatory and endowment rooms.

    During that time I also spent considerable time studying the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon.

    I also was in an Elders Quorum Presidency with two other very committed elders. We did a lot of visiting as a presidency and experienced an unusual outpouring of the Spirit. We had real unity as a presidency.

    I also want to point out that I was very very very selective media-wise. I tried so very hard to be worthy of God’s blessings.

    I got into the habit of praying all night, as I slept and as I woke now and then to ponder. It was one continual prayer.

    Somehow or other, I unlocked a gate and found access to a time and place outside of this world.

    During this year I became able to close my eyes and in a sort of self-induced mental-spiritual trance (for lack of a better word)take myself into ZION. It was beautiful! There was such peace, and love, and harmony. I saw several wonderful things pertaining to future conditions.

    I knew that this condition would not last. I foresaw a time of testing. Then I was fired from my job and all hell broke loose in my life. I allowed my faith to diminish and I lost what I had.

    But I have never forgotten the experience.

    It really is true that “your focus becomes your reality.”

    I yearn and I pray that I can get back what I had and progress further.

    I hope that my sharing of this experience will be of help to some of you.

    With all my love and faith,

    Brother Jared.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Brother Jared,

      These types of comments greatly enhance UnBlogmySoul for others. Thank you for sharing this sacred experience.

      I feel to say, however, that all spiritual gifts are opposed on the same level of power as the experience or blessing received. What happened to you with the rising opposition always happens. It most probably didn’t have anything to do with what you did after your blessings came. It happened because of divine law, and is merciful in that it openes the way for your next blessing. The challenge is always this, return to the state of obedience and blessings as before the opposition arose, and then you will have a far greater experience. It’s not easy, but it is the way it works – and it always does work.

      Brother John


    • laruebrough says:

      I too am struggling to get back what I once had after suffering a major trial. I read and study and pray. I too am very selective about the media in my life. I am handicapped and live alone. I have few chances to serve. Inasmuch as this is 2014 I don’t know if this will be received, but I would appreciate any insights you may have received.


  7. KB says:

    There is a moment in our journey when we are ready to take the step that moves us from the lesser portion of the word to that greater portion. For myself it was one night several years ago just before I fell asleep as I thought about my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I felt comfortable in my relationship with the Father because I spoke with Him daily. I had had many wonderful experiences feeling the power and influence of the Holy Ghost. And then I thought, but what about Jesus Christ? What about my Savior? How do I develop a real relationship with Him? I have read stories about Him. I have reverence toward Him. I know He loved me enough to die for me. I know I pray in His name to the Father and that the Holy Ghost speaks His words, but how do I ACCESS Him? How could I come to interact in some way with Him? I wanted a one-on-one relationship with Him that was tangible to my spiritual senses. By this I mean that I wanted something more than just reverance from a distance.

    The Lord let me chew on that desire for a while. Nothing spectacular happened. My desire grew during this time, and experiences came (and still come!) that tested my resolve to follow very specific and often unusual promptings.

    Thus my course was set. And it was very simple, wasn’t it? I just wanted to get to know my Savior better. Not intellectually, but in the way I know my friends. I wanted to talk with Him, spend time with Him, and really hear His voice.

    I can truly say that this initial desire has grown into a relationship with my Savior that was beyond what I ever imagined was possible in this lifetime. And I know that I have had only had the tiniest sampling of what is available.

    I think it is important to remember to cheer everyone on wherever they are at in this journey. We should not feel frustrated when others are not ready to hear something wonderful we have learned. The Lord is working with them in tenderness and love. He was patient with me as my thoughts and desires (coupled with His influence) brought me to that moment that changed my life.


    • DEBRA NORTON says:



      • KB says:

        I am thrilled to be asked to share my thoughts! Thank you, Debra.

        In 2009, after watching Elder Holland speak in general conference, I knelt down in prayer and told the Lord that I was “all in.” He could do anything with me, take me to any depth and I would not turn from Him and I would go willingly. I asked Him to to bring on any experiences I needed in order to be purified and return to Him because I felt almost an urgency to be freed of all my “natural man” tendencies. He didn’t waste any time!

        The sore throat I was currently experiencing blossomed into double pneumonia and septic shock. The ICU doctors told my husband I had a 50% chance of survival. I experienced what seemed to my small mortal mind to be the most excruciating physical pain–this coupled with the anxiety of being separated from my children among whom was a 5 month-old baby who had to be abruptly weaned. I held on to a love for my Savior during this time when a “natural man” reaction might have been “what the h— are you doing to me!”

