Fear No Evil

This Un-Blog has been going now for over a year. I quite often think of some wonderful principle, or spiritual understanding I wish to share, and then remember that I’ve already Un-Blogged about it. I also know that the priceless truths of the gospel are hard to embed in someone’s heart with mere words, so I don’t feel too bad about repeating myself now and then.

One of the truths I have mentioned before that actually still surprises me, is that “spirituality” isn’t entirely like opening a door into a world filled with light. Every time I have sought, fought for, paid the price for, and obtained some new spiritual footing, it has opened the door to equal and opposite light and dark.

I believe the prototype of this phenomenon is the first vision, when the powers of darkness tried to destroy Joseph even while the Father and Son were riding the celestial escalator to earth. They allowed it to occur. Everything must occur according to Divine law, so there must be some fine print somewhere in the “Constitution of Mortal Life” which gives the powers of darkness this power of opposition to all things good.

In very much the same way as increasing our ability to hear the Holy Spirit seems to increase our ability to hear proportionately stronger temptations and lies, seeking and obtaining the gift of seeing spiritual beings, comes with an equal view of the darker side of that same world of seen spiritual beings. It can be frightening, and a little chilling to experience such things. But the good news, in my limited experience, is that each greater blessing I have been blessed to experience was heralded first by some form of opposition of the same type as the blessings that shortly followed. It is a somewhat ironic witness that we are on the right path to something greater. It doesn’t seem to be something we can avoid.

When we triumph it will be because we walked through the flames, not around them. We will rejoice in the eternal day because we have experienced and rejected the world of darkness. Jesus Christ chose to descend “below all things” so that we could, with Christ, rise above all things.

We fear no evil because Jesus Christ conquered evil, and paid the price for our everlasting triumph. When we experience dark things on our journey into the light, our role in this divine drama is not to conquer evil, but to conquer ourselves, and by His grace, to conquer our pride, our fears, and our flaws. We are the ransomed ones, not because we are great, or chosen, or reserved, but because we love and obey Him. It isn’t merely that we might someday engage and win, but that we already are. The earth is His footstool, and by the empowerment of His atonement we are even now walking through the towering flames of opposition back into His presence.

Brother John

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I am a lover of truth.
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11 Responses to Fear No Evil

  1. Elizabeth Jenson says:

    Thank you much Brother John. I will study those other posts you mentioned. I do appreciate your wise words. We have a spiritual home with a strong priesthood holder. We have many young children and try to keep out worldy things and bring them up in truth. I have always been bothered by dark spirits in that they are annoying and I have to cast them out multiple times at night by raising my arm to the square. Sometimes I swat at them if they are buzzing around my head too much when I am trying to sleep. But only when I start progressing in light rapidly have I had these two types of experiences: 1. I wake up suddenly to many dark spirits diving at me in bed. The fear is most intense. After this went on for a while I was able to receive the help of spirits of light in holding them back from me. I know Jesus Christ will rectify any situation and fears that come up, I just hate having the experiences first! 2. My spirits YANKS up my body from a deep sleep to a sudden sitting position and I see an evil spirit coming toward me in my room and the fear is greater than anything I have experienced. You are right – they can’t hurt me or do anything to me. They love to scare me and truthfully, in the past, they have dissuaded me from seeking more light because of the fear. At this point in my life I won’t back down but I do know I have some work in tempering my reaction to them. I have to tell you one more thing. Last night after I read many of your blog posts, I had the strongest feelings of love and light. (I am famliiar with your works, have read both your books, but have not read your blog). I have read many other wonderful LDS commentaries and my feelings afterward have not compared. When I laid down to go to sleep the vibrations on/in my body (I’m not too familiar with this) were going so fast like a hummingbird. I could physically HEAR the whirring sound. It was quite amazing. Thank you and much love.


    • John Pontius says:

      You must have a great mission and great possibilities if they are trying so hard to strike you down with fear. I haven’t heard of anyone having this graphic of problems. I believe when they realize they can no longer frighten you, that they will leave you alone.



  2. Elizabeth Jenson says:

    I am struggling with the very topic of this unblog and am startled to come across it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this matter as I know it was an intended answer for me to find. I am experiencing situations with some dark spiritual beings as I seek greater light and it is very fearful for me. I don’t know if I even want to see spiritual beings of light now because of my fear! But my path is set and the spirit is guiding me. There is no turning back. I always seem to miss your firesides as I used to live in Utah and we are now in San Diego. I would love to see you in Southern California sometime. Blessings to you and yours and thank you for your words. You have been a true messenger in my life.


    • John Pontius says:


      There are several Un-Blogs on this subject of being affected by dark spirits. This serves a purpose in our journey, to make us aware of their presence, and to get us to intelligently conduct our lives so we overcome their influence. This stage will pass. It is not permanent. My suggestion is that you look at this education as interesting, rather than fearful. They can’t hurt you. Their only tool is to make you “feel the chill” of their presence. Use the Priesthood, if you have it in your home. You, yourself can raise your arm to the square and command them to leave.

      If you let fear inhibit your growth, then they win. Really, there is nothing they can do to you, unless you choose to back off on your righteous desires.

      Spirituality is a growing sensitivity to the world of spirits – and in that world there are good spirits, and bad spirits. Just remain faithful and keep pushing forward.

      Quite often when this goes on for an overly long time, there is someone in your home inviting it. This can be actual satanic things, or pornography, bad movies, bad music, and the like. One of the things you can do is to find what or who is doing these things, and eliminate those influences. Prayer will lead you to the correct answers.

      God Bless,



  3. Dixie Cardoza says:

    Brother Pontius,

    I can’t express enough how much I have benefitted from your books, The Triumph of Zion and Following the Light of Christ into His Presence. They have changed my outlook on seeing what may be possible to achieve in this life. Thanks so much for sharing all you do with us. Your unblog has become one of my favorite sites.



  4. Maggie says:

    Brother Pontius,

    Thank you for your books. I am currently reading “The Triumph of Zion.” I cannot find scriptural references to support pg # 53 that lists several people from the OT who were translated. For example, Eliezer and Serah. Could you let me know where you received your information. Thank you!


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Maggie,

      Thank you for asking. The reference is footnote 37 on page 60. It is from a book by Lewis Ginsberg, “The Legends of the Jews”. There are many page references there. Ginsberg is not LDS, but his 7 volume work is considered one of the best on the history of the Jews, including Old Testament times.

      John Pontius


  5. Chris says:

    I guess this is what trips so many of us up. Things hit a point where they seem to be going OK for a while and so you ask yourself, “Is it going well because I’ve been battling through a lot of opposition or because I’m not doing anything to draw the attention of the Adversary?”

    It would be nice to have an easy measuring stick. Though I’d rather look to the silver lining rather than the dark cloud, what has been your experience? As you’ve pushed on, struggled, fought for the blessings, has there been more opposition or ease? And when the payoff for a particular struggle arrives, does it give you enough encouragement, enough fuel to keep going? And is the breather you may get last long enough or is that short-lived before another onslaught? Or is there really any pattern to it?


  6. Birrd says:

    Your words give me courage. Thank you.


  7. K-Jo says:

    I wouldn’t worry about repeating yourself, Brother John…..you always say things in a different way which sheds a little more light with a little different twist thus allowing the principles to touch more people. Say on, my friend, say on 🙂


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