Guidelines for Comments on the Un-Blog

Dear Saints of the Un-Blog,

After considering the results of the recent poll, and after some prayerful consideration, I offer a few helps for getting comments published on the Un-Blog. So far, almost everyone has done really great even without my saying a word. We are starting to get more comments each day that I have to struggle over to decide if they should be published.

I am proposing the following:

  • Comments must to be uplifting and faith promoting.
  • Comments should be pertinent to the article they are commenting upon.
  • Comments may bear testimony, give personal experiences, ask questions, give opinions, or even disagree without being disagreeable.
  • I usually don’t attempt to answer personal questions like “should I divorce my husband?” I do reply to doctrinal questions. If your question is off topic for the Un-Blog you may contact me privately at
  • Comments that are negative, anti-Mormon, apostate leaning or critical of the Church or Church leaders will not be published or commented upon.
  • Comments that are hard to read and understand will be returned to the author with a request for more clarity before they are published.

I think these guidelines will help the Un-Blog thrive. Let me know what you think.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to Guidelines for Comments on the Un-Blog

  1. Steve says:

    Some people live to be trolls. I’m glad you’re excluding the anti-Mormon drivel. They have all the publicity they need and more in other places.


  2. jaredeastley says:

    You are inspired. I occasionally participate in a few other similar websites that allow comments. On these other websites, even though most of the articles are spot on, the comments sections have a tendency to get contentious and even rather nasty. This really detracts from the experience. I am very glad of the direction you are taking with this one.

    Brother Jared


  3. Donald says:

    Thank you John. I remember being so disappointed when Denver Snuffer had to disable all commenting on his blog. Hopefully you will not have to do that here. The blog has been uplifting and wonderful to read. Please keep up the good work.



  4. Pearl says:

    Sounds good to me!


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