Only the Truth

This is a day for me to rejoice!

The most important event of my lifetime happened on this day many years ago. No other happening has boosted me further heavenward or blessed me more greatly than what happened that day. I am surrounded and blessed every hour of every day, and have lived in more joy, more physical happiness, and more peace because of that long-ago moment than any other thing that has ever happened to me either physically or spiritually. Every hope I have of eternal joy is sharply focused upon that moment, which even as I write this, brings me a sure hope for my eternal future that even now surpasses my understanding.

Today is the anniversary of my marriage to Terri in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

Terri has taught me the most important thing I know. She taught me what it is like to be loved without condition. Until she wrapped her love around me, I did not understand the atonement, because I couldn’t imagine how someone, even a godly someone, could love me enough to die for my sins. Terri has been my truest friend. She is my champion and defender. She has braved awful things to stand by my side. She has been my Daniel in the lion’s den of my suffering.

Terri is my spiritual equal, my unflinching companion on my travels to everywhere the Lord sends me. She rejoices when the Holy Spirit empowers my voice more than I do. She never withholds the truth when I am wrong – and yet she has never been my critic.

When she gave me her hand, she gave me everything else she had, withholding nothing. I watch her daily example of unselfish kindness, and I am schooled. I listen to her words of faith and reverence for Christ and His atonement, and I am schooled. I watch her sacrifice herself to be my everywhere and everything companion, and I am schooled by her Christ-like walk.

Besides all that, and far less importantly, she is beautiful in every way. Her face charms me every time I look at her. She seems like a goddess to me in flesh.

I could say much, much more, but Terri’s going to be embarrassed by my Un-Blogging this to the whole world. But it is only the truth, and this is my forum for truth.

I therefore proclaim before God, angels and the Un-Blog universe, that I love you Terri Jeanne Pontius, and I praise God for you, and thank you for all that you are to me.


About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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9 Responses to Only the Truth

  1. LaRue says:

    Terri ,
    I never have had the meet you both, but I want to let you know how my life is filled each time I read the unblog. Thank you for encouraging your wonderful husband. I know how much you miss him. I have been there twice.

    May God continue to bless you.



  2. Kathy Pitochelli says:

    Thanks for sharing your joy with us. You both help teach us a higher level of love.


  3. TDG says:

    Congratulations, and Happy anniversary John.


  4. Joni Walker says:

    Terri, you are so blessed to have a man who looks to and at you so admirably!!!!!
    John, it is a real treasure to know a man who can show a christlike love for his wife as you tell the world of!!!!
    I have been blessed by the chance to meet both of you and feel of your love for our Father-In-Heaven and Jesus Christ as you both resonate that love to each of us as we are in your presence. If only we can keep such examples in our forefront memories to use as a picture of happiness!! Hugs Joni


  5. Debra Hale says:

    Thank You John, you give me hope! “It’s never to late to live happily ever after”. And waiting for the RIGHT one is Perfect Hope!


  6. K-Jo says:

    That is quite a tribute. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Sharon Cox says:

    I want to be like Terri when I grow up..:-). HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


    • April Rhoton says:

      Terri was my constant companion the first 15 years in my life. We shared our childhood together, literally in the same bedroom. She was my best friend. I could not have asked for a better sister, playmate and example. Thank you Terri for all the memories. I love you.


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