What Say You?

I would like to invite those of you who wish to, to share your favorite spiritual experience with fasting. Please remember to use 250 words or less.

Every time I have asked for your testimonies and opinions on different subjects, I have been impressed with how faith-filled and spiritually evolved the Un-Blog family is.

Fasting for spiritual power, what say you?

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12 Responses to What Say You?

  1. Angel Cicero says:

    Well, I’ll try to be as short as possible:
    While reading “Following the Light of Christ into His presence”, I came across the part where John talks about the importance of fasting, specially when the Spirit says so. See, I usually fast for health reasons (I’m a nutritional counselor), but I do it drinking water (sometimes homemade juice also), except of course the first Sunday of each month when I don’t drink water. However, this time, I felt the Spirit was telling me I had to fast to prepare the lesson I had to teach to the Elder’s Quorum. I did so, and I fasted, no food, no water for 24 hours, and prepared the lesson I had to teach about a talk from Conference, April 2011 that I could choose. Although I had some favorite talks, I felt impressed to prepare the talk from Elder Bednar, “The Spirit of Revelation”. I did so, and I was able to teach with the blessings of the Holy Ghost, and even though my quorum is a talkative one, on this occasion, not very many comments were made throughout the lesson (even though I kept on asking all the time). The Spirit was testifying strongly that we needed to open our ears to listen to the still small voice, and be obedient to it, otherwise, as president Utchdorf said also on April’s conference, we would be living below our privileges. By doing this, we would be able to receive the greater blessings. The lesson was great, and we all felt inspired by the Holy Ghost. However, this is not the most important part. What happened next, sealed a testimony on my soul, that I had in fact done well to listen to the Spirit, and that it was in fact the voice of the Lord the one that had guided me through the lesson. The exact same day that I taught the lesson, we had Priesthood Stake Conference, and guess what the three members of the Stake presidency talked about…yes, personal revelation. They were pretty much teaching my lesson from that day in the morning! I said my lesson, but it was just the lesson of our Lord Jesus Christ, that wants to shout with a loud voice that we should come unto Him! However, He can’t shout, because that would condemn us, instead, He whispers with the still small voice, until we make up our minds that we will listen and obey. Then, He will let us come unto Him.
    I rejoiced in the precious gospel we’ve been blessed with. There is nothing that can bring us a greater joy than the blessings of the Gospel. I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the kingdom of God on the Earth, and I know unimaginable blessings are awaiting to those who have the desire to receive them, and the courage to obey the voice of the Lord.

    Thanks John for your gift, I’m looking forward to meet you someday.
    Your brother in the gospel, Angel.


  2. As my family has experienced repeated economic troubles, I have been gripped with fear. I know it is not from God, as it says in 2 Tim. 1:7. I have found that if I will immediately start a fast when I am fearful, within 12 hours, the fear has been replaced by incomprehensible peace. The Lord is Gracious and wants to give me His Peace, but I cannot feel it unless I do what I can to subdue the natural man. I never have to feel afraid again! I am so thankful the Lord helps me to “hush my fears.”


  3. Ken h says:

    Sept. 15, 1978 –
    Today has been the greatest by far of any day in my entire life. I have been a member of the Lord’s true church for exactly five years and one day. I had joined the church at fourteen and half years old and was serving a full time mission for the Lord when the following revelation took place.

    I had been fasting for almost 24 hours when I retired to a bedroom of a male member of the branch who was not home and while my companion was going over branch paperwork at the dining room table, I received the following manifestation.

    I felt my entire person begin to tingle and burn all over with such force and power that I became overwhelmed by it. Then behind me to my left that little room began to fill with this bright, white and glorious light. It was brighter than any light earth could possibly produce and it continued to increase in brightness until it became almost blinding in it’s intensity. I arose from my chair and I turned away from this heavenly light. I knew then that I was not alone anymore.

    I said loud,”No! Not me! I don’t deserve a heavenly manifestation!”

    Then I heard the softest and the sweetest of voices. I call it, the piercing whisper, for that is exactly what it did. It seemed to pierce me to the very center of my soul!

    This personage simply said,”Kenneth.” I felt like my heart was about to burst within my bosom, for the power of the Holy Ghost serged throughout my body as it had never done before. My entire being burned and tingled all over which caused my very frame to quake and tremble. I turned with tears streaming down my cheeks and I fell to the ground at the feet of this heavenly messenger. He wore a most glorious white flowing robe with a bright gold belt around his waist. His feet were an inch or so above the floor of that little bedroom. I saw the prints of the nails in His feet. This was not a heavenly angel. It was the Savior, Jesus Christ!

    Then He said unto me, “Arise”. I arose and stood upon my feet before Him. He extended His hands before me and I reached forward with mine and felt the prints of the nails in His palms and wrists. He then placed His hands upon my shoulders and looked right through me with the most piercing, loving eyes one could ever imagine. They seemed to sparkle as with a powerful flame! His hair was just as bright and white as the robe he wore. He smiled Then He embraced me! He pulled me very close and wrapped His loving, powerful arms around me and I felt like I was about to melt away into nothingness! So overwhelming and marvelous beyond this one young man’s ability to express are those feelings of indescribable joy and bliss! I was home! Redeemed from the fall like the Brother of Jared and in the arms of my Savior and my Redeemer! Flowing from his person was this love that permeated every particle of my soul!

