One Path to Every Blessing

Through every Un-Blog posting I have been attempting to highlight one truth, which is that everything we hope to attain in this life or in eternity comes to us as a result of our giving up our will in obedience to the Holy Spirit of Christ.

Not many of you commented on yesterday’s post “Becoming One with Christ”. To me this means I didn’t deliver the encapsulated truth clearly enough, or perhaps with words sufficiently inspired to lift the truths from the paper and spiritually plant them in distant hearts.

In truth, this concept of there being only one path, and how to walk it, seems to be a hard concept to master. Even though it is simple to understand, it is difficult to enthrone in our daily lives. I have had the privilege of writing hundreds of thousands of words on this subject, and explaining it hundreds of times in firesides and face-to-face visits. Very few people truly embrace how powerful this principle is, how it stands alone as our pathway to glory, and how any other course we might attempt to take cannot deliver the blessings and glory we seek.

Since there are many commandments, and many life missions, and many potential blessings along the way, it seems as if there are many ways and many “laws” to obey to receive these various blessings.

In truth, there is only one path to every blessing, including the ultimate attainment of exaltation.

There is only one tool we have in our hands – which is to identify the voice of the Holy Spirit and be flawlessly determined to obey it. This is the sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit which Christ requires of us today.

There is only one outcome of obedience – which will be to become like Christ in your lifetime, to receive of His grace, to receive miracles, visions, covenants, promises and visitations, and to live our lives in the embrace of God’s love and guidance. Every other blessing we may seek, whether it be kindness, gentleness, faith, power in the priesthood, or “Oneness” with Christ, these things flow from obedience to the Holy Spirit.

There is only one destination – which is to be redeemed from the fall through the atonement of Christ and to return to Father’s presence – preferably in this life. “And every one that hearkeneth to the Spirit cometh unto God, even the Father.” (D&C 84;47)

Brother John

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14 Responses to One Path to Every Blessing

  1. Amy Weston says:

    Brother Pontius,
    This is pretty amazing. Am I understanding this correctly, that I can follow the voice of the spirit into the presence of the Father? I know it makes sence but I have never thought of it that way. And every other blessing I seek (like translation) will come by following the voice of the spirit? If you answer back with a big “YES” I will understand:-). Forgive me, I feel like a newborn baby that has to be taught what is true and right all over again. I don’t know why, but I always thought those who would be brought into the presence of the Father would do so by some other complex means. This seams so simple yet so profound. I knew that following the spirit would bring about great and wonderful blessings like bringing us back into Christ’s presence but also into the Father’s is amazing!

    I have another question (which I hope isn’t silly), you have a couple of times mentioned life’s missions, at what point in our lives do we learn what that mission is? My reason for asking is that in April 2010 I had a spiritual awakening and I started to immerse myself in the scriptures most especially the Book of Mormon. I came across a couple of verses in Alma 29:1-2 where Alma talks about wanting to be an angel, when I read these two verses I had a burning desire for that very same thing. Then as I read verse three I thought maybe this is something I shouldn’t want. But the more I read the BOM the more I wanted it, especially when I got to 3 Nephi 17:23-24 and 19:14-15. I had never at that point even heard of your book TTOZ. Then about 6 months later I was introduced to your book, I still weep knowing these things are possible. What an awewome God we have! Once I read your book I had an overwhelming desire to give away everything I possess to receive this great endowment.

    Can this be my lifes mission because I desire it? And if it is, is all I have to do to receive it, follow the voice of the spirit? I have looked to my patriarchal blessing (which says little to nothing on greater things) and to prayer for answers but have not found it yet.

    Thanks Brother Pontius for all you do here, these things are wonderful to me.
    Sis Amy


    • John Pontius says:

      The answer to your first question is YES. That is what I have been trying to get across for thousands of pages.

      The answer about one’s life’s mission is that we most often discover it a piece at a time, line upon line. When we walk in obedience to the voice of Christ, we are fulfilling our life’s mission even when we don’t know what will occur next.

      Inspired desire, desire which comes to us in a spiritual way, on a spiritual subject, often is at least a part of our life’s mission. There is always more than we can see.

