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11 Responses to Your Opinion Please

  1. Toni says:

    I added my vote to the poll, but I wanted to comment.

    I agree with the second one: publish all comments except anti-Mormon ones, but I voted for the one that said to correct the errors in doctrine, because I was thinking of those honest posters who were erring – not people out for blood or who were bringing contention in.

    I do concur with the other comments here that adding a lot of negative posts would detract from the peaceful arena here, and I was most definitely NOT voting for anti-Mormon sentiment to be shown.


  2. SR says:

    Brother John,

    I think that this experience has been unique, beautiful, and profound. I would prefer that the topic remain driven by you Brother John. I would like to continue on the path you laid out months ago.

    Doctrinal debate is available everywhere, except I for one do not believe in most of it:).

    The Spirit has been present to testify of your posts. I pray it will continue. Let the general authorities and membership deal with doctrinal debate. Let those striving for, on, and moving forward on the path remain.

    Part of Denver’s disintegration of a unique and wonderful forum was due to external intellectual theology and debate/contention. Denver did not drive the sabotoge. It just took on a life of its own after a few dissenters and a short period of time.

    I just see a bunch of brothers and sisters trying to become true followers of the Master.

    Please let us remain such.


  3. Donald says:

    I voted (fwiw) “Publish all comments, but comment back on the doctrinal error.”

    I am curious John, why the poll?


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Donald,

      I personally want to just not publish fringe doctrine. I know that it is the norm for blogs to basically “take all comers”. But, I felt otherwise, and I wanted to see what my friends of the Un-Blogosphere felt on the subject. I don’t really think the direction the Un-Blog should take is to become a bulletin board for nay-sayers, or to let the thread be hijacked by having to defend or correct incorrect thinking of others. I had a long comment the other day that the Spirit said was from an apostate. I didn’t publish that one.

      Un-BlogmySoul has been a pure spiritual experience for me, and I take from the comments, the same for others. I wanted it to stay that way without having to defend or debate doctrine. But, I was willing to try something else if the group wanted something else.

      I’ll give it a few more days of the poll to complete, then announce my findings, but I feel quite compelled to stand careful guard over what the Un-Blog presently is.

      Brother John


  4. Lance says:

    I think this is a special site. With its growing popularity, I am inclined to agree with the earlier commenter who believes there will be more and more comments containing speculations of a dubious/faulty nature. Normally, I would like to see all comments published with posted responses to comments containing faulty doctrine. However, I believe that doing so may actually detract what you have been able to create with this site. In my opinion, you have created a wonderful teaching forum, and I would not like to see your un-blog get hijacked into an “anything goes” discussion forum.


  5. Pearl says:

    I voted with those who say do not publish the false doctrine posts.

    My feeling is that as this blog grows in popularity you will have more and more readers of a dubious nature writing more and more posts of dubious content.

    Even if you respond to correct the errors, others can’t suppress the need to chime in and the whole thing could turn into what you find on some LDS forums currently… people engaged in an intellectual contest of words which quickly deteriorates until the loudest or most tenacious wins, truth long left in the dust.

    Most of us, righteous desires notwithstanding, are still tender plants as far as doctrine is concerned.

    It is good that you are setting up these standards now before the problem gets out of hand.

    I would hope people who had off-topic comments or questions unsuitable for public consumption might email you in private.

    (Did you get my email, by the way? 🙂 )


  6. K-Jo says:

    A gentle way of letting someone know that the post they have made contains false or incorrect doctrine is to not post the comment. They can ponder their error and perhaps email you directly if they remain confused.


  7. darrell brashear says:

    Dear Brother John
    Tonight our study group got together and during our meeting we decided to look up your un-blog. We saw this pole and voted the “Don’t publish them. We want a positive experience”. There are a few reasons why we came to this conclusion: 1. Not publishing a comment containing false doctrine would actually spare the one giving the comment humiliation and embarrasment.

