Guidelines for Comments

I would like to restate the Un-Blog guidelines for comments. We have a lot of new participants, and I want to ensure we are on the same sheet of music.

  1. Comments must be positive and not critical of the church or brethren.
  2. If you feel the Spirit while you write it, we will feel it as we read it, and we will all benefit from your time and words.
  3. I prefer comments that are relevant to the discussion at hand, though I have let many through that were inspiring.
  4. Sincere questions are always welcome.
  5. Personal stories should be uplifting and relevant to the discussion.
  6. Comments should be 250 words or less. (This is new, but important, so that the Un-Blog content remains interesting and readable.)

Lastly, I don’t intend to make the Un-Blog an open forum. I want to keep it a safe environment for the Un-Blog family.  I loved TDG’s phrase about allowing negative comments as “Casting swine before pearls”. I feel very protective of the sanctity of the content, and the need to keep it focussed and inspired.

I read every comment carefully before it is posted. I sometimes return a comment if it is hard to read, hard to understand or rambling and ask the author to improve it.

You know I love you and value your participation.

God bless,

Brother John


About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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2 Responses to Guidelines for Comments

  1. Pearl says:

    One the one hand I hear words here and there that make me feel like the Unblog is over and I feel like any other baby, “I don’t want to be weaned!”

    Then other comments make me think it will sort of be the same, but with more reader contribution…

    I guess I’m confused as to what’s really going on now. 🙂


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Pearl,

      To be honest, I’m trusting in the Lord to make this new direction even more valuable to readers. The idea I have is to use fewer of my personal experiences, and more from readers. I’m planning on focussing on what our promises are, as well as how to obtain them.

      Brother John


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