The Springville Miracle

Sunday evening I was excited to share a fireside with the Springville area Single Adults. It was a spiritual and uplifting evening for me. I enjoyed meeting these wonderful people and speaking on the subject of how to “Lay Hold upon Every Good Thing.” I was impressed with the people, and with their leaders, and thank Donna and those involved for the invitation and opportunity.

Tomorrow I will try to Un-Blog on the same subject because it is a wonderful blessing and promise that we can actually “lay hold upon ever good thing.”

The story within the story was that earlier that day I was not feeling well. I made it to church, be felt like going home every minute I was there. By the time the meetings were over I was doubting I could do this fireside. I was completely hoarse in addition to feeling badly.

My wife was scheduled to be set apart for a new calling right after church, so we met in the Bishop’s office to do that. After her setting apart, I had a prompting for about the third time to ask the Bishop to also give me a blessing. He consented happily. In the blessing he promised me I would be strengthened in my voice, and in my health so that I could continue to accomplish the work which the Lord had assigned me – in this fireside and beyond that. It was a sweet blessing, and he said some other things that were comforting to me, things which I knew were true, but which the Bishop could not have, which gave me quiet assurance that he was speaking the mind of the Lord.

As soon as I stood up I felt a little stronger, but my voice was still a whisper. As we were driving to the fireside my voice was almost totally hoarse, and I felt only slightly better. I stood up to speak knowing I didn’t have a voice. Yet, when I began, my voice was stronger, and I did not feel ill at all. After the fireside I was not hoarse, and I felt physically normal except that my feet were killing me from standing so long. Even as I write this my voice remains strong and my strength is better than most days.

In my lifetime I haven’t asked for many priesthood blessings. I’m not sure why this is. I have given hundreds of blessings, and have great faith in priesthood blessings when the words are inspired of God. I guess I just don’t want to bother anyone. Each time I have asked for a blessing it was because the Holy Spirit prompted me repeatedly to do so, and each time the result has been powerful and miraculous, as it was last night.

So part of the miracle of last night was the blessing of being able to feel the Holy Ghost blessing us with words of truth and comfort to the good people of Springville, and the other part was the miracle of having a voice to say them at all.

Brother John

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3 Responses to The Springville Miracle

  1. Jared says:

    All right, I guess I’ll spill the beans. I’m talking about the Oklahoma City Temple. I do not know this as fact, but I suspect that all LDS temples have a Holy of Holies, whether it is public knowledge or not.



  2. Donald says:

    Jared…. are you talking about the Salt Lake Temple?


  3. Jared says:

    For the last four weeks I have been trying to get to the temple; but I have been swamped with need-to-do tasks. Then last Friday I suddenly had the time, but for some reason I just didn’t want to. The day went from bad to worse. I felt very discouraged and overwhelmed. I had a massive head ache.

    Suddenly, in the evening, I decided I NEEDED URGENTLY to get to the temple. So I informed my wife of this and left.

    As I got in the car, I suddenly realized that my head ache was gone. I felt fine. I had a wonderful time there.

    Afterward, I got to help with the cleaning. I got to vacuum the second Ordinance Room and the Second Sealing Room.

    Very few people know that the mysterious door in the Second Sealing Room which is always locked is actually the door to that temple’s Holy of Holies. Whenever I am next to that door and no one is looking I always do the same thing: I reach out and touch the handle, then I turn it and pull; but of course the door cannot open. All the same, this always gives me an electric thrill. Only the Temple President and General Authorities are allowed in this room without special invitation.

    I yearn with all my heart to some day be invited into that most sacred place.

    The whole evening was magical.



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