Aiming Higher

Sometimes the subject for an Un-Blog lands on me like a water balloon, and I am immersed immediately in ideas, words and Spirit. Most of the time, however, I ponder a great deal, searching my soul and the heavens for the brightest inspiration.

Almost eighteen months ago I had been told that I had about six months to live. As I pondered my life then, and what would happen to those I loved after I was gone, I realized that there was so much I had not told my children. Most of my life has been filled with revelation, truth, visions and spiritually powerful events. I have seen the heavens opened, heard the voice of God with my mortal ears, and conversed with angels. Most of it was only known to myself. I had been specifically tasked with saying nothing about these things for decades.

The Spirit wrought upon me with the idea of un-clogging the spiritual drains of my soul, and releasing all of these precious things, not just for my children and wife, but for as many as could benefit. It was a thrilling and also daunting assignment. I didn’t really care if I was criticized for being too personal or too spiritually explicit because I didn’t plan to be around to hear any of it. It was daunting because I didn’t know how I could condense a lifetime of experience into any number of pages in the time I thought remained to me. Nevertheless, the name “UnBlogMySoul” came into my mind, and I knew it was what I should do.

In the year that I have Un-blogged my soul, I have felt pretty fearless. I have felt liberated by the shortness of my life to say anything the Spirit brought to my mind.

I did not consider what might happen, other than creating a written record of my spiritual journey. It didn’t matter much to me who or how many might be interested in what I was writing. I was Un-Blogging my soul because it was the right thing for me to do, not because I was creating an identity, or caring about statistics or comments or criticism.

It was unexpected for the chemo to actually work – it usually doesn’t in advanced cases like mine. My disease will never actually go into remission, but it is controlled at least for this moment. I wasn’t expecting to unblog nearly 400 pages and 180,000 words. I wasn’t expecting to live long enough to do any of these things. I also never considered that I would ever un-blog everything the Holy Spirit would let me – to actually achieve a state of un-bloggedness – to become fully un-blogged. It’s almost inconceivable – like actually writing down every thought you have ever had.  

The Spirit has been whispering to me for several months that the purpose of the Un-Blog has been accomplished. I have been pondering what that actually means, and what the Lord is asking me to do now.

I have happily concluded that the Un-Blog is not supposed to end, but rather to aim higher, to be less about me recording my spiritual journey, and more about conquering in this common struggle we all face as Celestial beings in a Telestial world.

I still want the Un-Blog to be 100% positive, uplifting and inspiring, yet more focussed upon OUR journey, instead of mine. I feel like we should begin at the beginning and talk about how to thrive spiritually while fully within the fires that prove and purify us. Your part in this is to add your experiences, your faith, your triumphs and even your trials when they are uplifting. I know that you are very good at this. Together we can Un-Blog OUR Soul.

In this last year I have unexpectedly acquired a spiritual family, the Un-Blog family, with whom I now hope to share a few more years of identifying, seeking and obtaining the great, greater and greatest blessings, and of fearlessly Un-Blogging those things as a witness for all time that the Lord did and does make bare his holy arm in these Latter days, and that His greatest blessings were shared among us.

Brother John

© August 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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20 Responses to Aiming Higher

  1. I’m a little late to the unblog family, but im here. And I love it!


  2. larue says:

    Jareth, I loved your comment. How important it is to seek the higher road and leave the world behind. Thank you for all your comments


  3. Diane Hawkes says:

    Dear Brother John,
    You give me courage that possibly I might have something of worth to share, as I too work my way around this winding trail of life. I hope you can continue to be with us as you are such an amazing teacher and my cup has been filled many times by your “unblogmysoul” messages. I have had my own struggles with cancer and yes it has taught me many worthwhile things. I am so grateful and my heart is full.

    Thank you,



  4. Brenda Esselman says:

    A small tiny joy might be if people would sign the unblog including their location. State, Providence etc. I would so love to know if there is anyone in North Carolina following this blog.