    Such an action would actually be merciful. There is a scripture in Matthew that reads, “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother”. (Matthew 18:15)

    2.If false doctrine is removed from this site, it will only contain those things that edify and uplift. Everyone will benefit from it. Anyone who writes a comment with false doctrine will know because thier comment will not be posted. It would be a good learning opportunity for that person to continue to seek, ponder, and pray without being singled out. If that person is seeking truth with real intent, they would be willing to counsel with you in private by writing to you.
    3. This site should never be a place of debate. Openly correcting someone would increase the chances for contention or debate and would hamper the Spirit. It might also cause feelings of pride for those feeling they are in the right and others are in the wrong.

    4. If you had to correct all the false doctrine from comments on this site, it might get in the way of your sharing the greater things.

    Sincerely, Sister Amy, Brother George, Brother Cheyenne, Brother Darrell P.S. each of us will place the same vote on this matter


  8. jareth says:

    Here is my personal opinion on that case. And i believe that unblogmysoul has the right to know why i voted the way i have. I have voted to not publish the doctrinal era, comment back to it, or the false doctrine. I believe that unblogmysoul was set up for the intentions that it would be an inspirational site completely led by the spirit thus in turn the site is meant to be a totally positive experience. The Holy Ghost does not work out of the spirit of contention, pride nor argument, he only works out of love, guidance, truth and light therefore i think that it would be wise to observe what context these false doctrinal comments are given in. However damaging false doctrine cannot just be freely accepted upon a site where several other people also read, much confusion and feelings of an unspiritual nature can come from this so here is what i propose.
    I think that if damaging false doctrine is posted here, then this means that for number one the person posting it is most likely not listening to the voice of the Spirit anyways, all of us understand that if we dont have the spirit then we shall not teach, Doctrine and Covenants 42:13,14. I believe that as the spirit guides us to share our comments, we are also all in teaching positions, the teaching position is on a lower level yet we are all influencing eachother based upon our comments to eachother and to the blogs. Brother Pontius of course is the master teacher here because this is his blog given based upon his ability to recieve light and revelation from the spirit on what to wright each day. Thus it is only respectful to consider, always sharing a positive experience with eachother on unblogmysoul as the unblog does not belong to us, but is here for anyone seeking further light and truth.
    However it is my opinion that if we single out one individual and put them in the spotlight, because of something that they have posted then this can cause inner feelings of embarrasment, self doubt and inadequacy which are all feelings that come from the voice of satan. Thus in order to promote the spirit i feel that it would be conducive that if a person continually posts false doctrine that is spiritually damaging then this matter should be dealt with in a personal and private manner, perhaps by e mail, away from the knowledge of others.
    I in my personal experience have seen mostly only inspirational comments come from unblogmysouls readers. So that Brother Pontius does not have to take the responsibility for constantly emailing those who post such false doctrine, perhaps it would also be conducive for those who do post it to take the responsibility upon themsleves to approach Brother Pontius over the issue. Otherwise these comments most likely wont be posted, as i have found that unblogmysoul posts that which is inviting and enticing towards the cause of the spirits enligtenment.
    But overall as a whole site is concerned i feel that the spirit would have us communicate with eachother in a positive and respectful manner, so that the overall feelings of every person on the site are not affected by one persons untruth, or lack of seeking the spirit. All of us have weaknesses, and thus we all have the opportunity to seek the spirit when we are absent of it, but i do counsel that we listen constantly to moroni chapter seven, which teaches us exactly how to feel that which is motivating and good to write and invites the spirit in the manner of our writing.This is a simple matter of feeling the difference between wrong and right, a simple matter of praying before we say or write anything, like i said in a place where all of us can effect eachother based upon words and comments it is important to be feeling the holy ghost on what to post and what to say.
    Those who are seeking light and truth will simply know how to follow the truths given in Moroni chapter seven, if not then this is a wonderful opportnity to seek out the truth and pray to the Savior about these matters. this is my opinion and the reason for my vote. We are here to follow light and truth, and thus we are here to seek the way in which we glorify the Savior not ourselves. jareth.


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