I Reenlisted

I have a very good friend whom I have known since the 90’s. He is a character. If some people are “colorful” he is “Techni-colorful”. He’s also one of the most spiritual people I know, but he learned most of it the hard way I think.

He was raised in the church in the 60’s, and told me one day how each time he could remember a returned missionary telling about their missions, their stories seemed to be about what they had suffered. He said they told stories of being persecuted, beaten, imprisoned, shot at, stabbed, hospitalized, betrayed, ridiculed, bossed around by senior companions, and basically being in danger for two years.

He said about the time he turned 17 he decided a mission was too dangerous, so he lied about his age and joined the navy. He said he did it for the express purpose of not serving a mission.

He sat down and shook his head, then said, “In the navy I was persecuted, beaten, imprisoned, shot at, stabbed, hospitalized, betrayed, ridiculed, bossed around by senior officers, and in far greater danger than a mission ever could be. Everything I feared would happen on my mission, happened much worse in the Navy.”

I asked him, “I’ll bet you were grateful when you got out. What did you do next?

He scratched his head and said, “I reenlisted.”

Brother John

© August 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to I Reenlisted

  1. Steve says:

    With that headline I thought you were announcing your intent to go on a mission, now that you have a clean bill of health. 😀

    Well, plenty of work doing what you’re doing, huh?


  2. Toni says:

    Thank you, Brother George.


  3. Brother George says:


    As I was leaving a comment on another post the spirit told me to share something with you I dont know why.
    When I was giving my will to the Lord I found it hard to give up certain things and I received this revelation which the spirit wants me to share.

    The Lord said “You can come to me as fast or as slow as you are willing to let go.”
    No pressure just love and understanding. By the way I gave those things up right after receiving the revelation.

    Brother George


    • Clarice says:

      Thank you for sharing that Brother George. I wrote that in my journal I like it so much. The more little glimpses I get into our Savior’s personality, the more I love Him!


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