    I know this is more than 250 words and I am new to this blog, but I love so much what you have written and said Brother John that I wanted to add my testimony to the things you have taught me and others. Praise be to God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ forevermore! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Ken,

      I loved your account and felt the Spirit as I read it. Thank you for having the courage to share it with us. We take fiath and hope from your sacred experience.

      And, welcome to the Un-Blog,

      Brother John


  4. Brother George says:

    My favorite fasting story so far has to be when i lived in southern Texas.

    The Stake was calling for a fast for rain due to a severe drought. I looked forward to fasting and in my prayer I asked for it to rain, starting at 7:00 am and lasting all day and I wanted it to be big rain drops. (I was riding a bike at the time and had no car. I wanted to ride in the rain.)

    I woke up the next day briefly at 6:30am which was sunday and found no rain but was not discouraged because it wasnt 7:00 yet. I fell back asleep and didnt wake up again until after 7:00.

    It was pouring, I have to pause to tell you that even now the love of God fills my heart because of this memory, The rain was coming down in big drops; but this was not the end of the blessing. I had forgot that I had to have a light on my bike in rainy weather and my light was electric and I didnt want to get it wet.

    I got ready for church and was trying to think of what to do when a knock on my door caused me to wonder. I opened it to find the bishops son came to get me; because the bishop had sent him, having been inspired by the Lord.

    Needless to say it rained all day never letting up until it stopped.

    I look forward to better fasts in the future now that I can again feel the Light of Christ burning within me.


  5. darrell brashear says:

    For some strange reason the Spirit seems to be leading me to share with you a journal entry that I wrote some months ago, which is in part about fasting among other things. It is very personal but I want to share it anyway.

    “It is amazing to me to see the power of the Lord manifested in my life. I have seen it manifested in these past few weeks in ways I have never seen before: He has given me the power to fast twice now so that I felt no hunger or thirst for food or drink.

    He has given me the courage to apologize to people whom I would have been ashamed to approach before because of past mistakes. He has comforted me, encouraged me, and given me hope even in the midst of my being surrounded by Satanic darkness. He has given me promptings that were simple, yet worked wonders. How could I ever be distracted from Him again!

    Nothing in this life is as sweet as coming to know Him and being guided byHim. The ancient prophet Nephi referred to Hin in such an intimate way as to call Him ‘my Jesus’. I can imagine the Savior as being ‘my Jesus’. In imagining Him as my Jesus, I can imagine Him being there for me in every aspect of life. I think of the hymn ‘I know That My Redeemer Lives’ wherein it says ‘He lives to hear my souls complaint’.

    It’s hard to believe that Someone would love me so much that they actually LIVE to hear my soul’s complaint. I yearn for the time when He becomes my Jesus”. Brother D.


  6. K-Jo says:

    Fasting taught me not to run faster than I have strength. On the first fast Sunday as a new missionary in a new country, I was determined to fast a full 24 hours without food or water. This was a new country, new food, different climate (hot) and different altitude with humidity like I had never before experienced. At the end of my 24 hours, I ate and then was so drained of energy that I layed down for a nap. I remembered half waking up a couple of times, but my body was unable to move. My companions were patient and understanding. We should have been out visiting and tracking that night, but I was unable to get out of bed. I “ran too fast” given the circumstances. As Brother John has taught us, it is so important to learn to listen to the spirit. Had I done so that day, I think I would have been directed to let my body get used to my new circumstances before diving head long into a 24 hour fast.


  7. Terry says:

    As one who has been and still is afflicted with a compulsive nature, fasting is vital. Fasting from food and water has been helpful, but engaging in fasts from other “wants” has been even more important to me. I find that as I practice resistence of certain activites and things my ability to resist grows. For intance, I love boating but choose to be in a circumstance where I must put the boats away for 6 months of the year to keep the craving in check. Another example is I really enjoy cars and have the means to drive anything I choose. However, I drive an 8 year old Chevy pickup. There are many other examples I could give of ways I try to :fast” from wordly things. I do admit that there are still some things I should make the subject of an ongoing fast but have not yet decided to do so. I believe as I continue to fast my ability to resist will flow into every area of my life.


  8. Sharon Cox says:

    I have found that when hunger pains become unbearable during fast, if I turn my thoughts to those in the world who are starving, especially children, the pain seem to subside. I consider that whilst I am able to eat in a few hours, these people/children go for extensive periods without food, and hunger pain is a way of life for them.

    Previously, it had been difficult for me to think about children who are suffering, as my despair would be almost unbearable and I would feel a sense of guilt for not being able to ease their suffering. Recently however, the Spirit reminded me that by paying a generous fast offering, I am helping east their suffering, therefore I need not feel guilt. I am grateful for this opportunity.


  9. Donald says:

    Brother John, I feel ok to share this (there was more that I feel I need to keep to myself). My wife and I began our fast last night. This morning as I privately prayed to Heavenly Father, I asked what He wanted me to do. The gentle whisper to my soul was to” fill our home with His Spirit.” When I asked Him how to do that, there was no reply. I went upstairs after my prayers and told my wife about my prayer…. together we, we talked about ways could could more fully fill our home with His Spirit. She shared some wonderful ideas with me. It was good to plan together how we could better fill our home with His Spirit. It was a good fast Sunday for us.


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