  5. jareth says:

    As i read this and the comments of others a powerful feeling began to arrise in my heart, almost an electrical yet peaceful glow seemed to come from within somewhere. For many years of my life i have seen myself struggle, seen others struggle, and have watched changes and growths from the sidelines as i myself continued on in both dark and light. It seems to me that there are some very special people that are a part of this unblog, and special because the savior has called them to hear the very words written down and recorded by his power alone.A question was one time asked in priesthood class maybe a year ago or two, and the question was “What is meant by walking on higher ground” This was asked by our stake presidents two counselors. The room was mostly silent at the time, and some people commented on it but for the most part the question went unanswered. I remember knowing the answer to that question, and felt like i should provide an answer. I was stopped from doing so because of fear, immediately i felt that my answer would go unseen and uncared about because it pertained to the more spiritual side of the matter, it pertained to actually hearing the lords voice personally uin our very hearts and souls through the powerful voice of the spirit.
    At that time i also remained silent, feeling that it would do no good to answer the question. After all i was always told that we shouldnt go into the deeper knowledge, that we should not discuss things that were deep and personal, nor answer questions in that manner, that we should only stick to the basics. I remember walking out of class regreting that i did not stand up for knowledge that i had obtained from the holy ghost, regreting that i didnt answer something that i knew was true for me and could have helped enlighten others. However i do not have that regret now, the positive light that i now have is something that this unblog has taught me to do, and that is stand up for those things which we recieve and rely completely upon the Savior alone to teach us when to do that.
    I also feel an awakening that has begun and still continues to arrise as a powerful confirmation to my heart, mind and soul that the course spoken of on the unblog is totally true and is the only way to obtain every blessing. Iam excited to share every experience that i have had in my personal life, all of the positive things, anything from the powerful testimony that the Savior has given me to a number of very wonderful experiences that he has blessed me with it is not every day that you have the chance to pour out your heart to a family of spiritual beings who are all on the same pathway together, it is not every day that you can hear about others and see the same light in them that you yourself has recieved. However different each of our circumstances, i am excited to see the flame, walk through it and talk about striving through those fires spoken of that purify us.
    I hope to provide enlightenment as i listen to the holy ghost and hear what he wants me to say and reveal, Iam thankful to you brother john for your humility and your keen sensitivity to the voice of the Savior himself, it is because of that keenness that so many seek the same desire knowing that they too can have this blessing. I am seeing more and more that those who trust in the Saviors arm alone are the ones who shed forth the true light of the gospel and in that light bring about the cause of zion.
    My answer to that priesthood class back then would have bbeen that moving to higher ground was all symbolic. A journey is what i would have desribed it as, a journey of your heart moving away from a city full of sin, lies and darkness, and climbing a spiritual mountain by the direction of the holy ghost, the ultimate voice of truth and inspiration to a higher ground where one could actually speak with the Savior and see his face once at the top. I would have described as moving from the valley to a beautiful place where resides all of the answers to every question in the universe and beyond. A spiritual call is made to those in the world to leave this city in the valley where machines for the most part rule people, where voices of deception constantly steal away the truth but once those who are called make the choice to hear it there is a mountain where the freshenss of the air, and nature remind us of what is and always was important to us and then the journey begins.
    I hope that question is one day asked to me again, and instead of ignoring what i know, i will be able to answer it by the spirit knowing that it could help benefit another, or maybe many others, i was afraid back then but because of this unblog and the family that is here and the voice of revelation im not afraid anymore. This gospel, this light, this revelation, this power all belongs to the Savior, remembering that i plan to answer every question anyone asks me with total peace in my heart knowing that i have been given the gift to speak , and this time really speak because the awakening is real.

    Thank you brother john your inspirations are very helpful, iam happy to know that like walking to higher ground, this site will continue in a very spiritual phrase called, Aiming Higher which i think will be even more powerful than before, my heart feels a special impression even a call . Thank you Jareth.


  6. Amy Weston says:

    Hallelujah, Brother Pontius, this un-blog is so uplifting! I am so excited to hear the direction the un-blog is taking. I would love to hear how to THRIVE SPIRITUALLY through the fire.

    I was thinking, as I was reading this un-blog, about this time in my life and how sometimes I thrive and sometimes I just barely survive. I was thinking how I am like a cell phone, some days (Sunday in particular) I get so used and abused my spiritual batteries are nearly dead. The thing (on that day) that recharges me is our study groups Family Home Evenings, I actually feel during these moments alive, enlightened, and blessed with the spirit.

    This un-blog, our study group gatherings, sweet moments with family members, days when my husband and I study together, my own personal moments when the spirit of God whispers something wonderful in my ear that testifies straight to my heart, and believing in the end result (Zion) are my consolation, these are the things that get me through and help me to endure.

    I just want to say that I believe in Zion and what it is individually and collectively, what it is as a city and as a people. It feels like this building of Zion has begun here. I hope, if it is Gods will, that I may participate in building it. May God bless us all.


  7. grace says:

    I’m glad you’ll still be here.

    I recently read a presentation here by Lili Anderson.
    It really made me ponder if I have been trying to hard to “skip” from Telestial straight to Celestial. And wondering if perhaps she is right in that we need to get down the Terrestrial first. Even that can be hard. What do you think?


