God Bless America

Last Friday we drove up to Sundance in Provo Canyon and watched the Utah Symphony play an American Heritage concert. It was a long drive, then a long walk to the tram, then a long ride to about half-way up the mountain, then another long walk to the amphitheater. We found ourselves sitting on rough log seats, slightly above stage level. The acoustics were perfect, and the Utah Symphony was nearly flawless. They performed music from American composers, each a little more rousing and patriotic than the last.

The Sunday before, we went to the Marriott Center and watched the patriotic service there. In a few days we’re going to go hear a patriotic Pops Concert. In October we’re going to Boston and Washington DC to see the national “treasures” of those areas. I told my sweetheart, “I want to see them before someone nukes them”. I was at least partly serious.

My understanding of the latter-day tribulations suggests that this nation, and the constitution that has made her magnificent, will just barely survive those days, and even then, only if the Elders of Israel arise to their full stature and save it. I have no doubt that we will arise in that dark time, but I also have no doubt that the only reason it could need our saving hand is if this great democracy has undergone dramatic and destructive alterations.

America has been the birthplace of freedom, the womb of religious freedom, and the arms that cradled the newborn Kingdom of God. God has blessed America. No other place, no other people, and no other time has been more blessed. The vast majority of spiritual and technological singularity events (which is an event or discovery that changes everything forever) occurred here, and from there rolled forth to fill the whole earth. So shall it be when Christ returns to our Latter-day Zion.

And so I say, God Bless America again, and again, and forever.

Brother John

(Have a wonderful 4th. We’ll rest from Un-Blogging until the 6th of July.)

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I am a lover of truth.
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2 Responses to God Bless America

  1. Kim says:

    I and my sweetheart are currently visiting DC, which we haven’t seen since about 1983. Everything in this city is important. Every corner whispers ” we remember, do you?”.

    Just outside the city there lies Arlington National Cemetery. A more holy place would be hard to find. You still have to approach the Tomb of the Unknowns in utter silence, and continue to watch in perfect quiet while the Army Honor Guard performs its ceremony.

    I can’t describe how it feels to see this ceremony, it has to be experienced in person. The largest thought occupying my mind at the time I watched it was-This is the living memory of our country, for and in behalf of all our fellow countrymen who gave their lives as willing sacrifices and as a testimony to every generation to follow that our country still honors the values they gave their lives to defend.

    I found comfort in this. Our country has not forgotten. Here where the seat of government is, there might be great trouble brewing, true, but the overwhelming impression is of the unknown men and women of honor who do not forget, who refuse to allow us to forget. I don’t think we can slip the ties that bind us to our past so easily. This country won’t go gently into the night.

    The constitution might be ignored practically into a coma, it can be reinterpreted a hundred myriad ways until it’s original intent can scarcely be detected, but they can’t change it’s actual words (not without convening a special constitutional congress created especially for the object off reforming or rewriting the document), and even then it’s practically impossible to do.

    This Republic was made holy by the shedding of blood, and it continues to be so today. That enigmatic comment by Joseph Smith might not have meant the complete overthrow of the Constitution, nor the entire overthrow of our country, but only a very seriously wounding. When the day comes for the Savior’s return, I can’t help but feel the Stars and Stripes will still fly over-head.


  2. Donald says:

    I’m glad you had a good experience at Sundance. Best wishes for safe and happy travel to DC.

    I spent my morning reviewing and pondering 3 Nephi 21.

    boy oh boy are we in for a ride….imo. There is no question that the Father is in control and the WORK of the FATHER continues to unfold.


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