        I later learned from Bro Pontius’s book TTOZ that this is called offering up a broken heart and a contrite spirit. This is when a disciple says “I’m yours” and “do with me what is necessary to get me back to Thee.” It’s basically giving up your will. I don’t know if immediate hardship is always to be expected after you do this, but that was my experience.

        A year later the Lord asked me to do something that I knew would damage my reputation (nothing wrong or immoral of course). Like a chess player I analyzed every move possible to try both to obey Him and to save face. There was absolutely no way around it though. I moved forward, obeying Him, and suffered the anticipated damage. From that moment on the Lord spoke to me with new clarity. I have realized that my sacrifice, small though it was, was accepted of Him. This brought me closer to Him.

        Lastly, around this time I began taking seriously the part of the sacrament prayer that says to remember Him always. There is always a continuous dialogue in my head (often trivial in nature), and I voluntarily gave up that space in my head to Him. I constantly directed my thoughts back to His mortal mission. I stopped listening to any radio during those rare times when I was alone in the car. I cleared my head so He could fill my mind with inspiration. Often, nothing miraculous came, so I would just keep thinking about Him. But miracles did come. He spoke and continues to speak and I am in awe that He, Creator of all, spends time with me. I listen to His voice. I do what He asks. He then tells me He approves of me. And in all this, while I walk imperfectly and stumble, He gently helps me become more like Him.

        I also learned (just today, in fact) that my relationship with Him has been closer than I realized during all my life. The light of Christ is that voice which leads all of us to good things and we have all experienced “it” which is in reality Him. Thanks Bro Pontius! I’m almost through your book and it has clarified so much. Best wishes, Debra. That was so nice of you to ask for my thoughts! And I can’t help but leave my testimony that I know Christ lives.


  8. Ken says:

    “It is fairly well known that the brother of Jared wrote the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon.” Sorry to disagree but I’ve always understood that Moroni “wrote the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon” even though most of it was quoted from or taken from the brother of Jared’s writings. If we were to obtain the sealed plates would they actually be the brother of Jared’s writing or Moroni’s? Clearly much of the content was the brother of Jared’s but Moroni had also seen these very same things. Am I wrong here? Thank you for all you do. You have changed my life.


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Ken, this is a good question. I did a little research to double check my understanding. This is the opinion of the authors I read including Bruce McConkie, his son Joseph McConkie, Robert Millett and a half dozen others. The orginal author was the Brother of Jared. Moroni copied, and quite possible added his own commentary as he did in other books, to the sealed portion. It does not appear that he abridged it though, but copied it completely. It is also possible that Moroni included other things, but the sealed portion is either largely or entirely the wirting of Mahonrimoriancumur, whom we call the Brother of Jared.


  9. Clarice says:

    I am curious about this: “Even if it happened today, we may actually be counted unworthy if we knew the way, had the ordinances, understood the path, and just failed to walk it.”
    I have been a member since I was 8. I have only learned of the possibilities of the Second Comforter, being re-born, and everything that comes with it, this the last year.
    When I first realized what the scriptures were really saying, I was a little upset that I have gone my whole life and NEVER heard anything about these things. I soon realized, from talking to others, that hardly anyone else knows anything about this either. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

    My question is when do we become responsible for finding these mystries out? I have friends(all of my friends actually) who just don’t want to know. They like having the gospel on their terms. They are all active, lifelong members. At first I kept talking about these things because I could hardly restrain myself. I was(and still am) so thrilled at the possibilities that I would constantly bring these things up. The response has been likewarm at best. I have stopped talking about it for the most part now, only when I feel promted to say something, but nothing seems to change.

    I guess I am just frustrated. People have said that you shouldn’t talk about these things with people before they are ready. But these same people read the scriptures and the scriptures are always talking about this! I was so thankful when I began to understand and be taught these things. I don’t understand why someone would not do as King Lamoi(I think) and give alway all their sins, everything to know Him.

    Sorry I’m going on here. I don’t know what my questions is. I guess I just wonder if we all, who have access to this gospel, reach a point where enough is enough, and if we can’t see these things then it is because we don’t want to see them. And it becomes as you said…we are found unworthy.

    I want more than anything in the world to be worthy of these things, I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t. 😦


    • Alayna says:

      I was intrigued at your comment. I would love to talk to you more. How do I contact you?



      • Sharon says:

        Hi Clarice, your post resonates with me tremendously! I can sense your sincere and earnest desire. I have some information that may help you. If you are interested, you may contact me at

        Keep your fire lit and never give up, the answers are closer than you think.


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