    • John Pontius says:

      I definitely agree. There is a divinely ordained sequence which cannot be short cut. When you finally see what that sequence is, it is always amazing to see that you are much further down the road than you imagined.


  8. Sharon Cox says:

    Interesting how things evolve line upon line. I look forward to reading what others have to share.

    Thanks Brother John!


  9. Brother George says:

    After reading this blog, Brother John, the first thing that came to my heart was ” Hurrah for Israel!, Hurrah for Israel!”
    I accept the task.


    • John Pontius says:

      I’m excited about it too, Brother George. It came to me over time, and with a little resistance because I have enjoyed the Un-Blog for almost a year, and was feeling sad to consider ending it. It has given me a purpose in dealing with each new day. I’m grateful I finally got the whole message, and look forward to the new direction.



  10. Clarice says:

    I think this is wonderful John. While I love reading your experiences and learn much from them, at the end of the day they are YOUR experiences, not mine. I want my own. I want to know how to do it.

    I think the phrase “to sacred to talk about” is from the Devil. This blog has shown how, many very sacred things can be talked about in a very sacred way. What good are any of these things if nobody ever knows about them?

    I feel very strongly that there is a “movement” happening. The spirit is lighting peoples mind up and they want to know more, they want to be and do more. As Isaiah said, people are starting to have their ears and eyes opened, and are being healed. I am very thankful for your efforts in sharing what you know about this journey back to the Lord.

    I know that it is an unusual thing to have the opportunity to communicate so easily about these things. I feel as though I have to take advantage of it as much as possible because it will not be indefinite. I could have never dreamed of this path only a year and a half ago! I had no idea it even existed!



    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Clarice,

      I agree, I see this movement too, though it is perhaps better described as an awakening. The word “movement” might be misconstrewed to mean a cult or a sect, or people who consider themselves better than others. I view it as a growing awareness of light and truth that has always surrounded us. My sister-in-law, Faith said after she realized that a pursuit of these greater blessings was hers to pursue, “I think I have heard the call of Zion”. I initially called my last book The Call of Zion because of her words. I retitled it “The Triumph of Zion” because my publisher was concerned it might sound as if I, the author, were calling people to Zion. He was right of course, but the first title is still my favorite. I beleive that what people are hearing is a divine call to prepare themselves to build Zion.



  11. Adam, Lindon, Utah says:

    My mom would always say, “so many in the church experience the gospel in black and white when they could be having it in technicolor.” What she meant by that is that there are dreams, visions, visitations and even seeing the Savior for ourselves that is available to us.

    My mom has passed away, but she was able to see the Savior and gained a witness for herself. She was commanded by the Lord to share this experience with her children when they were prepared to receive it. She shared this with me in a letter I received on my mission.

    I knew many of her strengths and weaknesses. Knowing that she was able to obtain this crowning event gave me hope that I might too venture and obtain the gift.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, it’s like hearing from a brother or a good friend. I’m able to gain insights and impressions that help me on my path.

    I’ve had a number of spiritual experiences that may be helpful to others. I will contribute to the Unblog family as prompted.


  12. Mary says:

    Dear Brother John

    I have been meaning to write you to let you know how much your un-blog has meant to me in my journey to Come Unto Christ.

    A dear friend of mine gave me your book, FTL, this past year. It has been an answer to my prayers. Your inspired words have brought clarification to my life through the Spirit. I liken it to hearing the message the missionaries shared with me at the age of 18. It simply completed the pieces to a puzzle that I had been trying to put together. At the time, I had been adding pieces to the puzzle of my life, and I thought the puzzle was coming together quite nicely. But the fullness of the gospel shared by two humble young men, brought not only the missing pieces to the puzzle, but another dimension all together. Your book, the Un-blog, and a few angels of light in my life, have allowed the Spirit to do the same on my current path.

    My girlfriend and I attended the Redlands Fireside and had the privilege of speaking briefly with you after the fireside. I drove in from about an hour away and did not know anyone when I arrived but felt like family when I left. I am grateful to Victoria and Jay for arranging that fireside. The Spirit opened up truths to my mind that night. I shall ever be grateful for your dear wife, who played the piano so beautifully and gently beckoned the Sprit into the meeting, and to you for sharing your time and the Lord’s message with us.

    Thank you for being obedient to the Sprit. Thank you for your consecrated life and talents which you so freely share. Thank you for your example!!
    I am so happy to hear that the un-blog will continue and “aim higher.” May God continue to sustain you to fulfill your mission….and all of us as well!



  13. Kristin says:

    I’m looking forward to being a part of this!


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