I was Born Dead

You may remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I had become friends with a man who has died three times, and each time he had had a profound “near death experience” (NDE).

Today he came to my home and spent three hours recording a small part of his experiences. He has agreed to allow me to write and publish them. He decided by protecting his identity, that he would be better able to tell it completely, and at least for now, to avoid unnecessary attention and disruption of his life and profession. He does not want any public notice, and only hopes that his experiences will help people recognize the blessings and challenges we face in the latter days.

I was concerned a little that there might not be enough story to fill a book, but I can tell you now that his experiences are so detailed, and so profound, and so spiritual in nature, that it would take volumes to record it all. The thing that is startling to me is that he has seen so much to do with our day, and the events shortly to happen.

As I talk with him the Spirit surrounds us, and I am convinced that he has seen one of the most detailed and prophetic visions of the near future that a mortal has ever received. What is most interesting is that it isn’t of the history of the world, just what will occur in his lifetime.

The other amazing thing is that he is so humble and unassuming. He is one of those people who just glows with the Spirit. He told me today that he has seen Christ three times. He described everything about Him, the way He spoke, yet most of what my friend learned was in visions and unspoken understandings. My friend described what it was like to hear your name spoken by the Savior, and what joy and eternal worth He sees in us is stored in just one name.

The most amazing thing he said today was, “I was born dead.” Then he told me the most amazing story I have ever heard. I don’t think I’ve ever heard or read the words “I was born dead”. They are such an oxymoron that they are unthinkable. Yet, after he told me the tale – it’s true, he was born dead.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity. I think my life’s journey would not be completed until it is done and published where it can bless the lives of the saints in these perilous times. I expect it to take at least two years to turn all of this information into a book. But, I do believe it will be one of the most intriguing and spiritually uplifting books of our day.

So, this is more or less my excuse for not Un-Blogging today. I’ll get back in the saddle tomorrow with another Un-Blog about our journey to the veil – which seems oddly wonderful in light of what my friend just told me.

Brother John

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I am a lover of truth.
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23 Responses to I was Born Dead

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Bro John,

    My first post to your blog.. I’m reading backward from earliest to latest, so this post falls somewhere in the middle. Regarding publishing, were you aware of the self publishing service called lulu? http://www.lulu.com A person that I know has published a book this way.


    • John Pontius says:

      Yes, I have looked at LuLu. It’s a brave new publishing world out there. I also know that Amazon Kindle can be a very good publishing method. There are reportedly great successes on Kindle.

      At any rate, welcome to the Unblog.



  2. Clint says:

    As you work on this project I hope you will consider the message that Denver Snuffer put on his blog on this post:



    • Clint says:


      I wasn’t referring to this blog or your books but the potential project of writing about this man’s NDE’s experiences etc. If it is only to titillate and doesn’t help us come to Christ then that is where the potential problem could lie. But if you will keep that in mind and follow the spirit then all will be well. But I am afraid that we have too many of these NDE’s published that only titillate.



      • John Pontius says:

        I understand now. You are right, of course, and I appreciate your comment even more now that I understand it.

        The purpose of this new book would not be to entertain or titillate. The thing that intrigued me about this gentleman’s experience is that he has had three NDE’s and dozens of visionary experiences since then during his normal life. He told me last week that it was as if after his third NDE, “someone left the door open” to the spirit world. His views of the near future are eye-opening, very edifying, a little frightening and spiritually relavent to our times, especially to our responsibility to qualify ourselves to build Zion. I will know more after our interviews are concluded a few months from now, but thus far, I am thrilled by what he has told me. When we speak the Spirit is often so strong that my heart is full to overflowing, and I can hardly imagine that a human in our day has had such experiences, and never spoken of them simply because the Lord asked him not to. I consider it a glorious privilege to be involved. And – I promise to be very careful in the ways you have advised.

        Thank you again,



  3. alicia says:

    Dear Brother John,
    I can hardly wait for all of the wonderful experiences your friend has had to be written down and published. The fact that he has seen and experienced so much spiritually gives me hope. Truly, there are Christ-centered individuals living here upon the earth…you being one of those people. I love you, SO much.
    Your daughter,


  4. Jodi Sadleir says:

    Two years to hear, see or read what he has gone through? Wow that’s a long time to wait, and i’m not very patient. Hurry!


  5. Cheryl Dilworth says:

    Hi John, NDE has been a keen interest of my for years and have found the experiences to uplifting in regards of the tremendous love everyone with a NDE has felt from the Savior. My question is regarding it taking 2 years to write the experience of your friend. With things happening so fast in regards to the last days, and with the evil onslaught against good and our government, do we have two years to wait for the book on his NDE experience? Is there any way of doing a chapter from time to time? (Wishful thinking) I am anxious to read about it. Sincerely, your friend and former resident of Kooskia. PS please say hi to your mother.