      Good questions,

      Brother John


  2. darrell brashear says:

    As always, I feel grateful to be a part of this un-blog and to be a part of it with you all. Many of you feel like my extended family, even though I’ve never met you before. I was pondering this particular un-blog and the comments and it made me think of a scripture that has always brought great comfort to me.

    I hope you all don’t mind me sharing it with you. The scripture reads, “For my soul delighteth in plainness; for after this manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men. For the Lord God giveth light unto the understanding; FOR HE SPEAKETH UNTO MEN ACCORDING TO THEIR LANGUAGE, UNTO THIER UNDERSTANDING.”

    I’ve read that scripture many times before, but not until somewhat recently did the power of it hit me. One day as I was reading it the Spirit confirmed the truth of it to my soul and personalized it for me. What I learned that day is that the Spirit speaks to each one of us individually “according to our understanding”, in other words, He speaks to each of us in a way that’s unique and personal.

    The truths the Spirit reveals are universal, but the way they are revealed to each of us is very personal. I have heard people teach truths before that just didn’t sink in until the Holy Spirit revealed those truths to me in a way that made perfect sense to me, “according to my understanding”.

    How wonderful that the source of all truth is taylored to each of us! To me it is another sign of how much we are loved.

    Brother D.


  3. patty says:

    To be obedient in all things is what I long for and work towards. And then the Bishop called my husband and I in and said he felt prompted to have us consider a mission. This is something we would love to do. However (there is always this, isn’t there?) I have to work, as does my husband (even though we are in early 60’s) We could just use his social security and try to get by, by going somewhere here in the US for 1 year. Part of me just wants to put the things in storage, and jump in for the year. The natural man says that this is crazy: would we even have jobs when we came back? Where is my faith that “would make reason stare?” Putting all on the altar in this instance will indeed require deeper faith and obedience. In the end, we want to do his will. As President Faust said, “Keep the commandments so that the Lord knows he can trust you.” Thank you for your posts. They are so very relevant to me at this time.


  4. jimmy tetuanui says:

    My wife recently told me again ‘you have really changed since your read John Pontius’ books.’ The best way to explain this change is that my life has indeed been powerful changed by simply following this powerful principle taught by brother Pontius – the principle of following the Spirit of Christ. It is a doctrine so powerful that whoever applies it will never be the same. For many years I have kept the following quote by Elder McConkie commenting on Mosiah 3:19 without really seeing its powerful impplication:

    (After quoting Mosiah 3:19) “The Holy Ghost does not strive or entice, his mission is to teach and testify. But those who heed the enticements and submit to the strivings of the Holy Spirit (which is the Light of Christ) are enabled to receive the Holy Spirit (which is the Holy Ghost)’ (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, of the Quorum of the Twelve, A Witness for the Articles of Faith, p.261).

    Isn’t it interesting that according to Mosiah the only way to ‘putt off the natural man’ and to become a ‘saint’ is by giving heed to ‘the light of christ’? Thank you again brother Pontius for teaching this POWERFUL concept in a way that it is easy to understand.



  5. Kathy Pitochelli says:

    Well John, I am profoundly privileged to be commenting at all, seeing that I am a beggar at God’s door and I have read many of your works and am always deeply spiritually stirred and uplifted.

    I was converted at 20 and felt the Spirit profoundly as I partook of the Sacrament initially and wondered what in the heck that was. As life went on and I had high hopes to be the best and perfect daughter of God and to have the perfect little LDS family, I was surprised and shocked at the tremendous challenges that burst my dreams and threw me on my knees and in prayer mode every hour just to make it through. But those challenges WERE the blessing as I became so much more aware of the Holy Ghost. Often snippets of words came in answer to prayer which were comforting and guiding. Now some 44 years later, still wrenching in blessed struggles, the gift has become profound and ever present and I see that it is a gift in my bloodline as I see it in the profound writings of a great-grandfather, my mother, and one of my children. How kind the Lord is to give us such a loving gift.

