Your Experiences Please

I was really interested in your comments yesterday. They ranged from evil spirits to additional helps for studying the scriptures. I think you are all awesome. It’s fun to Un-Blog with you because I feel the Spirit so often.

I really want to encourage you to try to “Sequentially Studying the Scriptures” as I posted for a few days, then write me back on how it went.

It has been so powerful for me – and has actually been the beginning steps that turned into several published books. One of these was the novel “We Three Kings”, about Nephites visiting Bethlehem in search of the Christ Child. It began as a question, then a page of research, a map, a few drawings, and then I could see a story there, so I wove all that research into a novel, which gave it a much more realistic feel and flavor. As a matter of fact, Deseret Book declined to publish it because they felt people might mistake it for a historical novel, and not just fiction.

Please give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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8 Responses to Your Experiences Please

  1. ajcorbe says:

    I too have learned so much from John’s fiction & non-fiction books. I even sent Sherri Dew @ Deseret a letter begging her to pick up, publish all of John’s books. We Three Kings is beautiful. All are perfect gifts & I’m hoping to afford hard copies as well as kindle Editions.
    Here’s hoping they all become available again!
    Thanks John for all you did & thank you, Terri for working to complete & keep bis works available. (BRING BACK FOLLOWINGTHELIGHT.ORG!) :)’
    …if you can, please! (:
    Thanks, Amy


  2. Annette says:

    John- I have read ALL of your fiction books (as well as your non-fiction!), and loved them all. I would highly recommend them to anyone–and have done so frequently!


  3. Juli says:

    “We Three Kings” was one of the best reads, fictionally, I have had to-date – until I read your fiction based on FTL. “We Three Kings” blessed our family one year at Christmastime and really kept us in the ‘spirit.’

    Love, Juli


    • Pearl says:

      What is the fiction based on FTL?


      • John Pontius says:

        I wrote the “Millenniel Quest” series to illustrate the principles in FTL. The first two books were published by CFI, then they dropped the series due to poor sales. Sighhhhhhhh.

        The story takes a young man named Sam through his life, learning to listen to the Spirit, through many trials and blessings, including speaking with the Lord, becoming translated, helping one of the tribes of Israel relocate to Zion, the destruction of civilization, the second coming, the buidling of the temple in Zion, the 144,000 and into the Millennium.

        The remaining three books can be downladed from for free.



    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Juli,

      I am so pleased and honored to hear that. “We Three Kings” was the funnest novel I’ve written to date. Two things made it fun for me. The first was that after I got the ship headed for Jerusalem, the slave girl, Andi, just pops into the story. I hadn’t planned her and was surprised to have her just show up. She had a life and personality all of her own. When I write novels I am watching it unfold in my mind, like watching a private movie. The characters often get out of control (of what I planned for them) and do things that surprise me. I just sit there and write it down as I see it happening. Andi was the most interesting and fun part of that story for me because I never had control of her. She just came, did her thing, left a warm spot in my heart, and left.

      The other part of the story that warmed my heart was Nephi and Andi meeting the Christ child. I had such a lump in my throat and burning in the bosom. I portrayed the Christ child as a normal two-year-old who already knew who he was. These were thoughts and visual images few mortals have reason to conjur.

      I am glad you enjoyed it,



  4. Jason Lewis says:

    I recently finished a study project and have been in search of the right next study experience for me. I felt that I needed to study the scriptures topically and so for this week have been working may way through the topical guide. Throughout though it has felt like something was missing. Yesterday I prayed for guidance and the Spirit confirmed this was an answer to a prayer in my kind of timeline 🙂 I am so excited to begin this for myself. The blessings of the knowledge that I know will flow will far outweigh the extra date written in the front of my Book of Mormon for yet one more time I sped through the book. Thanks again!



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