The Un-Blog Family

Thank you one and all for your answers and comments yesterday. For the first time ever I somewhat unexpectedly felt like we are the Un-Blog family. Your outpouring of love and tenderness was Christlike, and I’m proud of us all.

As a side note, yesterday set a new record for readers in one day, and for comments in one day.

Thank you!

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to The Un-Blog Family

  1. ajcorbe says:

    Even years later the UnBlog continues to bless abundantly! Thank you John, Terri & the UnBlog Family. Your unity, comments, righteous desires & absolute Love & Loyalty for the Church, the Father & His perfect Son will profoundly instruct, edify & stand as poignant testimonies to all And I too add my voice as I know the things taught in all His works are gloriously True
    I love you all & though I never met John M. Pontius, I miss him dearly. I’m so happy to know that he’s just “upstairs” shouting “Hoorah for Israel!” I doubt he ever slows down save to sing & worship.
    Thank you John for helping me FIND my lamp! 🙂 And Teaching me how to fill it with oil daily.
    Please keep the UnBlog up & bring back I missed some of the books & am hooked! I’ll gladly buy the series or pay to access the sight!
    Thank you again for ALL you did & do
    Sincerely, Amy c:


  2. Birrd says:

    Yesterday as I was reading through all the comments I felt this incredible happiness that I had found a place full of people who understood me. It can be so lonely sometimes– you just crave being able to speak with someone who has the same perspective. I thought of the word “home” and definitely the word”Zion” but I didn’t think of the word “family” and that’s just perfect.


  3. cheyenne brashear says:

    I also feel like everyone on this site is my family. When a gathering of people share common faith and desires such as we do, I start to get a taste of what Zion will be like.

    Thanks brother John for everything you do and say, and thanks to everyone else on here as well for everything you share. I hope and pray that the day will come when we can all meet in Zion. God bless you all. Brother C.


  4. Victoria says:

    Yes, it was very sweet. It’s a blessing to be in contact and communication with others who desire to seek the Lord until they find Him.

    Thank you for all you’ve done to help so many understand the process. As I mentioned to you before, that had been my desire for many, many years. Finding your book was like receiving the instruction manual I’d been searching for. It allowed me to have clarity on how to focus and intensify my efforts, and been an incredible blessing in my life.

    I, too, purchased several copies of FTL to give to people I cared about, and was surprised and somewhat dismayed when some didn’t seem to be overjoyed at the knowledge and clarity shared in the book. But I realize that, truly, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. So at least they have a wonderful gift there, waiting for them to be ready for it.

    Brother John, thank you again for being here. Because of the glorious blessings you have brought into my life through your book, I’ve always held a revered place in my heart for you. So for me, to be able to come to this website and have actual interaction with you is like being able to talk to a favorite superstar. Ha! =o)



    • John Pontius says:

      You’re very sweet, Victoria. Of course I have to say, that all the glory goes to Jesus Christ, and He is our “Rock Star”.

      Thank you just the same,

      Brother John


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