    Your writings inspire me to go further, and deeper. Truly, to receive the words and impressions is the easy part, obedience is the hard part but brings the greater blessings. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift and forgive me for not getting hooked into this reply business as I have just been quietly loving all your writings.


  6. Juli says:

    Dear Brother John,

    I apologize for my lack of response. Typically, I am in that warm cozy place after reading your words and just do not want to come out.

    You last blog was a perfect summary of the need and the path that I can share with others.

    Thank you!


  7. Andrew Penington says:

    Your Post reminds me of Elder Maxwell’s address entitled: “Willing to Submit” given in the April, 1985 General Conference. It is one of my favorite talks even though it issues a daunting challenge to a struggling member like me.

    You, likewise, issue such a challenge by clarifying and shedding light on the process the Savior would have us follow to fulfil the full measure of our creation.

    Thanks for your posting!!!


  8. Bruce says:

    “There is only one tool we have in our hands – which is to identify the voice of the Holy Spirit and be flawlessly determined to obey it. ”

    I have been doing what you suggested. But here’s my problem. The Spirit used to “shout” at me…but now it’s voice has grown to a tiny whisper. I’ve grown closer to Christ now and have kept the commandment more fully than I ever have…so why has the voice become softer and softer? I was hoping for it to become louder the closer I come to Christ and now it’s more difficult to hear it’s promptings.
    Am I doing something wrong?


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Bruce,

      There seems to be a waxing and waning effect to the Holy Spirit. It comes on strong at times, and is softer at other times. Just press onward. You are on the right track. The Lord will make His voice more and more available to you, no matter what form it takes. It may be that now you don’t need a shouted reply, so a whisper is enough. In my own life the Holy Spirit is mostly a quiet impression, which I have learned to recognize and I always try to obey. The louder and more profound promptings usually come when I am seeking in deep and mighty prayer, which always calls forth a greater revelatory voice.



      • Clarice says:

        I love that you said that the Holy Spirit is mostly a quiet impression. I was just pondering today as I was driving. I was wishing that I would have known years ago, that these quiet impressions were really the voice of Christ directing me, and not just originating in my own head.

        I would have been able to trust them so much sooner. I remember going to the Lord in prayer over a big thing years ago, and just telling Him that because I was not getting an obvious answer I was just going to go with my gut feeling, and could He let me know if it was wrong.

        I look back on that now, and I know clearly that I was being answered in the form of my “gut feeling”. When I read FTL everything became so much clearer. It was like I could see this visual of “the path” and knew I was on it. Even though I had been going in the general diretion my whole life, now I am actually on it and feel as though I can move so much more efficiently with my understanding opened up. Thankyou Bro. John for turning the light on for me!

        I think the biggest thing for me to overcome, is trusting that these feelings are actually coming from the Lord. I have been trying to just say “O.K. is that it Lord, are you speaking to me? Alright…” and then just going and doing it. I think it is working. I feel a little more confident in taking the actions.


  9. Chris says:

    Bro John,
    Sorry for not chiming in quickly. This single truth you have so diligently proclaimed has been the hearst blessing and frustration for me. The simplicity of the way makes the burden of getting it right in this life so much more believable, but the challenge of changing, of refocusing our daily attention to such a tiny, hard to detect, quiet, unobtrusive tool frustrates me daily. Like many others I’m so used to doing based on my thinking rather than slowing down and listening. As Neal A Maxwell said do well, “Slow me down, Lord, that Thy spirit may quicken me.”


  10. K-Jo says:

    Yes! I think for many the question is whether or not they really hear the spirit or if it is some other voice. (You covered how to tell the difference beautifully in “Following the Light”). I know that learning to hear the voice of the spirit takes consistency, dedication, daily effort and obedience. For many (myself included) consistency alone can be a problem. Just finding time alone to ponder and commune is a challenge. But how beautiful, gentle, compassionate and kind our Father in Heaven is to give us a gift, that if developed, makes the gospel and seeking His face such a very individual journey for each of us.

    The last post was great, Brother John. It was just one of those busy days when I didn’t have much pondering time 🙂


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