The Tongue of Angels

Mighty Prayer is much more than praying long, or praying hard. It begins only when we bring the Holy Spirit with us into our prayer chambers, and then yield our own voice to the voice of revelation. Then the Holy Spirit guides our words, and leads in worship and glorying that man alone cannot achieve. It is prayer of the highest order, and few experiences ennoble and enable with equal power.

It requires some effort, and some time, and a suitable background in hearkening to the Holy Spirit to achieve, but when it finally happens, you will walk away a new person in Christ.

There are two overarching reasons why we should press ourselves diligently to develop and deploy Mighty Prayer. The first is that it is a necessary and unavoidable bridge that we must cross on our quest for the full blessings of the gospel. The type of veil-rending faith we seek lies at the far side of the bridge called Mighty Prayer.

The second reason is that, in my personal experience at least, every grand spiritual event I sought for and eventually obtained, began as Mighty Prayer. It’s almost as if the angels who are charged by God with vending the greater blessings only speak the language of the Holy Spirit. They don’t seem to converse in earth-born language, and the very essence of Mighty Prayer is that the Holy Spirit teaches us what to say, and how to say it. In Mighty Prayer the Spirit lifts us, sanctifies us and dresses us in spotless spiritual white, and for that moment, for that blink of eternity, we know how to speak the tongue of angels.

Brother John

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11 Responses to The Tongue of Angels

  1. Adam says:

    This true pattern of prayer is taught in the temple, where we repeat the words of the prayer. It is also reaffirmed in the BofM

    3 Nephi 19:24
    And it came to pass that when Jesus had thus prayed unto the Father, he came unto his disciples, and behold, they did still continue, without ceasing, to pray unto him; and they did not multiply many words, for it was given unto them what they should pray, and they were filled with desire.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.


  2. Kathy Pitochelli says:

    This is a subject near and dear to my heart.

    After 42 years of much toil and struggle with the sorrows of life, prayer has become my best friend and the fruits of the Spirit have come as a result. It came slowly and sparsely at first as I was a new convert trying to wrap my head around the whole Holy Ghost thing as I was desperately praying for guidance in a trauma filled life.

    Answers came in many different forms; popular songs and church songs that carried the needed knowledge in their words. At times phrases came in scriptural language which was always my clue that they came from the Spirit because I don’t talk or think in scriptural language. At times words in a normal English conversation popped out of nowhere at the end of the day when I was in a peaceful and calm environment, which answered a spiritual dilemma for one of my children from the first part of the day.

    Prayer brought special teachers through friends who had gifts that I needed.

    Once, as a single mother raising four children and burning the candle at both ends and in the middle all at the same time, I asked a question in prayer and the answer came profoundly and powerfully like never before. Power filled my frame that was supernatural, a lengthy verbal answer as to things to come that would solve my problem and the knowledge brought me much comfort in those trying times.

    In the last few years I encountered a new set of dynamic trauma and needed the guidance from the Spirit more than ever. I prayed with new determination and strength, begging and pleading, keeping all the commandments strictly, attending the Temple weekly, expressing prayers of thankfulness for my life and the world around me on a continual basis. I asked for the Spirit to guide my prayer and I would be silent personally and just sit and blank out my mind from my own thoughts and wait…..Three words came in scriptural language, I repeated them in my own mind and immediately three more were given and I repeated those in my own thoughts. Then three more were given and they made no sense. I paused for a moment but then repeated them in my own thoughts anyway and then was immediately given three more words that made sense of the first three. That was when I realized that the Spirit was waiting for me to show faith in repeating the three words that didn’t make sense.

    As the weeks went by, I continued this process and found it began coming instantly as I knelt to pray and no longer was a three word process but became quickly flowing and non-stop. Then I noticed that when I started the process weeks before, any noise or light in the room would interfere with the communication. But later these things did not interrupt the flow.

    I then began with paper and pen in hand and asked questions and was able to write non-stop fluidly as fast as I could possibly scribble down the communication it would come. I realized, upon reading a volume of writing from a great, great grandfather, that he had the same gift. Then I taught one of my righteous children the process that I had gone through and she was able to arrive there as well.

    I used to wonder why me. I am a nobody. I am not special. I have a minor calling in church and my life has been just full of trauma and turmoil and I would judge myself and my family problems as more “misfits” it our ward compared to the spiritual giant families that surround me. But I realize that the Lord is no respecter of persons, quite literally.

    The Lord knows my heart belongs to Him. My trials have brought me to Him. I want to be His in every way despite my weaknesses and He has read my heart and it is acceptable to Him.

    I know much more yet awaits and I am the only one who blocks that path.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Kathy,

      Thank you for taking the time to bear your testimony in this way. People seem to experience these same principles with a slightly different twist all of the time. I believe it is because agency has rendered us all slightly different, with different needs and abilities, and perspectives. I think it is a manifestation of our Savior’s individual and intimate care of each of us that these things most often take a slightly different form.

      Thank you for sharing your story,



    • Sharon Cox says:

      Kathy, thanks for sharing this very personal experience. As I read it, I was reminded of a General Conference talk given by Elder Richard G. Scott where he shared a similar experience.(found here ).

      I look forward to experiencing things like this on my own spiritual journey.


  3. Sharon Cox says:

    I have been pondering this subject. I use a lot of mental exertion when I pray – I think about who to pray for, what to pray for, how to state what I am saying clearly enough for Heavenly Father to understand, etc.(sounds silly as I am writing .:-); but what you are referring to here seems like the opposite of that and more like yielding my entire being (body, mind and spirit) to the Holy Spirit. Complete submission. I have seen evangelical Christians do this and it usually leads to them speaking in tongues. However, I had read where a Prophet said that it is one of Satan’s easiest gifts to imitate and so I have always been fearful of “letting go” to that point. Could this be the the state that Christ is referring to when he speaks of “becoming as a child”?


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Sharon,

      I understand your comment and have found that everyone at some time fears stepping out onto this ledge. But still, this is the pathway to the fulness of gospel blessings. The biggest, baddest, all-time most successful trap of all is fear. Every single reason I have ever heard for being reluctant to pursue dedicate one’s life to this path was based upon fear of something. In this respect, we are in vast company.


  4. Frostie says:

    There are those few occasions when I have experienced floating outside of myself in prayer. Even to the point of looking down on myself as I kneel, whether by myself or in a family prayer circle. Doesn’t have to be that way – but it has happened. Words are coming out of my mouth that are directly in line with what needs to be said. I have learned that I am indeed being “helped”. There is true purpose and direction.

    That does not say I don’t “return” to myself – I do – and mortality and my frailties are still there. But I am renewed with hope, a sense of calmness and peace. And joy. Someone was with me as I prayed. So very cool.


  5. LeAnn says:

    Oh, my, I can’t tell you how long and hard I have searched for this. It makes so much sense when you explain it. It is as if Heavenly Father was giving you a list of things to explain to me, and I am very grateful for it.

    It all keeps coming back to that one thing–learning to rely on the Spirit instead of the arm of flesh.

    Thanks again.


  6. Sharon Cox says:

    I never thought of mighty prayer in this way. I guess I simply understood it to mean fervent prayer, or prayer with real intent. Your post sheds new light on this subject and I will have to ponder it little longer as I don’t quite get it. There are so many layers to the gospel, just when I think I “get” a principle, I often find that there is yet another level of understanding to be gained.

    Thanks for helping me fulfill my heart’s desire to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom and the way to exaltation.



  7. Juli says:

    So beautiful! Thank you!


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