  6. K-Jo says:

    A few crumbs would be nice 🙂 Also, I love to transcribe…..so if I can be of service, let me know 🙂



  7. Kim says:

    Dear John-
    This sounds like a wonderful project for you, a natural capstone to your previous books. Most of the time people who experience passing through the veil and meeting with the Savior can’t say much about the experience afterwards, at least not publicly. But an NDE is a little different, it often *can* be spoken and written about, without offending the Spirit.

    It’s another testimony of Christ to add to the growing volume of testimony you’ve begun here. I look forward to reading it when you are finished.



  8. cheyenne brashear says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us Brother John, I feel like everyone else on here that I can hardly wait to get this book in my hands! What exciting and scary times we live in. Brother C.


  9. Pearl says:

    Oh, I am looking forward to this! Do you have any crumbs you can share with us along the two-year wait?

    Should we start working on a cover now? (just kidding 🙂 )


    • John Pontius says:

      Haha, you made me laugh. You might be right about starting the cover now! Or I could just be smart and insist in the contract that I retain editorial control over the covers. That might make solve it too.

      When something especially wonderful comes up I will try to share it. But, it would add a full year to get it published if I write it twice – once for the Un-
      Blog, and then again for the book.

      I hope you understand.


      • Pearl says:

        Sighhhhhh. 2013 it is, then. May the Lord bless you both in your efforts.

        So many of the NDEs I’ve read throw up red flags in one way or another – I hope this one does not. 🙂


  10. darrell brashear says:

    I would love to read a book about his experiences! I must admit, brother John, the Lord has rewarded you with some extraordinary company based upon this unblog and other comments you made in the past.

    I would definately buy the book.
    Brother D.


    • John Pontius says:

      I feel the same way, Brother D. I have met some amazing people who are on the same narrow path I’m on. They have helped me understand many things, and to see more clearly into my own journey. That is a tender mercy, because, as many of you have mentioned, it can be a lonely journey.

      My great comfort is that my wife has the same testimony, faith and desries that I do. We often spend hours talking about great and glorious things together. She helps me keep my head from spinning off when I learn new things. She is a believing soul, like I am. I think this is a rare thing to have two people so equally yoked in these things.


      • Jodi Sadleir says:

        HOw blessed you are, I don’t have this same relationship with my spouse, and I yearn to have someone to share my deep spiritual feelings with, and the thing’s I’ve learned. I keep telling everyone about your blog, since I found it a week ago. I love to have this as an expression of my innermost thoughts. I agree with Karen, how greatful I am to you for the time and serve you give to all of us with no expectation of compensation. Thank You so very much. Sister Jodi


        • John Pontius says:

          I am so grateful for all of your comments and encouragement. I am confident that if the Lord wants this new book out sooner, it will happen. Part of the reason for the two years is that my friend is very busy, and we can only meet once a week. He has so much detail that it will take many meetings to gather the information, then about a year for me to write it, and almost a year (if I succeed in finding a publisher) for them to print and market the book.

          Let me assure you, however, that if no publisher wants to take it on (which happens more often than not) I will print it myself and make it available to as many as want it.

          Jodi, thank you for what you said in your comment. I know you already know this, but it doesn’t really matter what cross we are asked to bear – our path is the same – which is to learn to hear and obey the Holy Spirit, submit, obey, bless and serve, ask, seek and knock. I promise the heavens do open.


  11. Karen says:

    Well, I have to say that from my end this is going to be two of the LONGEST years of my life waiting for this book to get done! I’ll be hoping for a miracle that it really won’t be that long. 🙂

    BTW, love the books and the blog. Read FTL a little over a year ago after the birth of my seventh child. The spirit was thick at that special time. It was just what I needed to move me forward at a faster rate than ever before in my jouney. I appreciate the sacrifice of time it requires of you and hope you know how much it is helping people press forward with a steadfastness in Christ. I have only commented once before after your fireside in February…but I read the blog faithfully. Thanks.


    • John Pontius says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Karen. These are going to also be two wonderful years filled with faith and miracles. This book has the Lord’s hand in it, and it will come out when it is time.


  12. TDG says:

    What a wonderful experience it would be to hear this man’s story. I would love too have the book in my hands right now. This is going to be a long two year wait 🙂


    • John Pontius says:

      For me too. We recorded for three hours yesterday and then we were out of time. Even tired from typing hard for three hours, I hated to see it come to an end. It could easily happen quicker, but my average time from concept to physical book in my hands is 2 years. Thanks for the interest.


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